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  2. 2. [2] ONLINE ASSIGNMENT TECHNO PEDAGOGIC ANALYSIS IN COMMERCE EDOCATIOX INTRODOCTION Education is developing inherent abilities and power of students. It is the process by which society deliberatelytransmits its accumulated knowledge, skill and values from one generation to another. Educationinthe largestsense isanyact or experience thathasa formative effectonthe mind,character or physical ability of an individual. Commerce Commerce isthe exchange of itemsof valuebetweenPersonsorCompanies.Anyexchange of moneyfor a product,service or informationisconsideredadeal of Commerce.The Internetandan efficient postal system have made International Commerce convenientfor Business as well as individuals. Importance of commerce education The growing phenomenon of globalization, liberalization and privatization has been influencingthe Commerce education.The technologicalrevolutionhasfurther provided new dimensions' E-banking, E- marketing, E-commerce, E-finance, E-investment paper less trading and governance has been gaining importance of all overthe world.Atthe same time,the outsourcingbusiness,call Centre, small business operation,ITbasedservicesetc.are expandingveryfast.These developments demands paradigm shift inteachingand learningprocess.The new skillsandtrainingare requiredtocope upwiththese changes. The technological advances must be integrated into the basic fabric of Commerce education. OBJECTIVES OF COMMERCE EDUCATION 1.To expose themselves to and to interact with the real life situation and in the processto assist the society 2.To have practical orientation of classroom instruction. Thus, this scheme is expected to helping learning while working and earning while learning. 3.The education system is developing veryfast both qualitatively and quantitatively.
  3. 3. [3] 4.Imparting knowledge in the field of Commerce and Industry. 5.Developing skills in commercial operations and inculcating proper vocational interest, attitudes and values. PEDAGOGIC ANALYST,' Pedagogical Analysis is the science of teaching is a master plan that includes a details of what is to be done bya teacher,the instructional strategies,instructional equipments and the cardinal objectives of instruction. Depending on what can actually learn and what are the expectation sets for learners of a particularstage of development,specificinstructional objectivesare determined and appropriate set of activitiesprovided.The teacherdecidesinstructional objectives, equipments and strategies with every aspectof learningconditionstobe created.Favorable conditionsforpositivelearningcell forknowledge of variousfactorsoperating in different conditions. Pedagogical analysis is appropriate objectives and strategies in various instructional situations and cases the level of actual earning at the end. A comprehensive vision of required tasks, strategies for realization of specific goals facilitates effective teaching.So,pedagogical analysisoffersenormouspotential forimprovingthe deliveryof informationin al form of education. It involves various logical steps to arrive at logical inference. It also helps the students to understand concepts, principles or phenomena. Again, the learning environment created accordingly,enablesto-1.Relate individual fragmentof knowledge toreal experience inlifeandwork. 2. Develop skills and relate facts as a part of a larger organized completely. Realization of specific goals ,facilitated by a detailed planning result in effective teaching. Pedagogical practice promotes the wellbeing of students, teachers and the school community - it improves students' and teachers' confidence and contributes to their sense of purpose for being at school; it builds community confidence in the quality of learning and teaching in the school. Pedagogical Analysis and Effective Teaching In itssimple meaningthe termpedagogical analysis(acompositionof twowordspedagogyandanalysis) stands for a type of analysis based on pedagogy. For its further understanding let us now try to be acquainted with the term analysis and pedagogy Analysis as a term stands for a process of breaking or separating a thing into its smaller parts, elements or constituents. We break a teaching unit into its constituents -subunit,topicsorsingle conceptsetc.throughthe processof unitanalysis. In addition, we can break the contents of the prescribed course in a subject into its various constituents -major and minor sections, sub-sections, units and sub-units, major concept and minor concepts, topics etc by carrying out a process of content analysis.
  4. 4. [4] Steps of Pedagogical analysis Step-1 Divided the contents of the selected unitinto suitable sub-units and arrange the selected sub- units in to a number of required periods. Step-2 : Briefly write the essence of the content of the selected sub-unit Step-3 : Write appropriate previousknowledgerequiredforthe sub-unit.Step-4 : Write appropriate instructional objectives to be selected for the sub-unit. Step-5 : Select appropriate teaching strategiesfor the sub-unit accordingto the following instructions I. Write the name of the methodsapplied.I.Mentionthe teaching aids required. I. Briefly illustrate the necessary demonstration and/or experimentation required. IV. Mention the necessary board work required. V. Write probing questions related to the sub-unit and provide appropriate answers for them. VI.Prepare a worksheetforthe subunit.Step-6 : Give suitable examples/illustration/analogies for the sub-unit. Step-7 : Prepare a table of specification for the sub-unit. TEGHNOLOG Technologymeansthe branchof knowledge thatdealswiththe creationanduse of technical meansand theirinterrelationwithlife,society,andthe environment,drawinguponsuchsubjects as industrial arts, engineering, applied science, and pure science.
  5. 5. [5] ADVANTAGES OF TECHNOLOGY Techpo-Pedagop Technology is a broad and constantly changing slcill-set required of faculty, and selecting the appropriate techno-pedagogical strategies to effectively engage students in the content is a separate slrill-set. Media literacy influences student development, and developing a critical analysis of media consumption is an important skill for students. In understanding how technology and media intersect withleaming,considerthe compatibility between theories of technology and education, and how that relates to yourcontent. Here is a need for faculty, as well as the institutional level, to identify and articulate the occupational realitiesvvhentechnologyandcompetenciesintersect,while understanding and communicating how technological ',sources and strategies can engage students and enhance student leaming. The Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge is a collaboratively developed franhworkof scholarsand researchersseekingtoconceptualize andchrifythe competenciesthatevolve from the intersection between pedagogy and technology.
  6. 6. 161 Tcchnolqy St.dat . faculty shouldd LEARNING kola- Pq_dago_puel OontriaDowlext 1PK analysis is on understanding of how teaching and .aming canckinge when particular technologies ore used in particular ways. This includes knowing the pedagogical offordonces andconstraintsof orange of technological tools as they relate to disciplinarily and developmentally appropriate pedagogical designs and strategies. To build 1PK analysis a deeper understandingof the constraints and offordonces of technologies and the disciplinary contexts within which they function is needed. For example, in commerce classrooms we consider how whiteboords may be used.Because owhiteboordistypicallyimmobile,visibletomany,andeasilyeditable,itsusesin classrooms ore presuppo.d.lhus, the whiteboord is usual, placed at the front of the classroom°. is controlled by the teacher.lhis location imposes a particular physical order inthe classroom by determiningthe placementof tablesandchoirs and framing the nature of student-teacher interaction, since studentsoftencanuse itonlywhencalleduponbythe teacher.However,it would be incorrect to say that there isonly one way in which whiteboords con be used. One hos on, to compare the use of a whiteboordinabrainstormingmeetinginanadvertisingagencysettingto.e °ratherdifferentuse of this technology. In such a setting, the whiteboord is not under the purview of a sing. individual. Itcon be used by anybody in the group, and it becomes the focal point around which discussi on and the ne gotiotio n/construction of meaning occurs. An understanding Contemporary Issues in Technology and TeocherEducation,9(1) 66 of the offordancesof technologyandhow theycon be leveraged differently according to changes in context and purposes is on important port of understanding 1PK. 1PK analysis becomes particularly important because most populor software programs ore not designed for educational purposes.Softwareprogramssuchasthe MicrosoftOffice Suite,(Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Entourage, and MSN messenger) are usually designed for business e nvionments. Web-ba.d technologies such as blogs or podcasts ore designed for purposes of e ntertainment, communication, and social nerivorking.Teachersneedtorejectfunctional fixedness and develops. to look beyond mast common uses for technologies, reconfiguring them for customized pedagogical purposes Thus, 11, K analysis requires a forward-looking, creative, and open-rrinded seeking of technology use, not for its own sake but for. sake of advancing student learning and u..
  7. 7. 171 The Choilongoooi ToadMgIttiihhaulm Teochingwithtechnologyiscompficotedfurtherconsideringthe challenges newer technologies present to teachers. In Outwork. the word technology opplies eq.!, to analogand digital.oswell osneworal old.technologies. Aso matter of practical significance. however. mostof the technologiesunderconsiderotionincurrentliteratureore neweroral digital oral hove some inherent properties Mot make applying them in straightforward ways difficult. • MIRO PIDAGAOGIC AliA111,Y8 3 COMMERCE BOUTIN E-Commerce E-Commerce involvesconductingbusiness using modern communication instrument like Interne t.Fox.Telephone.E-dotointerchange.E-poyment.moneytransfersystem.E-Commerce provides multiple benefitstothe consumersinthe form of ovoilobifity of goods of lower cost. wider choice and save times.PeopleorConsumerconbuygoodswitho clickof mouse buttonwithoutmovingoutof their house or offices.Similar,. online sere ices such os Internet Banking. Tickets includes Airlines. Railway. Bus Bill Payment. Hotel Booking etc hove been tremendous benefit for the customers. E-Commerce educotion hos been phenomenal in =king o deep impact on higher education. Growth in the Interne t overthe lostfewdecodesNosledtogreat impacton communicationandresearch in the institutes. fell short of time to go to o campus program hove been dole to benefit immense, from resources E- Commerce education hos opened new ov enues for Cyber low studies. It need not be stated that the importance of Cyber lows hos increased by leaps and bounds in the recent yews With hundreds of Cybercrime cases every day. oworeness ond knowledge obout Internet hos become more important- Commerce education not on, equips students about Infest career development advancements. it also opens door for access to informotion and know lodge. Online Education
  8. 8. (81 r hos become on important mode of educotbn. Since the regubr courses in Indio Ctgdeet=ipZ=rre ?agnd=re tsittleer=lecaerIgnd:rp:OertnitiTtoT =Zee ::1%Ec".7,",:ehtttirdctte,reodugu=70,P:sTewsnssLe,:rir",re?Zi,r;:ec_"Rbo. progroms. mobile leorning progroms. Telecours. or Broodcost course v io Television or Radio. Postol correspor,ence progroms ond mony more. caprigs Comett,Edootoo Commerce is considered os one of the roost popubr career options in I ndio. Commerce educotbn is the backbone of the business ondserioldevelopment of the notbn. This educotionstressesondevebpingthe people ondmokingeffective use of ovoiloble resources.Commerce educationdevelopsthe re lotbnshipof people withone onother.Commerce educotbncoverswide oreo of businessondsociety.Commerce educotionprovides to the business ond society t.t how to use it for the bettermentof self ondoneself.Commerce educotbngivestothe people for derrbcratic living. good citizenship ond proper utilizotion of resources. It provides skill oriented educatbn to students ond society. Challenges•ChollengesondStrotegiesforcontrollingin..n ondprorrbtinggrowth.• Emergingissue ing bbol Economy. Commerce ond Monogement. • I nternotionolizotbn of Rnoncial Mork. in the World. • Role of Foreign Direct I rwestment ond Foreign I rut.. nol Investment. • Reforrn in I ndion ond nternotbnal Economic Sectors. • Chollenges or, Strotegies of IMF and WORLD BANK for I ntemotionol competitbn. • Chollenges ond Strotegies merger ond ocquisition strotegies for Trade. Commerce and Industry in World • Chollenges ond Strotegies for commodities rrbrkets in the world and in currency morket in I nternotionol scenorio • Chollenges ond Strotegies for export and import of Trode. Commerce ondIndustriesingbbal scenorio.•ChollengesondStrotegies for Stock market and Investors for I nternotbnol • competitbn. • Chollenges ond Strotegies in Currency Morket in I ntemotional scenorio COXCLOSION With o growing emp.sis on informotion. gbbol econorr, Higher Educotionwos viewed as increosingly essentbl forthe world'spopuInformotbn Technology ond Mobile Technobgy is now forcing education sector to chonge =cording to the
  9. 9. 191 need of the time. The most emerging dimension of the Business and Commerce education in the 21st centuryisthe need for Business School to use technology and make it integral port of course contents Educationnowbecomesonindustry,there isexplosionof technologiesandknowledgeinall sphere.The quafityof Commerce Educationhosbecome amajormarketingissue inthe changing environment.. per specialzation,opractical training should be provided to the students. By making relevant and pmctical orientedCommerce Education,we moyimpoct global competitiveness to our students.As a port of the society the social awareness among Commerce students is the emerging need of present time