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Working Web


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Published in: Technology
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Working Web

  1. 1. The process of independent Universes coming to terms with their external environment adds to the complexity of the medium between them
  2. 2. MATHEMATICAL ASSERTIONS BASE LINE STRIKE THROUGH TRANSPARENCIES ) A - Z & 0 - 9) These are internal relations for layout applications exterior and hole system prospective All strike line equations are designed to account for and overcome the fact that equations sucome to Coalescence through the acknowledgement that the entireties of the Universe and conscious awareness are in that state. Note: Transparence that the separation between observed events is a construct it’s self, Implies down line internal and onto its own cross-sections of denoted To exemplify what the line its self is composed of and how they are connected through the system and linked to the outside of the universe Note: Cross-section is visual placement, like an engine sawed in half through the component half point the components in this reference are the 4 foundational forces as they are composed instead of their observed effects, the engine is the Universe held between the outside of its self and the entirety of the internalized backside equivalent. NOTE: EMPHASIS THE TWO SEPARATE CROSS-SECTIONS AND HOW THEY BECOME EACH-OTHER Reference: for above observation of particle position and speed at same time Mass & Matter. Fined in old Doc reference to this •Strike line Transparence through Submersed Net filed Formations •Strike line Transparence as Point occurrence of surface Matter Formation •Strike line Pre-Universe •Strike Line Genetic extrusion •Programmable logic (RIN ) step coalescence
  3. 3. Internal expressions of the EMS RIEN Energy to Reflective Area Constant Induction Enduction Formation of Coalescence surfaces
  4. 4. Energy to Area RIEN Constant Reflective Induction Dark Enduction THE BARRIER WALL EMS EVENT HORIZON Pre Universal Plasma ORPO Fabric Surface Matter Formation Inside Submersed EMS
  5. 5. One if not the only confusions in the universe and understanding so many interpretations of it is that we are made of submersion in a state of displacement with all points of orientation transmitted and composed of the same complexity this is not a disparaging comment it is to help you gain the prospective to really begin to look at things from a cross-section view or more so as a transparency. Internal Dark EMS Plasma ORPO Formation Surface Matter Displacement Formations You Are Always Here THE Dynamic Wave of Energy Submersed Displacement Preserves the (ORPO) Orbital Rotational Plaines of Energy to Area Constant Observation Change of state is one byproduct as is Note: How we are on the combined Coalescence underside of the Coalescing wave this is the Failing in Consciousness
  6. 6. These Plasmas are coalesced through the Dynamic Wave and the work to do so produce Expressions of the EMS Internal Dark EMS Submersed Plasma EMS Plasma The Entirety Of ElectroMagnetic Spectrum
  7. 7. RIN Composition Surface Matter Formation Outside Energy To Outside all Change of 3 Kinds of Pre-Universe Area EMS Plasma Displacement state Pre-Universe Constant Universe
  8. 8. Calculating True Speed and Position In The Universe Displacement Radius RIEN Step Equations Matter EMS Observations Linear Light Mass Coalescence Point Based The Energy To Area Observations Constant BASE LINE STRIKE THROUGH TRANSPARENCIES
  9. 9. RIEN Energy to Aria Reflective Constant Induction Enduction THE BACK SIDE THE SNOWFLAKE BODY BARRIER EXTRUSION Pre Universal WALL Fabric Surface Matter Formation
  10. 10. The Goal $200 Million $190 Million Rob Judd PO Box # 25046  Cancer Cures Treatments Kitchener, Ontario  Medical devices Canada  Atomic “Sewing” Engine  Lens Array  Global Warming/Cooling  Genetics Applications OVERCOMING  Building Equation Engine THE  Designing AutoCAD $100 Link for donations THE BARRIER Interface Million Is on the front page of our WALL  Designing Computer sight Model Interface  Support Staff  Further Web Design Conveyance The full equation for the Contact info Fixed Place in the Universe Rob Judd/Tim Price fixedplace $100,000 Thank you for your support and hears looking to the IPO’s
  11. 11. $10 Billion Rob Judd PO Box # 25046 Demonstrating Faster than OVERCOMING Kitchener, Ontario Light Travel  Eliminating Collision Threats THE Canada  Long Life Medical Devices THE BARRIER Atomic “Sewing” Engine WALL Lens Array Stabilizing Environment & Genetics Linked to Universal The Effects of Formation $5 Billion Displacement Building Equation Engine Link for donations Compilation Designing AutoCAD Interface Is on the front page of Medium between Designing Computer Model our sight Enteritis Interface Faster than light New Coil Technology & Resolve Radiation on Compound New Devices that account for Complex Entireties Displacement Further Publications Contact info Cold fusion Rob Judd/Tim Price Superconductivity fixedplace $100,000,000
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