One unusual way to promote your hub on facebook


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One unusual way to promote your hub on facebook

  1. 1. One Unusual Way To Promote Your Hub On Facebook Why Not?I know that what I write is unique.I like to experiment and I dont trust patterns or recipeswhen it comes to promotion and marketing.And I like a lot simple human ways based on sharingideas and things that could work, should work or maywork for me and maybe for you too.But.If you are that kind of man or woman who need step-by-step tutorial witch may or may not work for you Im afraidthis hub is not for you.This way of promotion is based on my experience and Ihave to tell you its not a normal way of promotion or asimple way of promotion or a way to promote that you caneasily apply.However, if youre a human being open to all possibilitiesand if you get tired of listening to the same marketingmethods (described in different forms), this hub may befor you.Really, why not?
  2. 2. One Unusual Way To Promote Your Hub On Facebook The Short StorySomewhere, years ago, I think in 2009, I used to write onTagged and Facebook.Became a usual habit to socialize every day and had madeclose friends with whom I had that to talk every day.Tagged remained behind, Facebook became the placewhere I focused my presence and actions.Years passed, writing fiction and articles in the nativelanguage – Romanian.Until one day when struck by so many kind words spokenin the morning I started talking in rhymes.Do not imagine that something great came out.It was fun and interactive enough to keep commentingusing rhymes ( lots of them founded in onlinedictionaries)....I was simply amazed about the responses I received fromthose who I use to socialize.Increased more than 2000% in the presence, involvementand response to those who I use to socialize.
  3. 3. One Unusual Way To Promote Your Hub On Facebook The Secret Behind The WordsWords have tremendous power.Rhymes are just words that repeat their end somehowharmonious.Rhymes have ten times or more power than simple words.I will say, one a day, will be a way so far away....I will like, to own a bike, and will be, an amazing spike...Im a newbie and my English is far away fromShakespeare dream,...but I hope to give a glimpse to all from here and make ateam.If you give me a like on this,I will return you an amazing kissAnd the examples could continue based on your own way.It is not only funny to do like this but will be a prove foryour own imagination and vision.
  4. 4. One Unusual Way To Promote Your Hub On Facebook The Long StoryIf the feeling that on internet you need to write scary you,do rhymes can be downright awful, right?Well, yes and NO.I know because I never imagined that I will get to writesomething, not to mention the rhymes...Ok here are the absolute steps you need to make andwithout which I doubt youll be successful: • You need a facebook profile page. Not a facebook fan page. Just a profile with your own name and your own face. • You need TIME. When years pass and have the same friends on facebook there is some kind of virtual trust does not compare to anything. You know things about your friends that deepen virtual relationships and trust. • You need patience and inspiration.Yes, is possible to use this way instantly with good results but you still need patience and time to have a better knowledge about human behaviour..
  5. 5. One Unusual Way To Promote Your Hub On Facebook• You need to be present and have a social rhythm. If you are here today and tomorrow and one week then youll go away to other things/businesses/habits then that relationship witch was born will died as people need your attention, recognition and time.• You need to know what is happening right now - before people are interested in what you say, you need to know what people want to say• You need to react spontaneously on people comments and this is an absolute step to any kind of relation between real friends.• You need to be transparent. People are curious. They want to know everything about their friends and if they can find out is because you dont want to tell them..Usually, in this case they invent things about you, they complete the picture that youve inspired them with things that are usually worse than the truth. So, if you really want to have friends on facebook, whats the point of hiding something?• You need to answer and ask questions, exactly in this order. Again here is about patience, time and good behaviour - too many people want what they want and forget to listen about other people want..
  6. 6. One Unusual Way To Promote Your Hub On Facebook • You need an absolute positive behaviour. Bad things will happen or youll heard about you as long your social reputation will increase. Bad things youll heard about your friends, about weather, about govern, about google, about stars and sun....Just remember to forget and forgive and keep going and you are more than safe. • You need to be an active part of all major or not so major facebook communities, facebook groups, facebook good movements the same you can say good morning or good evening like a basic sign of respect and communication.And there are more advantages for your online businessif you forget and forgive only for a while about your fears,about that inner voice that tell you are a bad story telleror you are not capable to do such a thing....Again using simple steps:• publish one hub on hubpages• write unique and useful information for both yourpartners and communities where you want to promote( hubpages & facebook in our case)• adhere to facebook groups - easy to find using facebooklittle search box or you can ask me for invitation
  7. 7. One Unusual Way To Promote Your Hub On Facebook• own or be administrator of one or more facebook fanpages where your audience can be from global zonesand/or can be only local country•have at least few close friends on facebook witch can dothe same for you• find a way inside you full of humorous feelings andtranslate using yahoo answers for example in adecvaterhymes.The above simple steps will be done with this hub for aclose partner and friend, Chris Rodriguez the owner ofwhere, by, one new and amazing freemarketplace communitythe way, you can publish yourskills and talents, especially that kind of talents you mayuse to make real money online.
  8. 8. One Unusual Way To Promote Your Hub On Facebook Every Story Deserve A Happy EndingThis story too.8But it was not written yet.As we go along together,You and me and just foreverWe can write some simple rhymesSurely we will find some fun, sometimesThank you,Christian Paul,