How to Check for Bedbugs


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Bedbugs... nasty beings... feeding off from us. Even if you think you don't think you'll need this info, It's always better to know a little more about them, in order to be prepared. Just in case, don't you think?

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How to Check for Bedbugs

  1. 1. How to Check for Bed bugs This kind of non-wing insects with reddish brown oval body is very annoying.It can harm your skin with its bite. If you are a frequent traveler, you may need toknow about this kind of insect. Maybe, you are staying on a hotel full of bedbugs.This is very bad. Before checking in into a hotel, make sure to check if it is a bedbugfree area. If you found that the place is infested by the bedbug, familiarize yourselffor the necessary precautions and possible treatment on how to get rid of theseharmful bugs. Since bedbug is a tiny insect, its main food comes from sucking thehuman blood. The sucking time take place during evenings while you are sleeping.This bug can live for 18 months without feeding themselves. The hungry bug lookvery flat and tiny. But if can suck human blood, they will poop and they are callednocturnal insect because they are active at night. This insect comes from variousplaces. In fact they are travelling with you without your knowing. For example, if youcheck in to the hotel wherein this hotel is infested by this bug, there is a tendency thatyou bring it home with you. To check for bedbugs, be inform about the place you want to stay if you are tostay in a hotel or apartment. To help you through this, you can contact the BedbugRegistry and check the place if it is infested by the bug. Put your baggage on the doorof the bath tub where the bugs hate to stay. Make sure to check the bed, its frame andthe head board of the bed. This insect is mostly staying in this part of the bed. If youspot the reddish brown spot bug on the mattress, bed sheet, headboard of the frame,contact the pest specialist to control the bugs from spreading. The best is to strip thebed and take a look for this brown spot bug. The perfect place to hide and multiply ison the box springs and on the seams of the mattress. Check for bedbugs on the otherthings on the room, where there are carpets being put on the floor, the curtains, bedstand, closet, drawers and try to look for this small bug. After doing the checking, there are ways on how to treat bedbugs commonlyused by pest companies. These are the tips; Heat treatment, a temperature of above 45degrees will kill immediately the pests. Be sure to do it quickly to avoid crawling tosome other part of the house. Cold treatment, this is popular in Europe and Australiain killing bedbugs by using the product Cryonite. Steam treatment, this is commonlyused by the pest specialist to kill various stages of bedbugs. We have already checkedfor bedbugs and please are sure to be always on alert in these harmful insects. Orientsome family members to cooperate if your house in infested by this bug.Find Out More...bed bugs in hotels