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Bedbugs History


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Bedbugs... nasty beings... feeding off from us. Even if you think you don't think you'll need this info, It's always better to know a little more about them, in order to be prepared. Just in case, don't you think?

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Bedbugs History

  1. 1. Bed bugs History Bedbug history was introduced into America by the early colonists. There aresevere bedbug problems in the 18th century in English colonies and in Canada. Itstarted to infest on the old sailing ship. Bedbugs are rated as the top three pests inaround the colony. Survey shows that 1/3 of the populations were infested in the citiesand they are called public enemy number one. Suddenly the bedbug disappeared inmostly developed countries. The impact of DDT and other pesticides has helped tokill these bugs. The DDT is sprayed or dusted on the areas where this bug resides.The control of this bedbug last for a year or more. Although the resistance on DDThas developed on the bugs, there are still pesticides that stayed effective with otherchlorinated hydrocarbons and the organophosphate insecticide Malathion. In 1950s, the bedbug which is known as household pests was changed to anoccasional pest. Today bedbugs are coming back again. The insects appear again inthe year 1990s and mostly appear on hotel rooms, apartments, youth hostels or cabins,nursing homes and hospitals. It has an increased in appearance in United States,Canada, Australia, Europe and Africa. The reasons why bedbugs come back is thatmany people are travelling from different countries worldwide where bedbugs arecommon. Other reasons are the repellency of the pesticides being used today. Theseinsects are travelling from to room and they are active also during the day. Mostlybedbugs have not seen by most people less than 50 years of age. The DDT is goneand the chlorinated hydrocarbon insecticides. Modern insecticides now are lesseffective and his is due to insecticide resistance of this bug. The technicians doesntspray baseboard or apply barriers on beds, instead they are using insecticide baits tocontrol this bugs. There is also a myth that bedbugs are undeveloped grandchildren of vampires.This myth comes from the fact that these small creatures are feeding themselvesthrough human blood. So the myth was begun in that characteristic of these insects.The effect of the bedbug bites is swelling of the bite areas. The bites are consisting ofthree lines spots and these are called breakfast, lunch and dinner. The bite is similar tomosquito and flea bites. They appear to be itchy and the saliva of the bug has anallergen content that produces allergic reactions to some people. To avoid theinfestation of this insect, careful while on travel, be careful on the place where you arestaying like, hotels and apartments. Before checking in be sure that you have enoughinformation about the hotel on bedbugs. Have some information on the Bug Registryto be sure that they are safe to stay with. When going home. Be sure that your luggagehave not infested by examining it. Do not enter you r house immediately uponarriving, but examine your baggage and separate your clothes from the clothes of yourfamily. You dont know you are carrying these harmful bugs.Learn More...What are bed bugs