FiveFifty Digital Marketing Overview


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A slide deck used while speaking at CU Denver's ENTP 6862: Strategic Web Development class.

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FiveFifty Digital Marketing Overview

  1. 1. Digital Marketing and Advertising April 30th 2013
  2. 2. Ryan Wilson - Bio• Current - Founder - FiveFifty – Digital marketing agency• Co-Founder - Intela – Digital Performance Marketing Company• Founder - SCHD- e-commerce website selling home goods• University of Colorado – Denver - MBA – Entrepreneurship focus• Florida State University - Bachelor of Science Marketing - Bachelor of Science Management Information Systems
  3. 3. Content• Goal Identification• Performance Measurement• Digital Marketing Formats• Digital Marketing Tactics• Execution• Optimization
  4. 4. Goal Identification
  5. 5. Goal IdentificationWhat are you trying to achieve with your marketing dollars? • Awareness • Branding • Lead Generation • Sales
  6. 6. Typical Needs Based on Funnel Position• Top of Funnel • Generate Awareness • Answer Questions • Generate Leads• Middle of Funnel • Branding • Establish Domain Authority • Generate Prospects• Bottom of Funnel • Generate Sales • Generate Referrals
  7. 7. Performance Measurement
  8. 8. Performance Measurement• Reach• Relevance• Conversion• Quality
  9. 9. Reach• Generally associated with Top of Funnel campaigns• Reach = total number of different people or households exposed, at least once, to a medium during a given period.• Impressions - number of unique times ad is served • Viewable/Not Viewable • Above the fold/ Below the fold
  10. 10. Reach• Frequency - Number of times ad seen• Gross Ratings Points are the product of the percentage of the audience reached by an advertisement, times the frequency they see it in a given campaign (frequency × % reached). • GRPs (%) = Reach (%) x Average frequency• Pricing: CPM = Cost Per Mili (thousand)
  11. 11. RelevanceHow interested are people in your ad and howwell does it correlate with what is on your site?•Email: Open Rate•CTR: click through rate • CTR=Number of Clicks on Ad/Number of Impressions•Bounce rate on site • (Visitors who only look at one page)/Total Visits•Time on Site
  12. 12. Conversion A conversion is the achievement of apredefined goal (sale, lead generation, phone call, etc)• CR: Conversion Rate • Total Conversions/Total Views X 100• eCPM effective cost per thousand (mili) • eCPM= (Total Earnings/Impressions)*1000• eCPA effective cost per action • ad campaign cost of traffic/(number of impressions x CTR x CR)
  13. 13. Quality• LTV: Life Time Value of Customers• RPM: Revenue Per Mili (thousand) Customers• Retention Rate of Customers
  14. 14. Digital Marketing FormatsSource:
  15. 15. Digital Marketing Formats• Search• Display• Mobile• Email• Affiliate
  16. 16. PaidOrganic Search Local
  17. 17. Organic SearchSearch Engine Optimization • The process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engines un-paid search results.Content/Inbound Marketing • Creating Content for the purpose of attracting searches
  18. 18. Paid Search• The promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) through optimization and paid advertising.• aka Search Engine Marketing and PPC • Browser Based • Mobile Based • Click-to-Call
  19. 19. Local SearchSimilar to Paid or Organic Search but with theinclusion of geographic (where) informationExample:•Business School: What•Denver: WhereResults displayed in maps,directories, listings, etc.
  20. 20. Search Landscape
  21. 21. Display• Typically Includes: • Static Banner Ads on Websites • Animated/Rich Media Ads on Websites • Video Ads on Websites • Mobile Ads on phones • Ads on Social Networks
  22. 22. Display Sizes
  23. 23. Display Landscape
  24. 24. Mobile Landscape
  25. 25. SocialSample Facebook Ads: Target by: •Geography •Age •Gender •Interest •Marital Status •Etc
  26. 26. Social Landscape
  27. 27. Pre-Roll VideoShort Video Ads shown before desired content
  28. 28. Video Landscape
  29. 29. Email•Marketing Automation • Used for lead nurturing • Trigger based emails warm lead up before a sales person calls•Email Newsletters•List Rental
  30. 30. Affiliate Marketing• When a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliates own marketing efforts.
  31. 31. Digital Marketing Tactics
  32. 32. Tactics• Intent Based• Location Based• Retargeting• Native Ads• Content
  33. 33. Intent BasedMarketing a product or a service based onconsumer’s intent to adopt, purchase or consumethat particular service which may have beeneither explicitly or implicitly conveyed by thesubscriber • Search • Data Appends for in-market consumers • Contextual Targeting • Retargeting
  34. 34. Location BasedMarketing a product or a service based on wherethe consumer would adopt, purchase or consumethat particular service.•Local Search•Geo-Segmentation of Display•Geo-Segmentation of Social
  35. 35. RetargetingSource:
  36. 36. Native Ads• Ads which attempt to attract consumers attention by masking the ad in like content • Advertorials • Facebook Promoted Posts • Twitter Promoted Tweets • Stumble Upon Paid Discovery
  37. 37. ContentThe creation and sharing of media and publishingcontent for the purpose of acquiring customers: • Infographics • Ebooks • White papers • Video • CaseStudies
  38. 38. Execution
  39. 39. ExecutionChoose the formats and tactics that will best help achievethe goals • Set Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Timely Goals Examples: • Generate $5000 in sales with marketing costs at <= 20% of basket value • Generate 50M impressions with at least a . 05% CTR in 3 months • Generate 1000 inbound calls to call center each weekEstablish goal tracking through analytics or ad serverCreate a media plan • Find the most appropriate media format for brand or product. • Allocate budget by format, desired reach, flight dates, prices, etc.
  40. 40. Optimization
  41. 41. Optimization This is the key to creating successful digital campaigns Evaluate and Optimize by: • Position• Frequency • Publisher/Network• Format • Geography• Category • Browser Type• Creative • Device Type• Day of Week • Operating System• Time of Day
  42. 42. Questions?