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Digital and Social Trends - What's happening now?


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Published in: Business, Technology

Digital and Social Trends - What's happening now?

  1. 1. So what’s happening? A presentation by Five by Five
  2. 2. We used to work like this Hello in there! Is that the website people?
  3. 3. In other words, we started with a great advertising ideaand shoe horned it into other channels
  4. 4. Which worked ok but it wasn’t as greatas it could have been
  5. 5. ...but then!
  6. 6. ...the world went social
  7. 7. and brands did too* *The good ones always were
  8. 8. But now people expect more from brands
  9. 9. They want things that are cool like location based check ins.
  10. 10. They want things that are cool like AR
  11. 11. They want interaction with brands KLMBiotherm
  12. 12. R.A.K 101 • Be genuine. R.A.K. should demonstrate a brand’s attitude, • Be personal, • Be compassionate, • Make it shareable. • Be generous. • Have meaning and purpose. • Get real. • Don’t intrude, or be pushy, or sell. • Don’t make R.A.K. too frequent.
  13. 13. And they want it fast
  14. 14. Engaging content isn’t enough • 40% = To re ce ive discounts a nd promotions • 39% = To s how my suppo rt of the comp • 36% = To g any to others et a freebie suc h as free samp • 34% = To s les or coupons tay informed a bout the comp • 33% = To g any’s activities et updates abo ut future produ • 30% = To g cts et updates abo ut future sales • 29% = For fu n or entertainm ent • 25% = To g et access to ex clusive conten • 22% = Som t eone recomme nded it to me • 21% = To le arn more abou t the company • 13% = For e ducation abou t company top • 13% = To in ics teract, share id eas, and provid A recent study showed that people like brand’s e feedback pages on Facebook to get something back study released at the beginning of 2011
  15. 15. They still want to buy things
  16. 16. They just expect to do it in different ways Flash sales Group buying Dynamic pricing
  17. 17. New technology lets us sell differently M Commerce F Commerce / V Commerce S Commerce
  18. 18. And it helps brands grow closer to customers
  19. 19. What makes these great digital campaigns? Timely Innovative Engaging An idea that has relevance Fun Clever
  20. 20. An idea that has relevance Amplify,Extend Channels Cross / Upsell What you can achieve & InteractMedia Advocacy PR Visibility Digital Brand Experiential education
  21. 21. So let’s work like this What are they all doing in there?
  22. 22. Thanks!