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Evolving Youth Communication Strategies


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Five by Five's Head of Innovation Tom Chapman presentation from a Youth Marketing Conference on 9 October 2012.

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Evolving Youth Communication Strategies

  1. 1. Evolving youth communication strategies
  2. 2. The iPhone introduced in2007, revolutionised thehandset screen
  3. 3. Apple ushered in a dramatic change in behaviour.We as consumers now come to expect to interactwith screens
  4. 4. Touchless interactivity suchas gestures, are being addedto traditional methods in newlayers of interaction
  5. 5. Beyond gestures, a newpattern of computing isemerging whereinteractions with technologywill be conversational
  6. 6. Looking forward, ubiquity of connections &connectivity will result in everything becominginteractive or ‘pervasive’
  7. 7. The next generation of interactive technologiesalready in the home
  8. 8. The key trends for Interactive Technology:• Gesture• Facial Recognition• Sound• Smell• Touch
  9. 9. GESTURE
  11. 11. SOUND
  12. 12. SMELL
  13. 13. TOUCH
  14. 14. TOUCH
  15. 15. TOUCH
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