Always On Breakfast Seminar 2nd November 2012


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An overview of Always On marketing to be enjoyed with coffee and pastries. Delivered by Tom Chapman, Head of Innovation at Five by Five on 2nd November 2012 as part of of the agency's ongoing program of breakfast seminars.

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  • Building relationships takes commitment, time, and constant contact. When you don’t see each other or stay in touch, the relationship withers away and vanishes over time. Remember when you were first dating? To get to know the other person, you spent lots of time talking, having fun, and doing things together. After the date, you would call and talk for hours, send them flowers, and keep in touch on a regular basis. Building relationships takes commitment, time, and constant contact. When you don’t see each other or stay in touch, the relationship withers away and vanishes over time.
  • In the Product Era, from the 1900s through the 1960s, the focus in business was on producing products. During this era, marketing was about simply informing people about these products. Ads were copy heavy, and the strongest performers did the best job of explaining why their product was superior.In the 1960s (cue Don Draper), marketers realized that product descriptions reached people at a logical level but failed to connect on an emotional level. As a result, the Consumer Era was born. Whereas in the Product Era, the thinking started with the marketer and its products, in the Consumer Era, marketers learned that an understanding of the consumer was paramount. Marketers worked to deeply understand consumers' wants and needs, to reach them at a moment of utmost receptivity with a message most likely to influence them.The new model of marketing -- fostering sustainable relationships -- represents a meaningful change in the role of marketing. In the Consumer Era, the starting point was typically the consumer. Marketers worked to understand the buyer and become what consumers wanted them to be. The problem is, what consumers want the brand to be may not be what the brand authentically is. This causes a gap between the brand's true intentions and how the brand presents itself -- a gap that can cause mistrust with customers.In the Relationship Era, the starting point is the brand. The brand must know its authentic self before it can engage in sustainable relationships with people. (This is similar to other relationships in our lives -- at least the good ones -- where it's pretty much a prerequisite to know yourself and what's important to you before finding a good match.)The winners in the Relationship Era will be those that build trust and transactions, creating sustainable relationships with people.
  • Always On Breakfast Seminar 2nd November 2012

    1. 1. Always OnBreakfast Briefing02.11.2012
    2. 2. Scenario1.
    3. 3. Lightweight interactions is how our species have developed relationships for the past tens of thousands of years Thanks to Paul AdamsIMAGE BY GRADUALREVOLUTION ON FLICKR.COM
    4. 4. Predominant marketing modelsSource: Doug Levy, IMC2
    6. 6. What Rihanna can teachus about Always Onmarketing Thanks to @BruceDaisley
    7. 7. 36 singles in 6 years26 solo singles10 as featured artist Thanks to @BruceDaisley
    8. 8. Always OnAlways there & discoverable, evolving in public Thanks to @BruceDaisley
    9. 9. Campaign ApproachMadonnaFirst single released in3 yearsSingle reached #37 inUK charts Thanks to @BruceDaisley
    10. 10. IMAGE BY JUNNINHOFLETR ON FLICKR.COMAlways On isn’t the chosen strategy, it is the only strategy Thanks to @BruceDaisley
    11. 11. With always on, we look to createmany small ideas (lightweightinteractions) that stitch togetherto form one L-O-N-G idea Gareth Kay
    12. 12. Always on IS a journey made up of valuablecommunication content. Everything from campaignmessaging to deeper brand experiences.
    13. 13. IMAGE BY SHADYCAM ON FLICKR.COM Although specific short-term campaigns aroundlaunching new products will exist, they will be built upon an always on foundation. So brands need to learn a new trick
    14. 14. PONBETo reach the targetaudience in an attemptto achieve earnedmedia, each piece ofcontent can becommunicated acrossdifferent channels andplatforms usingPONBE.
    15. 15. The creative canvas for always on needs to beflexible / agile – many small experiments overlarger bets Thanks to Made by Many and David Armano
    16. 16. Stock Flow The big, beautiful assets a brand is used to producing, primarily for campaigns. & The short bursts and lightweight interactions that make up social media.For every one big “stock” hit, you cancreate many small “flow updates. Thanks to Percolate
    17. 17. Cross-platform
    18. 18. Real-time marketingPaid media TV ads Paid media print ads
    19. 19. Campaigns do not need give awayeverything in the first 2 weeks. We can keepcontent back and apply adaptive cross-platform storytelling
    20. 20. Nike+ adopt an Always On strategy
    21. 21. Nike+ Always On #makeitcount = storyworld This is the ‘Just Do It’ for the social media age
    22. 22. Nike+ Always On Launched 30th December
    23. 23. Nike+ Always On 1st January – 16th JanuarySeries of videos released every 2 days featuringambassadors across all major sports in each territory
    24. 24. Nike+ Always On 1st January – 16th JanuaryIn support of videos, print ads and billboards feature#makeitcount
    25. 25. Nike+ Always On 13th JanuaryInstagram profile launched in conjunction with 13thWitness
    26. 26. Nike+ Always On 17th JanuaryNike announces the Nike+ FuelBand with‘Life is a Sport – Make It Count’
    27. 27. Nike+ Always On 19th JanuaryNike+ FuelBand launched globally for pre-order
    28. 28. Nike+ Always On 19th JanuaryPress feature Nike+ on the 19th January not before
    29. 29. Nike+ Always On 19th JanuaryNike + Make It Count site becomes branded asNikeFuel
    30. 30. Nike+ Always On 20th JanuaryIn store experiential – immortalise your own story asa picture for Make it Count
    31. 31. Nike+ Always On 21th JanuaryIn a UK Premiere League first. Footballers wear#makeitcount on their boots
    32. 32. Nike+ Always On 26th JanuaryRetail - JD Sports dedicate a look book to#makeitcount
    33. 33. Nike+ Always On 28th JanuaryPhysical installation at 1948 London for Make itCount
    34. 34. Nike+ Always OnDec 31st – Now #makeitcount June 17th – Now #gameonworld
    35. 35. Always On storytelling example