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Cataloging @ the FIU Libraries


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Introduction to the basic services and resources provided by the Cataloging Department at the FIU Libraries.

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Cataloging @ the FIU Libraries

  1. 1. +
  2. 2. + the cataloging department.  Creates and maintains the libraries’ online catalog of both physical and virtual collections  Describes, classifies, and provides indexing of the libraries’ materials  Describes various materials (book, DVD, CD, etc.) including who wrote or performed it, and what it is about  Tells where the material can be found (MAP IT).  Makes sure the catalog’s records are easy to use  Maintains the general database so that the libraries’ materials are organized
  3. 3. + our goals. To enable a person to find a book (or other material), of which either  the author,  the title, or  the subject is known To show what the library has  by a given author  on a given subject  in a given kind of literature To assist in the choice of a book (or other material)  as to the edition (bibliographically)  as to its character (literary or topical)
  4. 4. + all catalogers want, is to:  Provide accurate metadata to ensure user success  Assure uniformity of names and subjects to benefit the user’s experience  Perform subject analysis to facilitate effective searching  Classify related material together to allow for subject browsing  Offer convenient full-text access when available  Expose hidden collections to make the extent of our resources transparent  Create and maintain the inventory of the State University Library’s collections  Continually review workflows and apply state-of-the-art technology to maximize efficiency
  5. 5. + some of our services: requests.
  6. 6. + what you see in the online catalog.
  7. 7. + how that happens in our system.
  8. 8. + when you request something… select the “request” option
  9. 9. + and sign in…
  10. 10. + we help you get the requested item… Panther, Roary
  11. 11. + as soon as possible! Panther, Roary
  12. 12. + some of our services: recognition & awards.
  13. 13. + when you receive: This: Or this:
  14. 14. + we showcase you!
  15. 15. + some of our services: report a problem.
  16. 16. + if you see a problem in the catalog, let us know…
  17. 17. + and we’ll fix it!
  18. 18. + some of our services: record enhancements.
  19. 19. + because of record enhancement…
  20. 20. + you can use linked data to find more items: select any of these
  21. 21. + some of our services: ebook access.
  22. 22. + we also have e-books.
  23. 23. + you can use them anywhere. For most titles, you can download, read online or on a device, print, generate citations and more!
  24. 24. + have a question for us? Find us online: email us: