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Cap 233 legal & social issues


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Cap 233 legal & social issues

  1. 1. CAP 233 Using InformationLegally & Ethically
  2. 2. Attendance
  3. 3. What are we doing? Verybasic overviews of...©opyright!Fair Use!Plagiarism
  4. 4. DisclaimerI am not an expert in Copyright, Fair Use, orPlagiarism.!Copyright & Fair Use info is based on U.S.Copyright Office !(U.S. Govt Info does not have copyright protectionso borrow at will but make sure you cite it). !Plagiarism info is based on Indiana UniversitysTutorial
  5. 5. ©opyrightFederal Law: Title 17 of the U.S. Code!Comes from the Constitution: "Congressshall have the promote theProgress of Science and useful Arts, bysecuring for limited Times to Authorsand Inventors the exclusive Right totheir respective Writings andDiscoveries." (Article 1, Section 8)
  6. 6. ©opyrightIntended to promote progress in arts &sciences!While protecting creators "exclusive" rightsfor their lifetime plus 70 years (its actuallymore complicated than that: copyright chart)!After expiration work goes into "publicdomain" and can be used freely (seeplagiarism below)
  7. 7. Draw Something! !© Philip Bolton, Jr. aka pBj
  8. 8. Fair UseAn exception to the copyright laws"exclusive" rights to authors!If the "use" is "fair" then nopermission is necessary!Otherwise, you have to ask authors/creators for permission
  9. 9. Fair Use = FourFactors"purpose and character of the use" - is the use commercialnature or nonprofit/educational!"nature of the copyrighted work" - is it a creative work? isit unpublished?!"amount and substantiality" of the part used vs. the entirecopyrighted work!Market effect - "effect of the use upon the potentialmarket...of the copyrighted work" (section 107 of copyrightlaw)
  10. 10. Fair Use = FourFactorsThe more factors in your favor, the morelikely that it is a "fair use exception"!It is not a simple equation because its acomplicated legal issue
  11. 11. Erik J. Heels CopyrightVisualization
  12. 12. PlagiarismWhat is plagiarism?!using, borrowing, copying anotherswork (or your own previous work)without attribution oracknowledgment
  13. 13. SUNY CortlandsPlagiarism Sanctions"Potential sanctions...reduction ofgrade, elimination of grade,reduction of course grade, failurefor the course, probation, suspension,counseling, expulsion from theCollege or any combination of thesesanctions."
  14. 14. Paraphrasingsummarizing someone elses idea orwork!IN YOUR OWN WORDS!citing the author (e.g. According toSmith (2011), ... (p. 205).!If you dont use your own words or citethen you have plagiarized.
  15. 15. Direct QuotesWhy is there a slide for this? Youknow what a direct quote is.!Similar to paraphrasing, if you dontuse "" and an in-text citation youhave plagiarized.
  16. 16. In-text citation withReferences/Works Cited/BibliographyProper citation requires both in-text(aka parenthetical) citation!AND a full reference at the end ofyour paper!Why?
  17. 17. IUs Avoiding Plagiarism Flowchart
  18. 18. "SafeAssign™ is a plagiarism preventionservice, offered by Blackboard...Thisservice helps educators preventplagiarism by detecting unoriginalcontent in student papers. "!I will probably be using this service forsubmission of your final essays.
  19. 19. Plagiarism vs.CopyrightPlagiarism is different than copyrightinfringement!Copyright is a LEGAL issue involvingunsanctioned use of someones work;!Plagiarism is an ETHICAL issue involvingunacknowledged use of someones work!You cannot copyright an IDEA but you canplagiarize one.
  20. 20. Why do you needto know this?Law Suits:!- "copyright trolls"!- Cold Play v. JoeSatriani!- Capitol v. ThomasReputation Damage!- MLK!- Joe Biden, 1988
  21. 21. Take the Plagiarism Test
  22. 22. What you need todo this week...Finish Annotated Bibliography bymidnight tonight!Work on Final Project: Phase 4/5(Instructions in Blackboard, Contentlink on left side, Week 14 folder)!Prepare for Quiz 4 (in-class)
  23. 23. What I need to dothis week...Finish Final Project: Phase 4/5Instructions!Create Quiz 4