Midlothian Flippers Activities


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Midlothian Flippers Activities

  1. 1. We are so glad you are here!Please sign in, grab a folder, and find a seat.We will begin shortly, but in the meantime:-Introduce yourself to others at your table that you do not know-Grab a device! You may use your own or there are ipods available.-Look at the agenda for today. Join us on Today’s Meet. (The link is onyour agenda.)- Take out your KWL chart if you made one
  2. 2.  Today’s Meet  Today’s objectives  Please use your REAL  Examine the research name (no behind the Flip Model Batman, Wonderwoman, e  Establish what the Flip tc.) ;) Model is and what it is not  Use this space to ask  Learn how to record on questions throughout the various devices and post to presentation or post your the web thoughts  Develop your own flipped lesson to take back with you to your classroom!
  3. 3.  The flip model is not  The flip model is not universal. It will look about the videos. The different for each video is just a small teacher, grade part of the lesson. level, and subject.  The main aspect of the In other words, there is flip model is how you no ONE correct way to as the teacher utilize flip your classroom! your extra time in class to benefit your students!
  4. 4.  With your group members, discuss your KWL charts with one another. Pick the top three “K”s and the top three “W”s for your group and write them on a sticky note. Place the sticky notes into the appropriate column on the big KWL chart.
  5. 5.  On the front of your folder is a number. (1-5) Find the other people with your number and sit together. Read the article found inside your folder to yourself. (Article 5 is electronic) With your group members, make a display to share with everyone that includes the following:  Summary of the article  Your group’s reflections/thoughts
  6. 6.  Choose 1 member of your group to be the “expert” for your article. Leave the expert behind and rotate to the next table. 1 goes to 2, 2 to 3, etc. Group experts have 3-4 minutes to explain what you learned from your article. Pay attention! Someone else will become the expert when we rotate! This is a great activity to do with your students. Beware of the following:  Groups should be no more than 5 people in a normal classroom setting  Pick 2 group experts so that one poor student is not overwhelmed.