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  • -Don’t have to say it 6 times-Video is accessible at anytime through blackboard and on any device (absences, extra curriculars, etc.)- Useable for years!
  • Mhs tech camp flipped classroom

    2. 2. The Flip Model Is a Picnic in thePark!Choices!  The Flip model is described as:  teacher created videos and interactive lessons, instruction that used to occur inTake yourtime! class is now accessed at home, in advance of class. Class becomes the place to work through problems,Engaging! advance concepts, and engage in collaborative learning. Most importantly, all aspects of instruction can beYou leavefull and had rethought to best maximize the scarcesta good time! learning resource-time” (Tucker, 2012).
    3. 3. Why flip anyway? Increased Class Sizes Not enough Class Time Was addressing the entire group instead of individual needs Students getting stuck at home and just giving up
    4. 4. The main course: Every flip lesson is centered around a video covering the basic material. For my class, this is the vocabulary and problem examples. It is the lecture portion of the lesson. Students can go back for seconds or thirds!  Extra resources if you don’t get it  Ability to rewind and hear it again  Students that move quickly can go on, while students that move slower can take their time without others waiting.
    5. 5. Choose your toppings!Watch at Home or in tutoring Watch in class Students watch the video  Students without devices at home or during tutoring or that were absent watch In class: the video for about 10-15 minutes after we grade  Grade previous day’s and warm-up assignment/Answer Questions  After the video, they join  Warm- the other students working up/Foldable/Manipulative on the work.  Work on the Work  Very few students used Students did not view the this option! videos as homework!
    6. 6. Every picnic needs activities! Foldables/Study Guides Manipulatives Hands on activities/real world connections Collaborative learning Stations Writing Samples WEB 2.0 Stuff
    7. 7. The Technology: Record the videos on any device  Mobi  Mimio  Ladibug  Ipad (use screenchomp) Upload the videos to Navicast  Server name:  User name: your subject  Password: Teacher123  Makes the video formatted for any device Upload to Blackboard  Add as a URL
    8. 8. The Dessert! (The Benefits)During the  Parent access to material at homeFlip Model,  More time in the classroom for extensionmany parents activities/depth of conceptsemailed meabout how  More homework turned inappreciative  Students are able to ask more questions and get thethey were.Students help they needcommented  Students that are typically resistant in class are nowthat they engagedwere morelikely to do  The Teacher knows the individual needs of eachtheir work student, and has time for each student’s needs dailyand toexperience  Great college prep tool! Students must besuccess (and responsible during the flip model.even fun) inmath.  Gives you more of our number 1 resource…TIME!!!
    9. 9. What the Students See:
    10. 10. Beware of Bugs! Dependent on the server and technology A lot of initial setup  Student expectations  Takes a while for them to get the hang of it  Don’t sweat just a few ants! Mistakes will happen, but you learn quickly!
    11. 11. Example of A Flipped LessonReasoning EOC Review
    12. 12. The main course and appetizer: Students watched a  Upon arriving to video over different class, I showed the types of reasoning students different  CCIC commercials. They  Law of Detachment had to guess which  Law of Syllogism term each commercial represented and then draw a conclusion.  I would usually not have time for this!
    13. 13. The entertainment and dessert: Students then solved  Students retained the a mystery about Dr. information! Hemmle’s kidnapping  Students were eager using a Clue like to learn more! setup.  Was a great review Activity was for EOC! challenging and fun! They worked in investigation teams. Close connection to students and real life examples
    14. 14. Videos: writing tips, key aspectsVideos: safety instructions, lesson of readings or articles,notes/vocabulary, reviews vocabulary examplesIn class: Labs, stations, work on In class: work on applying theapplying vocabulary, etc. writing tips, discussions, THE examples of vocabulary FLIPPED CLASSROO M Foreign Language: Video: Go over the vocabulary or verb A World Geography class could conjugation watch the video over land forms, climates, etc. In class, you now In class: Have students speak or write about have time to use sites like what they learned from the lesson Google Earth to have them research and actually practice Band: what they learned. Have students watch a video about the composer or era a piece of music is from and how that should effect the way they play the
    15. 15. Plan your own picnic! Now you try! Use the handout to jot down a lesson for your subject that could work for the flip model Be prepared to share if we have time!
    16. 16. Hungry for more?Attend a full day training on July 11th!Sign up in Eduphoria today!