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  1. 1. InterventionsFebruary 19th4:30
  2. 2. I think an interventionis:What is an intervention?
  3. 3. Interventions at mycampus look like:
  4. 4. •What constitutes anintervention?
  5. 5. • How will instruction sound different than the first time? • How will instruction look different than the first time? • How will instruction feel different than the first time?3 Questions to askyourself…
  6. 6. • So what do the patterns in the data reveal?• What are the commonalities district-wide? Campus-wide?• What are the curricular indicators?• What are the instructional indicators?• What are my unique issues as a classroom teacher?Questions to consider…
  7. 7. www.thinkingblocks.comModeling Tool
  8. 8. DID IT WORK??
  9. 9. Now I know an intervention is:
  10. 10. • Use the guided questions from the presentation today to design and plan an intervention with your teams at your campuses.• Send us the intervention so we can share ideas with one another.• With your intervention, please send your response to the 3 questions to ask yourself.• 8th grade- send to Ginny Fitzgerald-• 7th grade- send to Michelle Nedd-• These are due by March 8th.Your turn!