How to find your motivation


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Find out how I motivate my clients exercise and how you can do the same.

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How to find your motivation

  1. 1. How to Find Your MotivationBruce Krahn- www.ebodi.comMotivation to exercise!“How can I get motivated to exercise?”This is perhaps the biggest challenge people face when it comes to body transformation.The solution to this (or any) problem begins with a thorough understanding of its root cause. Thevery universe in which we live is governed by scientific laws and wherever there is an actionthere is also a reaction. This is also known as “cause and effect”.Theories abound as to why so many people struggle with their weight and every year a new“diet” book will emerge with what claims to be the solution. One expert says hormones are toblame while the next says its environmental or social factors. When you delve deeper into thesetheories you will discover that to some degree they are all correct and if you were to follow anyone of these programs you would experience positive results.But this only works if you actually do it.Working with hundreds of clients over the past 20 years I have discovered that making the leapfrom knowing what you know to doing what you know requires becoming thoroughlyuncomfortable with your present situation. You need to become irritated enough to want to makethe connection between your present course of action and the result manifesting in your life. It istime to take a long look in the mirror and take responsibility for all of the good and the bad thatyou see staring back at you.There are NO secrets to losing body fat or achieving success. While there are some “tricks” thatcan help speed up the process the fundamentals of a healthy fat loss program remain the same.Some trainers, gurus, doctors and supplement companies want you to believe there are secretsand that only they have the answers. Don’t believe them. The keys to success are very simpleand chances are you have heard many of them before;
  2. 2. Set goalsFollow a planEffort equals rewardRemain flexible in your approachAsk and receiveStay focusedDon’t be a quitterBe thankfulRemain optimisticSeek knowledgePursue excellence- not perfectionKeep things simpleTake actionThat’s about it. If you have read any books on success then these should look pretty familiar. Asa matter of fact, there are almost 2,000 books written on the “secret” of success but one has towonder- could there really be that many secrets? When it comes to weight loss the story is prettymuch the same. A quick search on Amazon reveals almost 15,000 results. Could beingsuccessful at transforming your body really require so many different approaches?I have been coaching men and women for more than two decades and I am convinced that themost difficult aspect of body transformation has nothing to do with exercise or nutrition. Theseare simply pieces of the puzzle that must be assembled for everything to work. The hardest partof all this is actually doing it and following through day after day.The size of your motivation is determined by the size of your beliefsBelief is nothing more than what you accept as being true or real. But here is the kicker- what weaccept as being true may not be true and it may also not be real! However, if we accept it asbeing true it will affect our life as if it were. What you believe will determine how healthy youare, how much body fat you have, how successful you are and even the quality (and quitepossibly the quantity) of your life.
  3. 3. What do you believe to be true about your life? Chances are that you have a number of thingsyou believe to be true. It is easy to tell what people believe by looking at how they spend theirtwo most important resources- money and time. If you believe that having a fit, healthy body isimportant then you will direct your resources towards those things. If you believe that watchingtelevision and drinking alcohol is important then your resources will be directed accordingly aswell. Without exception, your beliefs are the creative force that constructs your life.Challenge Your BeliefsLosing body fat is not rocket science. That being said, there is a lot of misinformation out thereand many people cling to a belief system that is in need of a serious makeover. For example, hereare a number of beliefs that many of my clients hold to be true when we first begin workingtogether:I can’t find the motivation to exercise and eat rightIt’s impossible to lose fat without starving yourselfI always get too bulky when I lift weightsI can’t lose weight because I have no willpowerI will never find the time to workout and eat healthyI have always had a slow metabolismI always get injured when I exerciseI will never lose this fat from around my stomachI can’t lose weight because of my thyroid problemI don’t have the energy to workoutI will never see my absI am unable to control my urges to eatDo you have any beliefs that may be holding you back? Think about it. Your beliefs are like thethermostat in your home. If you set the thermostat to 75 degrees your thermostat will make surethe temperature never goes above (or below) 75. Your “belief thermostat” works in exactly thesame way. One way to find out what you believe is to listen carefully to the words you speak.When asked a question oftentimes it is our limiting beliefs that are the first words out of ourmouths. These limiting beliefs are almost always prefaced by the words I have, I will never, Ican’t or it’s impossible. Take a moment right now to identify and write your beliefs about health,fitness and fat loss and remember this- these beliefs may very well be the reason why you are
  4. 4. struggling with your weight. Take a look at the list- is there any belief that may be holding youback? Understand that there are consequences to holding on to these beliefs and it is this dogmathat is keeping you exactly where you are today. Challenge your existing beliefs by questioningtheir legitimacy and efficacy. If an old belief is causing you to cling to negative or limitingbehavior then it is time to replace it with a new, empowering belief.What I BelieveThe following is a list of a few of my personal beliefs. Take a moment to write yours down too.Consider how your beliefs are forming the life (and body) you presently have.I am ambitious and this drives the nails of successI am an athleteI can do anything I put my mind toI must do my best at all things I tryI deserve to live in a lean, healthy bodyI am responsible for everything I am- and all that I am notI am in 100 percent control over how my body looks and performsI will find happiness from being of useful service to othersI am the sum total of all of my thoughts, beliefs and actionsI will only get paid for doneI am willing to do whatever it takes to make my dreams come trueI have the power to create or destroy- the choice is mineI can only change my life by changing myselfI expect results- and that’s the only thing that mattersInstalling New BeliefsWhen you were born you believed in nothing. As time went on you acquired the beliefs you holdto today. This is good news as it also means that you have the ability to change any belief atanytime you desire. Now that you have identified those beliefs that have been holding you backit is important to replace them with new, empowering beliefs. Over the years I have discovered
  5. 5. that there are a number of fundamental beliefs that must change before one should move on tothe nitty gritty details that make up an effective fat loss program. They are as follows;Replace impossible with possibleImpossible is a word that you should be very careful with using. I rarely use it as I do not like toimpose any sort of absolute limitation upon my capabilities. History is filled with examples ofpeople doing the “impossible”. One great example is Roger Bannister. Experts once believed itwas impossible to run a mile in under four minutes- until Roger did it in 1954. These days it isnot uncommon for people to achieve this “impossible” act. Believe that it is possible for you tolose all the body fat you desire. Search out role models who have done what you want to do.Model their behavior and believe that it will happen for you too.Replace I can’t with I canNever say “I can’t” before you even try. Many people use this as a way to mask their fear offailing. There is nothing wrong with failing so long as you learn and improve as a result. Everysuccessful person has experienced failure at some point in their lives. If you never try you willnever succeed. Think back in your life to a time when you achieved a goal you once believed tobe impossible. Set small behavior goals each day and record your every achievement. Use this tobolster your self confidence and belief in your ability to achieve bigger and bigger goals.Replace I want to with I mustAsk almost any person if they would like a fit, healthy body and flat stomach and they will tellyou that they would. We all want to be happy, successful, healthy and fit. However, wanting(like wishing) is not enough. This desire has to become a must and something that you have toaccomplish no matter what. You have to get to the point where you will no longer accept yourpresent circumstances and are willing to take action to change it. Write down your “I must”statements and review them often.Replace I am not worthy with I deserveAre you clinging to low feeling of self worth? Many people do. For some these feelings can bequite powerful even leading them to near self destruction. The creative process of improvingyourself through exercise, nutrition and positive mindset will help instill beneficial feelings thatgo beyond the aesthetic results you see in the mirror. I believe that every human being deservesthis for themselves and it begins with you taking action each and every day. This will give you asense of purpose and dramatically increase your self esteem.Replace I hope with I expectExpectation is very powerful. As a matter of fact it can even have drug like effects! We have allheard of the placebo effect when it comes to sugar pills and pain killing medications but did youknow that it works with your fat loss program as well? Rather than hoping this program will
  6. 6. work for you I want you to expect that it will. Buy some new clothes in a smaller size or book abeach vacation. Take action while expecting the results to show up and they certainly will.Replace unwilling with I am willingThis is where the disconnect occurs for most people when it comes to achieving their goals inlife. When asked what his “secret” to success was, Arnold Schwarzenegger stated that hissuccess wasn’t due to any extraordinary ability but rather it was his willingness to work harderthan the next guy and this was why he was so successful. There is a tremendous differencebetween wishing for something and being willing to do the work required to get it. You must bewilling to make the sacrifices required to succeed at losing body fat and having the life youdesire. We must all be willing pay the price for whatever it is we want in our lives.Believe in your power to changeIt was not my intention for this post to sound “preachy”. Writing this was and is as much for meas it may be for you. I have many struggles in my life and am a constantly evolving work inprogress. And that is what I wish for you- progress not perfection.Please let me know how you motivate yourself to overcome your challenges! Also, feel free to“like” and share!SHOCKING TRUE STORY- 8 Lies of the fitness industry that are ruining your body WWW.EBODI.COM