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The author, chapters 1-2

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  1. 1. Prepared by: Fitriah Bt Hassan, SMKAM Fit/SMKAM/2016
  2. 2. Dean Pitchford (born July 29, 1951, Honolulu, Hawaii) is an American songwriter, screenwriter, director, actor, and novelist. His work has earned him an Oscar and a Golden Globe Award, as well as nominations for three additional Oscars, two more Golden Globes, eight Grammy Awards and two Tony Awards. Fit/SMKAM/2016
  3. 3.  Newton  Newman   •  10  years  old   •  short,  skinny,  freckled  and  quiet   •  Nick  name  :  Newt   •  terrified  of  height  (acrophobic)   •  a@ends  Appleton  elementary   •  very  imaginaCve,  enjoys  drawing   superheroes   •  feels  neglected  and  being  ignored  by  his   classmates.   •  does  not  feel  special  and  noCced  even  in   his  own  family   •  lives  in  the  shadow  of  his  brother,  Chris.   •  feels  strong,  assured,  confident  and  super   amazing  when  he  wears    the  Captain   Nobody  costume.   •  helpful  and  heroic  –  he  makes  breakfast   for  the  family,  helps  people  when  he   plays  the  role  of  Captain  Nobody   Fit/SMKAM/2016  
  4. 4. Newton  Newman's  Mom  and  Dad     •  busy  and  workaholic   •  his    Dad  is  a  supervisor  of  a  building  company   •  his  Mom  sells  real  estate   •  very  proud  of  their  son,  Chris   •  love  Newton  and  Chris  very  much   Fit/SMKAM/2016  
  5. 5. Chris  Newman     •  Newton's  brother   •  a  super  nice  guy   •  popular  football  player  of  Ferrets  of  Fillmore  High  School.   •   scored  the  winning  touchdown  in  the  Big  Game   •  was  knocked  unconscious  into  a  coma  during  the  Big  Game.   Fit/SMKAM/2016  
  6. 6. •  Juanita  Josephine  Gonzalez   •  the  tallest  girl  in  the  fourth  grade   •  Newt's  best  friend  (besides  Cecil)   •  being  ignored  in  school   •  smart  –  began  to  read  at  three   •  gets  annoyed  when  she  sees    grammaCcal  errors  or   misspelled  words  especially  on  signage   •  helps  to  create  Halloween  costume  for  Newt       JJ   Fit/SMKAM/2016  
  7. 7. Cecil  Bu8erworth     •  Newt's  best  friend   •  shorter  and  skinnier  than  Newt   •  speaks  loudly   •  dreams  of  becoming  a  drummer   •  being  ignored  at  school   •  comes  out  with  the  idea  of   'inner  other-­‐personal  hero'   Halloween  costumes.     Fit/SMKAM/2016  
  8. 8. CHAPTER 1 Nobody Eats Breakfast Fit/SMKAM/2016
  9. 9. Tonight's Big Game Is Biggest Yet ! Last year, as a junior, Newman led the Ferrets to a second Big Game victory, and this year, with both teams undefeated, excitement is running high. Chris New-MANIA is sweeping the town. That  is  my  brother   they  are  talking   about.  I  must  tell   Mom  and  Dad  !   •  Newton  Newman  is  reading  the  news  about  the  Big  Game.     •  It  is  going  to  be  held  that  night.     •  His  brother,  Chris  of  Ferocious  Ferrets,  will  be  the  star  of  the  game.     •  He  led  the  Ferrets  to  a  second  Big  Game  victory  the  year  before   against  their  rival,  the  Chargers  of  Merrimac  High.     •  He  is  very  proud  of  his  brother  and  he  wants  to  break  the  news  to   his  parents.   pages  4-­‐5  Fit/SMKAM/2016  
  10. 10. •  Newt   has   prepared   breakfast   for   his   Mom   and   Dad  but  they  are  so  busy  answering  phone  calls   that  they  do  not  have  the  Cme  to  sit  and  eat.   •  Newt  tries  to  tell  them  about  what  the  news  said   about  Chris  but  they  are  too  busy  to  listen.     •  He  is  sad  that  nobody  has  eaten  his  breakfast.     •  He   wants   to   help   his   parents   by   preparing   the   breakfast  but  now  they  are  too  busy  to  eat.  That   makes  him  feel  irritated  and  frustrated.   pages  7,9   Fit/SMKAM/2016  
  11. 11. HIT  THE   SHOWERS!!!   •  Since   his   parents   are   sCll   on   the   phone,   Newt   unleashes  his  frustraCon  on  Chris.     •  Ignoring   his   parents'   instrucCon   to   "let   your   brother  sleep",  he  storms  upstairs  to  his  brother's   room  and  shouts  loudly  "Hit  the  showers!!".       •  His   brother   startles   and   throws   pillows   at   him.   That  is  how  he  wakes  his  brother  up  just  the  way   Chris'  coaches  order  over  the  years.   pages  9,10   Fit/SMKAM/2016  
  12. 12. CHAPTER 2 Halloween Plans are made – sort of Fit/SMKAM/2016
  13. 13. •  When   he   gets   to   school   the   next   morning,   the   school   playground  is  packed  with  kids  running  around.  He  squeezes   his  way  through  the  crowd.     •  Like  they  do  every  day,  they  look  right  through  him.  They   just  ignore  him.  They  do  not  realise  that  he  is  the  brother  of   a  football  star.     •  He  sits  down  on  a  large  boulder  at  the  far  end  of  the    school   yard   and   begins   to   draw   in   his   Secret   Superhero   Sketchbook.   pages  11   Fit/SMKAM/2016  
  14. 14. •  Newt  loves  drawing  comic  characters.     •  When  he  was  small,  Chris  always  read  his  comic  books    to  him.   He   was   hypnoCsed   by   the   pictures   of   the   superheroes   with   their  awesome  powers.     •  As  soon  as  he  could  hold  a  pencil,  he  spent  hours  tracing  the   characters  in  his  comics.     •  When   he   got   a   li@le   older,   he   began   to   invent   his   own   superheroes  such  as  Master  Key  and  Paper  Boy  in  his  Secret   Superhero   Sketchbook.   He   keeps   his   sketches   a   secret   from   everyone  except  for  his  best  friends  JJ  and  Cecil.   pages  12  Fit/SMKAM/2016  
  15. 15. •  JJ  and  Cecil  are  Newt's  buddies.   •  JJ  is  the  tallest  girl  in  the  fourth  grade.   She  is  a  really  smart  and  has  large   vocabulary  and  extensive  knowledge   of  books.   •  Cecil  is  shorter  and  skinnier  than  Newt.     •  At  school,  other  kids  ignore  them.     •  Other  kids  always  step  on  them  in  the  hallways  almost  like  they   are  not  there.  They  are  always  shoved  away  from  the  water   fountain.  Ofen  other  kids  slide  their  food  off  the  table  and   squeeze  them  out  of  their  seats.   •  Nobody  pays    a@enCon  to  them.   pages  16   Fit/SMKAM/2016  
  16. 16. •  One  morning  Newt,  JJ  and  Cecil  meet  at  school.   •  Cecil  reminds  them  about  Halloween  that  is  on  Sunday.   •  JJ    is  bored  with  Halloween  and  they  do  not  have     proper  costumes  to  wear.   •  They  have  always  been  forced  to  wear  lend-­‐me-­‐down  costumes  and   they  refuse  to  wear  the  same  costumes  this  year.   •  Cecil  comes  up  with  the  idea  that  Halloween  is  the  right  them  for  them   to  be  noCced  by  everyone.  They  need  to  create  their  own  Halloween   costumes  to  represent  their  inner-­‐other,  like  their  personal  heroes.     pages  16  Fit/SMKAM/2016  
  17. 17. •  Cecil   excitedly   talks   about   what   they   should   be   this   Halloween.   •  He  urges  JJ  and  Newt  to  think  of  a  superhero  that  they   want  to  be.   •  They  have  only  three  days  to  make  their  costumes  and   they   will   surprise   each   other   when   they   meet   on   Halloween  night.     pages  17-­‐18   Fit/SMKAM/2016