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Get more from your at-home workout with an elliptical machine from They offer best quality equipment. Visit their website for more details.

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  1. 1. GYM EQUIPMENT – GETTING THE BEST OUT OF THE ESSENTIALSWe must all express gratitude to the ‘golden age of body building’ and of course the 80’s cinema to get us all into thecraze of taking care of our bodies. Of course staying fit was one of the most stressed upon good habits to adopt sinceages but it was this era that truly made us realize the benefits. What began as a fever in the masses to look good isnow a full-fledged industry with more and more people joining up every day. And you cannot deny the fact that thefitness bandwagon has had a more than fair share of good results to show in support of its existence. After all, ifpeople are fitter, they are more happy, more productive and in the end more satisfied with their lives. Who wouldn’twant that!Therefore if you haven’t become a part of the fitness revolution, here is a list of all the essential gym equipment fromFitness Blowout that will get your body in the best of shape and get your mind ready to take on the world. Whilesome might still see these as elaborate torture devices, there is something or the other to be gained from each ofthese.WeightsGive your arms the strength that they deserve with weights. These are some of the simplest of gym equipment outthere and are also the most common ones available. But do not judge their effectiveness by the fact that even yourneighbor might have them. Weights are great when it comes to building your upper body strength and getting yourarms to be their muscular best.TreadmillsRemember your grandpa used to tell you that walking is the best form of exercise you can take up to stay in shape?Well, I couldn’t agree more with him! Walking allows you to give a thorough work out to each and every part of yourbody. It involves cardio as well as strength building overtones and can do wonders with your stamina and fitnesslevels. Treadmills offer you the freedom to take full advantage of the benefits that come with walking a fewkilometers without having to leave the comfort of the indoors. This is one of the most essential gym equipment touse, whether you are working out at your home or at your fitness center.
  2. 2. Bench Another one in the simple gym equipment category, a bench allows you to press the dumbbells, fly them, or dobent over rows and even engage in the non-weight exercises like dips and more. A bench press is thus a versatilemachine that can afford you the ability to target certain specific areas of your body for getting effective results. Thatwell toned body that you have been dreaming of becomes possible with this gym equipment on your side.Lat pull down Gym equipment to test your resistance level – this machine will push your body to its limits. This machine isextremely adaptable and versatile, and allows you to build up your strength and stamina for specific parts of yourbody. Fitness Blowout offers these beauties at amazing rates so you can rest assured that your pocket won’t feelthe brunt of your fitness regime.
  3. 3. FITNESS BLOWOUT ANNOUNCES THE COLOSSAL MEGA MADNESS SALE People who are crazy about getting their bodies in shape and want to fashion a fit and healthy future for themselveswill find this news to be one to celebrate! Fitness Blowout, the leading retailer of the best quality gym equipmentand fitness gear in the country has just announced its ‘Colossal Mega Madness’ sale! Get some amazing deals on allthe most popular fitness equipment from FitnessBlowout.The one company that has been helping the people of USA make their dreams of having a perfect body come true forthe past two decades -Fitness Blowout is truly one of the most trusted stores of its kind in the industry. This leadingretailer of high quality gym equipment is the one stop solutions provider for all kinds of fitness needs that you mayhave. They also offer some amazing prices on their machines, making it a shopping experience to die for! “Our most popular treadmill - new and improved for 2012... The #1 Brand in thousands of health clubs and used byover 50,000 million people WorldWide, introduces this feature-packed, Space-Saver™ Fold-Away™ treadmill which isactually MADE IN THE GOOD OL USA - virtually all treadmills priced below $3,000 are made in Taiwan. Fully loadedwith Revolutionary features & specs: the only treadmill with New Google® Maps and includes Wireless iFit™ LivePrograms, and wireless internet Wi-Fi. Walk or jog on the shores of Maui with your relative who lives in Chicago, runthrough Central Park, or race against your Facebook friends. Receive workout videos and Much MORE! Call NOW forHuge factory direct savings, FREE Shipping & FREE Upgraded Lifetime Warranty - order today!” said Jim Rosen,owner of Fitness Blowout.This sale is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get your hands on some amazing fitness equipment at prices that willsimply blow you away! Combine these deals with the performance guarantee that comes with product and you get a shopping opportunity like no other. For more information about the store or to browse through their huge range of gym equipment, pleasevisit thewebsite
  4. 4. Fitness Blowout 10780, Santa Monica Boulevard Los Angeles, California USA - 90025 Phone: +1 800-348-4537 Email: Website:
  5. 5. Fitness Blowout 10780, Santa Monica Boulevard Los Angeles, California USA - 90025 Phone: +1 800-348-4537 Email: Website: