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How to know if a bootcamp workout is right for you


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How to know if a bootcamp workout is right for you

  1. 1. In the quest to get into great physical condition, people arewilling to try a wide range of workout, equipment andproducts. Home fitness machines and programs, traditionalgym memberships and specialty classes are all used in anattempt to break through to the next level.One type of workout that has been growing in popularity isthe bootcamp workout. Not everyone is suited for abootcamp workout and it gets pretty intense, but manyexercisers swear by the results.
  2. 2. Essentially, a bootcamp workout is an exercise session thatincludes a mix of cardiovascular and strength elements, withan emphasis on high intensity. In many cases, the bootcampinstructor is one of the main features, employing an ‘in-your-face’ style.Bootcamp workouts often take place outdoors, but they canbe effective in any type of scenario. Some elements youmight expect to find include:» Bodyweight calisthenics» Military style drills and exercises
  3. 3. » Sprinting» Martial arts moves» Push ups» Pull ups» Lunges» Crunches» Combination movements» Interval training» Medicine ball training
  4. 4. The intensity of a standard bootcamp workout excludes a lotof people. To figure out if it’s right for you:» Ask about the structure and tempo of the class» Ask if there are any prerequisites» Visit your doctor for an assessment» Let the instructor know about any health issues» Let the instructor know about injuries» Ask exactly what is expected of each participant
  5. 5. Some of the benefits of a bootcamp workout include:» Doesn’t require any expensive equipment» The workout is challenging and varied» Total body workout» Creates camaraderie among participants» Helps you reach new levels of fitness» Instructors are expert motivators» High energy, non-stop workouts
  6. 6. As with any specific workout or exercise class, not allbootcamp workouts are created equal. Before you sign up,consider these points:» Does the class offer a good blend of aerobics and strengthtraining?» is the instructor certified and qualified to teach bootcampclasses?» Does the class match your fitness goals?» What do past students say about the class?
  7. 7. If you decide that you do want to try a bootcamp workout,it’s wise not to just show up and expect to be able to keep upto everyone else. Here are some tips that will help yousucceed and get the most from your bootcamp training:» Show up with a positive attitude and accept the challenging nature ofthe workout.» Hydrate yourself a couple of hours before the class.» Remain in the moment and listen to the instructor throughout theclass.
  8. 8. » Keep breathing through difficult exercises.» Engage your abdominals during tough exercises to help protect your back.» Try to stay in the front portion of all the exercises so you’re right in the group and won’t feel like giving up.» Keep moving so your muscles stay engaged and won’t get sore prematurely.» Replenish your fluids and electrolytes after the class is over.
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