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In this session Kevin Airgid used real world examples of how to improve your networking, selling and pitching skills to increase your sales numbers. Topics included:
- Networking 101: How to avoid dead ends and network with true leads
- Learn never to sell but to teach your clients to buy
- Pitching is for amateurs, why you should always have the inside track

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  • Great talk, thanks for posting the slideshow!
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  • Welcome to the Dog-N-Pony show what will we learn today? Setup chairs (2) and ask someone to participate in the presentation How to add value to your client interactions Explain how value is over used term How to win more business by just being more authentic and becoming a trusted resource
  • A little about Kevin Airgid Here are a few of my clients What separates me from the rest of the interactive services industry? I’m not a better designer? I’m not really big (there is only me in my company) I’m not really all that attractive? But what I am is service oriented, value oriented (explain)
  • First Impressions We all chew gum, put on some good cloths, brush our hair, (some even have a shower) before we meet clients to make a good impression Often concentrate on our physical appearance but totally forget the world of the non-verbal You only have once chance to make a good first impression and I am going to show you how using non-verbal cues
  • First Impressions 2 “ I don’t like that man. I must get to know him better.” Babe-raham-lincoln Isn’t this true sometimes we can make a judgment call on someone in the first 2 minutes of meeting them What do you use to judge someone? Their hair, cloths? The way they talk? These are all things people use to judge someone and form a first impression, but there is a hidden world of the non-verbal When you are in your first meeting explain how to: mirror their language style Example of account rep who was all business when client wanted to joke around Go slow if the client is a slow talker (but not outside of your norm) If the client is a faster talker pick it up! Really pay attention to not only what the client is saying but how, there are many clues there how to work
  • First Impressions 2 Did he really just sniff my arse? There is a difference between kissing your clients butt and show genuine interest in their lives Often I will “Google Stock” a new company Give example of Marathon and my wife sample The goal is to build a bridge between you and them inside the world of the “personal” Clients buy from clients that they feel are like them, and that they like
  • Mirror, Mirror Another excellent technique is called “mirroring your client” I have seen people naturally do this and it’s not uncommon for it to happen spontaneously It’s just another way to get clients to feel you are “like” them and “on the same page” Explain Technique Ask up person from audience and go over technique (explain I am NOT an expert) Talk about active listening, and repeating back what you hear
  • KISS METHOD Just another way to add value to your interaction with your clients View the proposal writing phase as just another way to add value to the interaction with your client Include as many ideas and suggestions that you think give your client options
  • KISS METHOD Bullshit free copy starts here. Add value or go home. Example of company 200 page document, it’s needed sometimes but do you need to describe your process? Avoid “marketing” speak Include casual language if possible, and make it personal, and avoid talking in 3 rd person (depends on client) Write like you and the client are a team approaching the project, not “them against us” Look at this actual example it’s only 4 pages I always include my logo and clients logo together (reinforces we are a team visually!) Spell the clients name right: give example (Durham College) Highlight key concerns from client conversation (I actually use MS Word highlight function)
  • ARE YOU ADDING VALUE Bark like dog! I feel “adding value” is a very over used term, it’s really become watered down But are you really becoming a trusted resource? My style is to be as authentic as I can be, and to genuinely care about my clients long term goals Once again is my company better no? am I a better designer no? Am I more expensive “yes” often. How do I keep clients happy? I become a resource for them. Example of World Auto Steel Project
  • LITTLE RED BOOK OF SELLING It changed my business and actually has made me way more money It’s common sense so common you’d be surprised more people are not following it It’s only $4 bucks used or $9 bucks for a kindle so there is no excuse not to buy it! I love this handy book mark It’s not meant to be read cover to cover, but skimmed daily as a reminder It has great lists
  • Become Valuable The more valuable you become, the more the marketplace (or your clients) will reward you. Give First. Become knows as a resource, not a salesperson. Your Value is linked to your knowledge and your willingness to help others. How Valuable are you? If you remember only one thing from this presentation today it should be this slide If you can transition from a “freelancer” or a “service provider” company to a “resource”. You my friend are golden. How do you do this? Well first off you need to care about what your clients are doing. You need to share with them often ideas, and new ways to do things that will either save them money, or make life easier
  • How I added Value: Tell the app vs the web app story
  • Develop and Maintain a positive attitude Surprising this is not a common characteristic And to be honest it’s one of my struggle points with my business It’s also very “buzzy” and kinda “positive motivation poster kinda crap thing” But it’s true, people like to be around positive people… it sells How to do things to get more positive (things that work for me) Stay away from negative people Listen to music you love Volunteer with the poor Listen to positive hypnosis tapes Look up “tapping” or EFT on Google
  • Business Card I do no advertising my business card is my only “ad” I had paper business cards a while ago Just got these plastic ones Tell the story about “can I keep this”
  • If you can’t get in front of the real decision maker: YOU SUCK Because it’s no use talking to the guy who collects the quotes unless you talk to the guy who buys How do you get to meet the decision maker? He is a VP, busy man/woman?
  • Example of becoming a trusted resource, a partner
  • How to get clients to buy from you even when your price is higher: Example of Bob and Will Bob is a resource, always sending the client new articles and the go-to-guy for questions, which he answers with enthusiasm Will is a great guy too, but doesn’t really share all that much, but is very responsive to phone calls for “orders” Bob and Will get to bid on a project. Bob’s price is 35% higher than Wills price. Client has to decide between the lower price Will or Bob who is a trusted resource, whom he also likes more Who do you think they are going to pick? This is the same for my clients. I’m often not the cheapest, but they trust me. They know I’ll deliver reliable work that will make them look good.
  • Use creativity to differentiate and dominate: In your clients mind: transition from a worker be to a valued team member. How? Never be an “order taker” become a trusted partner, see your self as this. This is important you have to change the way your see your self. When clients ask you to bid on work always see it as way to bring value to the table. Maybe do a little more research into new ways to solve their problem. Example: Drupal vs. Wordpress install. Become a valuable resource, someone they will call to ask questions. Example: client referred me to TV show, then I provided them with a solution to use low-tech animate GIF’s instead of video so it will work on the iPad Links to stuff, Little red book of selling Link to download my old but free book on freelancing… still has some good stuff in there ( Any questions?
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