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Meet MILL+ with Carl Addy


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Presented live at FITC Amsterdam 2014 on Feb 24-25, 2014
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Mill+ is the Design and Content creation arm of The Mill. A collection of Designers, Art Directors, Animators and VFX artists who are defining new ways of working with clients.

Carl Addy, creative director of design, will discuss what it means to be a designer at the Mill and how they are combining Design and VFX to tell new stories.

Carl will talk through a broad range of work and styles, from the psychedelic music video and tumblr for We Are Shining, to a photo real CG ape for PETA. He’ll be giving a behind the scenes look at the culture of Mill+, The Mill’s design and origination department.

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Meet MILL+ with Carl Addy

  1. 1. FITC Carl Addy. Mill +
  2. 2. DARK ARTS Ciclope
  3. 3. PETA 98% Human
  4. 4. The lie
  5. 5. KILLING KENNEDY National Geographic
  6. 6. WE are SHINING The Wheel
  7. 7. v
  8. 8. YDA Young Director Award
  9. 9. CALL of DUTY Ghosts
  10. 10. Thank you
  11. 11. VIKINGS The History Channel