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Going Hybrid Mobile with Ionic and AngularJS


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For years, developers have tried to find an easier way to create mobile apps. They discover hybrid mobile apps, but soon find out that hybrid wasn’t ready for prime-time. Developers encounter problems with speed, building good-looking UIs, and a plethora of hardware differences that force them to go back to the land of native.

AngularJS changed building apps for the web. Ionic changes building hybrid apps on mobile. Easy-to-use, beautiful, and ready to perform, Ionic is an open source framework made for hybrid apps. This talk introduces developing for mobile with AngularJS and how to supercharge it with Ionic.

Developers familiar with AngularJS, who are looking to learn more about applying it to mobile development.

Gerred Dillon Developer Evangelist, Ionic FULL BIO Gerred is a developer, speaker and author who has worked with AngularJS since discovering it in its 1.0 days. A big proponent of open web standards, he is passionate about expanding the web platform as far as it can go. When not working with other developers to make Ionic the most awesome mobile platform out there, he is traveling, climbing, backpacking or getting lost in some microbrewery at home in Seattle.

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Going Hybrid Mobile with Ionic and AngularJS

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