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21st Century Crystal Ball


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Presented at FITC Toronto 2016
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Sometimes if you’re lucky, you get asked to do a really big project. If the project is a good stretch or you need to pay the bills, then of course you have to say yes. Hopefully you know how to do it, but if you don’t…then you need to learn the necessary skills — fast. This is the story of taking on giant, expensive projects with hard deadlines and many unrelated skills. How to persuade collaborators to be on your side, motivated to work their asses off and love you anyway.


Entertain the audience with failures and eff-ups (and some success too) while inspiring them to try new things

Target Audience

Anyone looking for a reason to lose their fear of leveling up.

Assumed Audience Knowledge

Interest in art, electronics and how money influences projects

Five Things Audience Members Will Learn

What it feels like to have to learn to code in a short period of time (hint: easier than it sounds)
What it feels like to have to think about data in terms of something beautiful in a short period of time (hint: way, way harder than it sounds)
How to pretend you can do anything
About working with collaborators that will help you grow
Dirty secrets about how much and how little you can get paid to make the fantastic

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21st Century Crystal Ball

  1. 1. Playing nicely together (was: 21st century crystal ball)
  2. 2. working on teams
  3. 3. collaborative projects
  4. 4. ego
  5. 5. Photo credit: Innosilicone
  6. 6. pressure, flow, pump!
  7. 7. severed head rentals
  8. 8. politics: when people on your team are mean
  9. 9. Studio EIS
  10. 10. choose your team
  11. 11. artists + technologists
  12. 12. get clear on the workload
  13. 13. finding people to work with
  14. 14. Dear Reddit, I’m a person without a huge amount of friends, since I’m shy and I enjoy staying at home playing videogames and watching movies rather than going out. My problem is, I want to start a project, but I’m really not great with math, and I don’t love programming. My focus is art and design, besides story and ideas in general. So, my question is, where do you find people to work with you? How do you trust someone that much to help you with a project that has no budget or payment guarantee?
  15. 15. ideator or follower? Photo credit : Alison Faith, Creative Commons license
  16. 16. finish something
  17. 17. online project partner meeting spot ::
  18. 18. working style matching working style
  19. 19. give constant feedback
  20. 20. safety, money, unicorns
  21. 21. Photo: wikimedia commons
  22. 22. kickass collaborators
  23. 23. safe and fun
  24. 24. cannibalizing dome star
  25. 25. design for accessibility
  26. 26. motivation
  27. 27. help others be your competition
  28. 28. be nice
  29. 29. Thank you! Say hi :: @sophikravitz lab