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Evaluation Results for Fall 2010 In-Service Day


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Evaluation Results for Fall 2010 In-Service Day

  1. 1. All Staff Meeting ~ October 27, 2010 Evaluation Results Average Mode The objectives were clearly identified and accomplished 4.4 4 The meeting was well organized, well presented and conducted in an appropriate manner 4.5 5 This meeting has broadened my understanding of AMA initiatives 4.6 5 The activities were useful 4.2 5 Overall this meeting was 4.3 5What parts of this meeting did you find most valuable: Learning about the initiatives Being with entire staff I did learn some things, but a lot of it is more for teachers not paras. Learning more about the new initiatives Having everyone come together as one large group (Kerri McCrimmon) Learning (going over initiatives) Doing the rotation again to learn initiatives Listening (Ann Saretsky) Discussion of new initiatives Review of previous initiatives via Jeopardy! (Katy Szymoniak) Initiative information sheet (Monica Saddler) New curriculum MMPI Community Forums (Theresa Moulds) Review of new initiatives Trivia game Learning about new initiatives Explanation of various programs Interaction with AMA staff New initiatives such as MMPI and GEAR Seeing everyone together The print out (doc.) of details about initiatives The info on curriculum (Jennifer Straus) Rotating review and the overviews after The update on the programs All staff present Breakfast Completing charts as groups to assess prior knowledge Review by representatives from each initiative Game format to review previous initiatives covered (Bev Maher) Learning about program I knew little about (GEAR and the UNIQUE curriculum) PowerPoint on each initiative Going around the room to “guess” at what they were prior to getting all the info Handout from Melissa on initiative info and contact was great! (Diane Bromund)
  2. 2. What parts of this meeting did you find most valuable (continued): Explanation of all programs and initiatives Activity with posters Information on each poster (initiative) (Tami Stepanski) Learning the new initiatives Working with staff I do not normally work with (Niki Sandy) Learning about the initiatives (Heather Nordenbrock) The review of the different initiatives by the leaders I think that initiatives are great, useful and necessary; however, the majority of AMA staff are directly involved in Spec. Ed. (John Feys) Reviewing the initiatives (Carolyn Reneaud) UNIQUE Curriculum Community Forum Review of initiatives Visuals to refer to later Understanding of MMPI, GEAR Better understanding of the community forum Didn’t know we had the jeopardy tools Writing on the big sheets of paper Information about what AMA ESD is doing and what they have going (Dawn Marwede) Jeopardy – fun way to learn Review of the initiatives Initiative discussion in detail Very informative. Learned about initiatives I knew nothing about. Like people sharing hands-on experiences. (Lydia Walker) Explanation of each program (initiative) Interacting with one another Having a multitude of people involved in the presentations (Geri Samp) Reviewing/learning initiatives Getting updates of progress and work that is in progress within the ESD (Janis Sahr) Coming together as a staff Learning about all that we do Short and sweet (Rexann McConnell) Initiatives Posting activity and speakers summarizing their initiative (Steve Rea) TemplatesWhat parts of this meeting did you find most valuable (continued): Quick refresher on new initiatives Learning about the new initiatives started this fall Learning about capacities of others within the ESD environment (table discussions) Gaining general knowledge as to processes and procedures (Teresa Bellows)
  3. 3. What parts of this meeting did you find most valuable (continued): Update on all the initiatives (Brett Burke) Learning more about the five different groups (Julie Hanner) Hearing about the new initiatives (Marie Fielder) Learning the details of the current initiatives It was very informative Exciting to know that the initiatives have been implemented I am impressed with the new curriculum (Deb Kendziorski) The new curriculum at Pied Piper UNIQUE MMPI GEAR (Anne Beyer) Rotating review (Linda Seguin) Learning what each initiative is all about and their purpose and use (Jess Lewandowski) The purpose of the DIT. Who to contact on each team. (Carol Cooke)Initiatives I would like to know more about: UNIQUE (Katy Szymoniak) UNIQUE Curriculum (Monica Saddler) UNIQUE (Theresa Moulds) GEAR UNIQUE (Jennifer Straus) The strategic plan GEAR as it relates to SLPs (Bev Maher) UNIQUE (Diane Bromund) Community Forum (Tami Stepanski) Curriculum and START – where are we now? Curriculum – how this will affect the UNIQUE CCSS, MMPI, Community Forum (Geri Samp) GEAR, MMPI, UNIQUE (Steve Rea) UNIQUE and District Improvement (Teresa Bellows) Strategic plan (Brett Burke) The START initiative (Deb Kendziorski) The new social studies grant (Anne Beyer) START (Linda Seguin) UNIQUE (Carol Cooke)How might the next meeting be improved? Continue team (game format) (Ann Saretsky) Shorter time – 1-2 hours (Monica Saddler) Smaller groups for rotating review
  4. 4. How might the next meeting be improved (continued)? Have it during the “indirect week” for speech therapists Curriculum training for teachers Better prior planning for who is supposed to attend’ The opening activity with the clickers was fun but questions could have been written better. (Diane Bromund) Actual prizes  (Heather Nordenbrock) A little more focus on Spec. Ed. I know it is all interrelated – the initiatives support student success and reduce referrals. (John Feys) More Jeopardy – It was a great way to get audience participation. Excellent job! (Lydia Walker) Trying to schedule it when it’s not as important for us to be in the schools (right before breaks possibly). (Rexann McConnell) Email information about initiatives or other information before inservice (Brett Burke) These initiatives are all about General Ed – they don’t really apply to preschool. I really would have appreciated this day to do catch up on paperwork. This would have improved my PS services to the AMA. (Marie Fielder) Having clearer communication regarding the inservice (i.e. who was to attend—some staff found out about it the day before) More games. Liked the clickers. (Anne Beyer) UNIQUE Learning (Jess Lewandowski)Other general comments or suggestions: Nice job You used all modalities to get us to learn: visual, aural, tactile. It really “sunk in” to me. (Ann Saretsky) The information that was given here today has been very helpful. Great job! (Theresa Moulds) Could do a puzzle activity where different parts of different initiatives are all on one piece of paper and groups cut out then sort them into the different initiatives. (Niki Sandy) Maybe next time have groups practice using the smart goal worksheet, etc. so s/he is more comfortable using them on his/her own (could give a pretend new idea to do?) (Niki Sandy) Great job DIT  (Carolyn Reneaud) MMPI – thinking it may be important for the math group to meet. I am concerned about implementing MMPI – sustainability plan, etc. (Carolyn Reneaud) I agree with one comment Sue made – there are almost too many changes going on. My question or suggestion is: how do we manage/implement and maintain our caseloads? Please help with suggestions. It is nice to come together as a group and nice to refresh on the initiatives, but expanding the agenda would be beneficial. Very informative and interactive. (Teresa Bellows) Very impressed with speakers! Great job!