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Achievement in Action Flyer


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Published in: Education
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Achievement in Action Flyer

  1. 1. Achievement In Action Making Student Success Visible Your writers have been working very hard this year in the writing workshop. The AMA ESD would like to spread the word of their success Highlight one Writer to your classroom, school, and community! Highlight a Group of A Special 60-Second Video will be Writers made by the AMA ESD to include: • Student responses to questions about the writing workshop Highlight Your • Students reading their writingClassroom with a Special • Footage of students hard at work Writing Celebration in a writing workshop Interested? 10 classrooms w ill be selected on a f irst-come, f irst-serve basis: Deadline is April 15th ⃞ K 2 Contact: Meaghan Gauthier, - ⃞ 3-5 Contact: Julie Bastow, bastowj ⃞ Or call them at 989-354-3101