Report Frozen Vegetables in Singapore


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Dit is een extract van de marktstudie gemaakt door het FIT-kantoor in Singapore. U kan de volledige studie gratis mits login downloaden op onze website:

This is an extract of the Market Report Frozen Vegetables in Singapore. You can download the full report (only with My FIT profile) on our website:

In deze FIT-marktstudie krijgt u informatie over de distributiekanalen, verkooppunten, trends, invoerreglementeringen en mogelijkheden voor Belgische exporteurs in Singapore.

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Report Frozen Vegetables in Singapore

  2. 2. SINGAPORE FROZEN VEGETABLES SECTOR REPORT 1. OVERVIEW OF THE FROZEN VEGETABLES MARKET IN SINGAPORE 1 Singapore is ASEAN’s most affluent nation, with a GDP per capita of S$65,048 in 2012 . On a per capita basis, Singapore has the highest food consumption levels in the Southeast Asia region. The per capita consumption 2 for vegetables in Singapore is 95 kg . Due to its land scarcity with no natural resources, Singapore is one of Asia’s largest importers of agricultural products, processed foods, and drinks. A wide range of food products 3 from all over the world can be found in the retail supermarkets to cater to the 5.31 million people in Singapore. Singapore’s strategic location within the Asia Pacific region enhances its position as a regional food showcase and headquarters for international food and agricultural companies. Other than importing food for local consumption, it is estimated that approximately 75% of the food imports are re-exported to neighbouring countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. Singapore is a fast expanding market for imported frozen vegetables. The United States is the leading supplier of frozen vegetables to the Singapore market. Trade statistics showed that Singapore imported a total of 4 SGD16.2 million of frozen vegetables with the United States dominating the majority of total supply to Singapore followed by China, New Zealand and Belgium. The United States is the leading supplier of frozen potatoes, peas, sweet corn, broccoli, and others to the retail and food service sector. Although China is the second largest supplier of frozen vegetables to Singapore, trade sources indicate that New Zealand and United Kingdom brands are more commonly found in major local retailers. The frozen vegetables import from Belgium in year 2012 amounted to SGD1.5 million in value. The quantity of frozen potatoes imported from Belgium totalled 462 tonnes in 2012 (Source: Singapore Trade Statistics 2012 – International Enterprise Singapore). The frozen vegetables market in Singapore can be categorized into mono type of frozen vegetables and mix vegetables. The typical mono type of frozen vegetables include frozen beans, frozen broccoli, frozen Brussels sprouts, frozen carrots, frozen cauliflower florets, frozen peas, frozen kernel corns, frozen potatoes and frozen spinach. Other frozen vegetables include diced onion, chopped and mixed peppers, chopped chives, chopped mint and ginger are also available in retail supermarkets. The varietal of frozen vegetables available in the retail supermarket ranges from steamables vegetables, grilled vegetables and stir fry vegetables. The most recent addition would be steamed vegetables accompanied with sauce. Such varietals can be found with key brands such as Bird’s Eye, Green Giant and Watties. The key frozen vegetable brands available in retail supermarkets are as such:  Bird’s Eye Food Products (United States)  Cascadian Farm Organic (United States)  Emborg (Denmark) 1 Singapore Department of Statistics ( Per capita consumption statistics by Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority ( 3 Population in Brief 2012 ( 4 Singapore Trade Statistics 2012 by International Enterprise Singapore ( 2 FIT Singapore | September ‘13 _________________________________________________________________________________ 1
  3. 3.  Green Giant by General Mills (United States)  Waitrose (United Kingdom)  Watties (New Zealand) The key frozen potatoes brand available in retail supermarkets are as such:           365 brand by Delhaize (Belgium) Farmland by Ben Foods Pte Ltd (Singapore) Lamb Weston by Conagra Foods (North America) Payette Farms by Simplot Food Group (Australia) Ligo (United States) Fair Isle by Cavendish (Canada) Ore-Ida by Heinz (United States) Waitrose (United Kingdom) Mc Cain Foods (United States) Watties (New Zealand) Private label or contract manufacturing is growing in the frozen vegetables sector in Singapore. For example, the Danish brand, Emborg has a wide range of frozen vegetables products available in major retail supermarkets in Singapore. Majority of their frozen vegetables products are produced for Uhrenholt A/S (Denmark) and packed by Unifrost N.V. from Belgium. Apart from international brands, the major supermarkets, Fairprice (Fairprice brand) and Cold Storage (First Choice brand) is also catching up with the sales of their house brand frozen vegetables. Belgian supermarket, Delhaize currently sells frozen potatoes under their house brand, 365 which is only available in Fairprice supermarket chains. 2. DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL FOR FROZEN VEGETABLES IN SINGAPORE Singapore has a highly competitive market environment where retailers such as major supermarkets and hypermarkets control the whole retail market by segmenting into different store concepts catering from low income group to high income group and expatriates community. Supermarket and hypermarket chains in Singapore buy most of their food products through local importers. Most suppliers face the challenge of high cost of entry into major supermarket and hypermarket chains in Singapore. In recent years, large supermarket chains begin to import western-type product directly from producers or food consolidators so that their prices remain competitive and affordable. The three key players in the retail food and beverage environment are NTUC Fairprice, Cold Storage/Marketplace owned by Dairy Farm Group and Sheng Siong supermarket. NTUC Fairprice supermarkets is targeted at both low-income and upper-middle income class with 3 different store concepts – Fairprice supermarkets, Fairprice Xtra and Fairprice Finest. Cold Storage/Marketplace supermarkets are targeted at upper-middle income class and expatriates living in Singapore. Sheng Siong supermarkets are targeted at consumers who prefer cheaper products predominantly imported from Malaysia. There are several other independently managed supermarket chain such as Isetan supermarket (, Meidi-Ya supermarket (, Mustafa ( and Prime supermarket ( Isetan and Meidi-Ya targets at the Japanese community and upper-middle income group whereas Prime supermarket’s target market are low-income households. The foodservice, institutional and hospitality industry in Singapore is dominated by Singapore Airport Terminal Services ( SATS cover a wide market segment with their various divisions in prepared meals catering to major foodservice outlets and airline carriers. With an extensive distribution network, SATS also distributes various food brands in the following categories: fruits & vegetables, dairy products, protein products and prepared meals. List of major supermarkets and hypermarkets in Singapore:  Cold Storage Singapore (1983) Pte Ltd owned by Dairy Farm Group (Total outlets: 48) (Also owns 7 MarketPlace stores including Jasons Market, Naturally MarketPlace & ThreeSixty MarketPlace) 2 ____________________________________________________________________________