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Can you make the correct choices? We examined different choices that a tween could make.

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  1. 1. A teenager is being pressured by his mates and he is trying to be cool, so he steals a T.V. from Dicksmith Electronics. What should he do? YES NO Drops the TV and surrender Takes T.V and runs off to his crib. Think twice. Do you really want to do that?
  2. 2. You did the right but now you have to suffer the consequence but its not as bad cause you let your conscience get the better of you . Now you have to go to court in a couple of weeks… You are now at court and you have to say what happened. what should you say? YES NO Tell the truth and say everything that happened. Lie to the judge and try to get away with it. I rest me case.
  3. 3. YES NO Think that you will get away with it Tells his mates and they think it cool and so does he. Now they want him to steel more things cause they wont get in trouble. what should he do? Tell someone and take the consequence
  4. 4. The security guard that got a good look at him when the stole the TV saw him a few weeks later walking down the street with his two friends. He started to chase the boys down the street. What do you do? YES NO Go back and return the TV, confess and suffer the consequences. Keep running and hope you have enough speed to get away.
  5. 5. You lied and you still got community service but its not as bad but you feel guilty that you lied. What should you do? You don’t do anything about it and only get a small amount community service You got away with it and you feel guilty so you tell the judge that you lied go to 200 more hours of community service. YES NO
  6. 6. You haven't done anything about it and now you have finished your community service and you are feeling tired so you lye down on the couch. The police bust down the door and come in. What do you do? YES NO Surrender and give up. Try to make a brake through the window.
  7. 7. Your under arrest You tried to escape from the police by jumping out the window but you got stuck. The police thought that you were guilty that you were hiding something and then they found the T.V. JAIL Since you have followed the bad path the whole way you only have one choice for this slide and its JAIL.
  8. 8. You told the judge the truth so you had to pay to fix the damage and do 200 hour of community service. Find new friends that take you for who you are. Make the most of your life and do what's best for you and everyone. Stick with your mates that put you in this situation but they think your cool. Yes No
  9. 9. Your pasts cross again, the security sees you walking down the street this time he wins and catches you. See kids doing the wrong things always has consequences. JAIL Since you have followed the bad path the whole way you only have one choice for this slide and its JAIL.
  10. 10. You have been to court and lost. You have been sentenced to 6 months in jail. Cool Kids Don't Steal!
  11. 11. You chose to stick with he same