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  2. 2. General Directorate of Social Assistance and Child Protection is a public institution with legal personality under the coordination of the Dolj County Council. It was founded in 2004 with the purpose to ensure at the county level the enforcement of the policies and strategies of social care in the field of children protection, family, single person , elderly, people with disabilities and other person in need
  3. 3. The institution provides specialized services as follows: → Services / Counseling Centers for Children / Adults / People with Disabilities / in need →Services / Day Centres for the protection of the Persons with Disabilities / in need → Services/Residential Centres for the protection of the Persons with Disabilities / in need
  4. 4. General Directorate of Social Assistance and Child Protection Dolj develop volunteer programs, coordinated by a coordinator of volunteers appointed by the general manager of the institution, organized into 6 levels as follows: → Assessment of volunteer needs of the institution → Creating a voluntary program and the volunteer mission → Setting goals and objectives of the volunteer program → Identifying volunteer tasks (drafting job descriptions) →Creation of volunteers working procedures (including how to assess the work of the volunteers in the institution) → Management of material resources
  5. 5. In relation to volunteers institution has a number of responsibilities: → offer equal opportunities and competent assessment of persons who engage in volunteering → give to volunteers tasks to meet their professional training, their personal and professional experience, and personal interests → offer to volunters a description of tasks, responsibilities and their role within the organization →indicates clearly that is their program and that are relationships with the employees of the institution
  6. 6. → provides education / training for volunteers with the purpose to provide the opportunity to engage in new activities and for personal development → offer supervision by competent persons, know the potential and limitations of the volunteers and their expectations → respect the rights of volunteers and develop policies to motivate volunteers
  7. 7. • → General requirements: ∙ communication skills ∙ charitable spirit, desire for personal development ∙ respect the volunteering law → Specific requirements: ∙ desire to work with children / elderly ∙ tolerance, empathy ∙ desire to work with disabled children / adults with disabilities Selected volunteer of our institution must comply with the general requirements as well as specific requirements depending on the area where they will perform the work:
  8. 8. Ways to motivate and recognition of the merits of volunteers Our institution developed ways to motivate and reward their volunteers. 1.Ways to motivate volunteers: → promotes a welcoming atmosphere in the institution, based on the "open door" → suggest to employees ways to express their appreciation to volunteers and their activities (exercise ability to say "thank you") → establishes a way that volunteers can express their concerns and offer suggestions for solving their problems
  9. 9. → promotes good communication between all participants involved in the volunteer program → stimulates desire to volunteer for socialization , make new friends, meet specialists from several fields → develops training programs, training sessions by specialists of our institution, whose role is to stimulate personal and professional development of volunteer → allows spending free time with other family members working in the institution or who are also volunteers
  10. 10. 2. Ways appreciation / reward volunteers → plan activities for formal recognition of all volunteers, regardless of the activity they are involved → provide informal recognition of the merits of volunteers ("Thanks") →identify volunteers who deserve special recognition, which are most involved, that can be called "Volunteer of the month" title that can be awarded at a special event organized by the institution, with the participation of the general manager and local community representatives
  11. 11. → involve employees with positions in the institution in recognition of voluntary activities → deserving volunteers write letters of recommendation and provide certificate of participation as a volunteer in the institution (when they are required) → Volunteer work is performed in the last annual report of the department in which the volunteer worked → After completion the voluntary program , if the institution has a free position corresponding to its preparation and if it possible , the volunteer can apply on this position
  12. 12.   Assessment of volunteer programs and volunteer activities Assessment of volunteer programs conducted in institution aim: → improve the effectiveness of these programs → head of "weaknesses" → make decisions on voluntary compliance program The assessment adds value voluntary action, causing significant or developed voluntary quality program results.
  13. 13. The evaluation can measure results and demonstrate the benefit /lack of benefit of voluntary activity. Volunteer program, as well as each volunteer activity should be evaluated periodically. Review team shall prepare questionnaires and assessment tools appropriate for that: → require the collaboration of all those involved in the program,of employees in departments where volunteers have been operating → analyze data and performs an action plan based on assessment results and focusing on improving benefit activities undertaken by volunteers.
  14. 14. → analyze progress reports on the work of volunteers, prepared by volunteer coordinator → will insist on "strengths" of the volunteer and will make suggestions to improve its activities → closing interviews of activity with volunteers who completed the volunteer program and leave the institution.
  15. 15. Interview with volunteers Interview structure with volunteers has a number of questions and will show what the volunteers felt in the work environment. • Do you feel valued? Volunteers said they felt comfortable at work; the atmosphere was relaxed and had support from employees. They felt valued because they have to show their skills and knowledge and their work was appreciated both from employees and managers.
  16. 16. • How are you valued? Volunteers feel part of a team; felt they had a clear role in team. Results of their work were appreciated by both formal and informal recognition. They answered that they were recognized for their work contribution and they have opportunity to engage in more activities with greater responsibility. Young volunteers appreciated letter of recommendation and certificates of participation in the volunteer program.
  17. 17. • How would they like to be valued? Volunteers want to be assessed both informally and formally. They want to be considered on the same level with employees, especially those who have specialized training in the field. Volunteer would like to be able to continue working with the institution and after the volunteer program ended.