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  1. 1. Former experience The personnel working in the structures ruled by KDEK is 28 persons (psychologists, nurses, social workers, kindergarten teacher, music teachers, physical therapists, artists, etc). Volunteering and Volunteers play a significant role in the implementation of KDEK activities and the achievement of goals. Volunteers contribute to the common objective of social protection and solidarity addressed to various social groups in the area of Kilkis. Grundtvig Senior Volunteering Projects “Empowering Youth through Art” The project “Empowering Youth through Art” offers the opportunity to senior volunteers from Cyprus and Greece to get involved with young learners in a period of three weeks, during which they will develop and coordinate art activities that foster creativity and self-expression. These activities will guide the young participants through a process of cooperation, learning, and discovery, but most importantly, they will utilize ways to empower those that are vulnerable, disadvantaged, or at risk of social exclusion. Social market for food, clothing, footwear and organization of soup-kitchen for homeless and resourceless. It is recent initiative of KDEK, based on the willingness expressed by many citizens to offer for free food, clothes, footwear, and at the same time to work on a volunteering base to the social market. KDEK is trying to organize the whole process, from the collection to the distribution according to very severe standards. Training of volunteers is primary in this field. Social drugstore It operates since 2010. It is the result of the common efforts of KDEK, Pharmacists’ Association of Kilkis and the Medical Association of Kilkis. Its main aim is to provide medicines and primary health care for free. Among the target groups are uninsured, resourceless, and in general all vulnerable groups. Volunteering and volunteers are the driving-force for the good operation of the Social Drugstore.