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Fishing in ontario


Published on In the language of the Iroquois, the world Ontario translates to shining water.

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Fishing in ontario

  1. 1. Fishing in Ontario<br />
  2. 2. In the language of the Iroquois, the world Ontario translates to shining water. Considering that Ontario has approximately 15% of the worlds freshwater, it is appropriately named. More than a million kilometers of Ontario is under some type of water. There are more than a quarter of a million rivers and lakes in the province, in addition to streams and ponds. To sportsmen, Ontario is one of the best places to go for freshwater fishing.<br />There are approximately 144 difference species of fish who call Ontario home, making it a great place for anglers who are interested in diversity. The most commonly caught fish include pike, walleye, salmon, trout, and muskie.<br />Northwestern Ontario <br />The great thing about fishing in Northwestern Ontario is that you are far away from the city life. Northwestern Ontario spans from Lake Superior to Hudson Bay. There are approximately 100,000 lakes and rivers in Northwestern Ontario, some of them unfished. Although many fishing spots are accessible from the roads, there are also some that can only be fished if the angler is willing to fly in. Anglers fishing in the Northwestern region usably catch trophy muskie, walleye, northern pike, lake trout and bass.<br />
  3. 3. Northeastern Ontario <br />The Northeastern region spans from Hudson Bay down to the place where Lake Huron and Lake Superior join. Many anglers claim that although there is good fishing throughout this region, the best is to stay south and fish of the coast of the Great Lakes where there are several larger steelhead trout and salmon.<br /> <br />Eastern Ontario<br />Many anglers seem to forget about Eastern Ontario when they are planning their fishing trip. It is too bad because the area has man lovely canals, rivers and lakes that fish love. All of the water systems in this region can be reached by road. Anglers can fish for walleye, pike, muskie, and bass.<br /> <br />Southwestern Ontario <br />This is a region of contrasts.Part of is is considered wine country while other parts are for tourist. The region includes portions of 3 great lakes and includes Niagara Falls. This is an excellent region for any angler who is hoping to catch a trophy trout.<br /> <br />
  4. 4. Toronto<br />Although this is the most civilized region in Ontario, there are still plenty of areas where anglers can fish for trout and salmon. Some feel that the Toronto region is the best place to start fishing.<br /> <br />Central Region<br />Anglers who hope to combine great fishing with a pleasant family vacation often head for central Ontario. This area has several waterways that have bass and catfish as well as pretty rental cottages. It is a place the entire family will enjoy.<br /> <br />To get more fishing in Ontarioand Ontario fishing lodges, then simply check out this site,<br />