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Types of massages

Discover a lot of different kinds of massages you can try

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Types of massages

  1. 1. Types of massages
  2. 2. • The numerous massage techniques developed in East and West can have the most diverse purposes, benefiting the health and well-being. To facilitate the choice of the type best suited for the desired goals relate to some types of massage offered and their benefits: ANMA Anma means to push (An) and rub (Ma). • It is one of the oldest forms of massage in the world. ANMA therapy is based on the principle s of Oriental medicine, using special techniques (pressure, massage, kneading, stretching) to stimulate key points, promoting a natural healing of the body. When these points are stimulated, relieve muscle tension which facilitates blood circulation and energy (Ki), the main goal of this massage.
  3. 3. • ANMA uses no oils and can be done on the clothing of the patient. Benefits: reduction of tension and stress, promoting relaxation huge, normalization and balance of bodily functions, rejuvenation, combating different diseases, such as pain- decabeça, influenza, asthma, dizziness, abnormal blood pressure, colic and menstrual irregularity, lac k of sexual vitality and insomnia. • Contra-indications: fever, infectious disease s, skin infections and cancer, and after any surgery.
  4. 4. AYURVEDIC • This technique forms part of an ancient Indian system called Ayurveda. The system understands the human being in its entirely, and state of health as a state of inner harmony and external. Recognizing the man as part of nature, as well as animals and plants, which includes health and balance go through a life in harmony with nature and its laws.
  5. 5. • The Ayurvedic massage is important in any healing process, acting not only in physical but also the emotional, psychological and energetic. Uses maneuvers throughout the body with the aid of oil, which facilitate the movements, doing stretching and twisting exercises similar to yoga. The therapist can use both hands, such as elbows, knees, wrists and feet. • The massage is done with the person closest in costumes or bathing. Benefits: activation of the blood, removing toxins and stress, is relaxing, promotes stimulation of the immune system and opening the chakras (energy points).
  6. 6. LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE • This massage performed with gentle manipulation promotes the drainage of lymphatic vessels. Recommended: For people suffering from fluid retention and bloating. In the long run, using camphor-based creams can reduce cellulite. It is also quite suitable for pregnant women after the third month of pregnancy.
  7. 7. CLASSICAL MASSAGE • A classic massage, developed in the West, promotes relaxation of muscle tension, relieving local pains. It can be done with or without oil, with the patient in intimate attire or bathing. Four Hands Massage Four Hands Massage is applied by two therapists, combining synchronized movements, pressure, manipulation and stretching. Movements are used in Shiatsu, Reflexology, Classical, and Thai massage ESAL. Benefits - Improves circulation and flexibility, promotes immediate relief of tension points, and also deep relaxation.
  8. 8. QUICK MASSAGE • technique developed by the Americans, whose maneuvers are utilized in the muscle groups most affected by stress and the Dort (RSI). The areas are massaged: spine, shoulders, neck and upper limbs. A person sits comfortably in a special chair getting a massage without the need for despirse. Indications: Stress, physical and mental fatigue, localized muscle tension. Contraindications: Pregnancy in the first three, high fever, bone fractures.
  9. 9. Sokuto Reflexology • This technique uses pressure and massage of the feet on specific points that reflect in all parts of the body. This technique, like all oriental techniques, teaches that there is a vital energy that circulates throughout the body organs and their maneuvers are designed to dissipate energy blockages in the body. Benefits: Encourages the body to heal itself, stimulating the circulatory and lymphatic system, causing the release of toxins.
  10. 10. TANTRIC • A Tantric Massage is the language of love through touch and breath. It is the body contact that creates intimacy through touch, pressure, movement and caresses, the tools that can lead to the discovery of the double tracks of the paths of sensuality and sensitivity.
  11. 11. SHIATSU • SHIATSU (shi = finger - atsu = pressure) is an oriental massage technique to maintain balance between body and mind. The technique consists of a compression of several points of the meridians (energy pathways throughout the body) using the fingertips or hands. • The tones stimulate or sedan accumulated energy, improving the functioning of organs according to the need of each. Benefits: muscle relaxation promoting the relief of localized pain. Contraindications: People with inflammation, anemia or weakened physically. For people who suffer from osteoporosis, the ring tones should be lighter.
  12. 12. • Check our website for more information about massage and physical therapy • Fisioterapia a domicilio • Masajes a domicilio