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The Essential School's Guide to Adaptive Learning


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The next generation learning platform, Fishtree, has this week launched a new feature set to accelerate its impact on the EdTech industry. Fishtree, a global leader in education technology, focused on providing the most powerful education solutions, has branded the launch significant in its unique approach to improving the overall teaching and learning experience.

The intelligent feature signifies a key development in learning analytics, as a facilitator in the personalization process. By enabling adaptive instruction, the analytics not only aid in scaling one-to-one instruction and providing insight into student achievement, but in supporting and developing student self-evaluation, collaboration, critical thinking, and independent learning.

Fishtree's Performance Response offers incredible new insights into student learning, further aiding the adaptive learning process, and tracking student progress and performance in the most accurate way imaginable. A teacher can get a real-time view of the performance and challenges of every student and class, while providing individual learning support, at any time, from any device.

"[Fishtree Performance Response] provides a window into the learning process for both teacher and student. It allows teachers and students to see how they are doing, what they are learning, what they are using. Critically, it allows the Fishtree platform to provide that first response or light touch intervention with the teacher retaining full control, transparency and authority within the process," Jim Butler, Fishtree CTO.

The Fishtree system allows assessments to be taken by students on an objective by objective basis. The system guides the student through the process in a very simple and leading manner. Once an objective has been successfully passed, the next objective will appear, allowing the student to advance. If a student fails to pass the score threshold (specified by the teacher), he/she is automatically re-assessed, and provided with personalized resources to help reach the learning objective. The teacher is involved in the entire process with the ability to view the resources each student uses to complete an assignment, and an option to re-assess any number of students at scale, with one click.

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The Essential School's Guide to Adaptive Learning

  1. 1. The Essential School’s Guide to Adaptive Learning A publication of
  2. 2. It’s good to be different Every student is different, and every student learns in a different way. Ensuring every single student in a classroom is adequately challenged on a personal level is a task that most have deemed impossible.
  3. 3. 5 simple strategies to meet the needs of every student: 1. Gaining an insight into student learning 2. Providing effective feedback 3. Offering personalized instruction 4. Presenting student data 5. Working together to provide better outcomes
  4. 4. Brad Flickinger / CC BY 2.0 How Do They Learn? Gaining an Insight into Student Learning
  5. 5. Learning DNA Using Fishtree, a students’ Learning DNA starts to build from the very start. This allows the system to make more sophisticated recommendations, decisions and analytical reports regarding their learning experiences and content suggestions to deliver a unique personalized experience in the system, and the classroom at large. The system is as secure as possible so you can rest assured that your student data is completely safe.
  6. 6. Learning Paths Fishtree identifies a student’s individual learning path to give educators complete transparency into student learning, and into the adaptive learning process.
  7. 7. A student can either take the main path, or an adaptive path, informing the teacher if a student has learned from the resources provided, or if he/she has used outside resources.
  8. 8. • If a student takes an adaptive path, personalized resources are generated to suit his/her learning criteria. • A student’s learning is then completely transparent for the teacher who can view exactly which resources have been used in order to reach the specified objective. • A teacher can also view the time it takes a student to complete an activity, providing information about which activities may prove more challenging than others, and for whom.
  9. 9. “Fishtree has been a terrific way to incorporate personalized learning quickly” Jennifer 3rd Grade Teacher, South Carolina
  10. 10. How Can We Help? Providing Effective Feedback North Charleston / CC BY 2.0
  11. 11. Feedback Fishtree ensures the feedback process is as simple and effective as possible by providing students with a feedback request option when completing assignments. This option allows a student to ask the teacher a question in real-time. A teacher can then reply using the system’s built-in messaging feature. This allows teachers to offer instant feedback at scale, while ensuring no student falls behind.
  12. 12. Reassessment Fishtree allows teachers to intervene and reassess students at scale, in real-time, with one click. With an individual intervention option available throughout the entire learning process, a teacher can choose to reassess students at scale, whether at individual, class, or whole school level. This ensures every student successfully passes each topic covered, while making the reassessment process as simple and efficient as possible.
  13. 13. Brad Flickinger / CC BY 2.0 We’re Better Equipped This Time Offering Personalized Instruction
  14. 14. Personalization Fishtree allows for personalized learning by providing students with personalized resources when they’re needed.
  15. 15. If a student doesn’t pass the score threshold for an activity (specified by the teacher), personalized resources based on his/her Learning DNA are made available to improve a student’s learning outcomes this time around.
  16. 16. Pace Using Fishtree, all students are permitted to learn at their own pace. This is done by automatically reassessing students if unsuccessful with an activity, then allowing them to re-take the assignment using personalized resources. Students can request help or feedback at any time, and a teacher can choose to intervene as many times as necessary.
  17. 17. “The adaptive feature is what sets Fishtree apart from all the rest in that you are providing adaptive learning in an interface that is mobile, it’s content-driven, you can really drive instruction from it, and it gives the possibility of going to a paperless, digital textbook” Robert Director of Technology, Massachusetts
  18. 18. This is How They’re Really Doing Presenting Student Data / CC BY 2.0
  19. 19. Progress Fishtree then tracks and presents student data for teachers to access in real-time for the most accurate picture of student progress and performance.
  20. 20. This is presented through a grade book-styled feature that indicates if a student is on track (green), or has fallen behind (red), which is assessed against each standard and objective provided. A teacher can also view the student’s learning path, the time taken to complete an activity, the overall score for an activity, and can intervene at will.
  21. 21. A teacher can then zoom out to get an overall picture of how a class is doing.
  22. 22. Let’s Work Together to Provide Better Outcomes Connecting Educators
  23. 23. Connecting Educators Fishtree offers students, parents, teachers and administrators a single view into progress and performance. This ensures the involvement of teachers, parents, students, and administrators in the learning process, in a collaborative effort to improve learning outcomes. With a newfound understanding of their learning, students can work independently, engaging in self-assessment and critical thinking throughout.
  24. 24. Student View
  25. 25. Summary Fishtree’s adaptive learning feature was designed to: • Scale 1:1 instruction easily • Intervene and reassess students at scale with one click • Offer complete transparency into student learning • Personalize the learning experience for every student • Involve students and parents in the learning process • Ensure no student gets left behind
  26. 26. What Else Can Fishtree Do? Introducing the Next Gen Learning Platform
  27. 27. Other Key Features • Content Curation – Fishtree offers a dynamic library of resources, including real-time media, that are automatically standard-aligned, lexile-leveled, and tailored to each lesson. • Lesson Planning – Fishtree’s lesson planner is simple and effective, allowing teachers to create engaging lessons in minutes • Collaboration – The social media-based collaboration feature allows students and teachers to work together in a safe environment.
  28. 28. Try the next generation learning platform for FREE at and discover the benefits for yourself.