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10 Techy Terms Every Teacher Should Know


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The Ultimate Survival Guide for the Technophobic Teacher

For a long time, technology within education has been seen in a negative light, as a distraction rather than a tool for learning. Many view technology as a threat, fearing loss of control. Others simply consider it too much ‘hassle’, or too difficult to manage. To celebrate Connected Educator Month, we want to to provide educators with the ultimate guide for professional development, exploring digital learning as a step in the right direction, rather than an obstacle to overcome.

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10 Techy Terms Every Teacher Should Know

  1. 1. The Technophobic Teacher’s Techy Terms Explained A publication of
  2. 2. Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching
  3. 3. Hashtag (symbol) Use the hashtag to find the many chats related to education. By placing this in front of the chat name and using Twitter search, it will bring you directly to the chat.
  4. 4. Follow (verb) If you choose to follow someone, it means that you will see their activity regularly on your news feed. Follow those who share content that interests you.
  5. 5. T witter chat (noun) A Twitter chat is a specified online chat, denoted with a hashtag. Chats are moderated by one or more Twitter users, and discussions are organized through the chat at specified times to discuss related topics.
  6. 6. PLN (abbreviation) Your Personal Learning Network (PLN) is a term used to describe the online community of people you connect with, that help you to learn and grow both personally and professionally.
  7. 7. BLOG (Noun) A blog is used as a writing platform to share with others. Blogs take on many different forms, depending on your area of interest. Educator blogs also take on many forms, e.g advice, humour, experience, opinion.
  8. 8. BYOD (*key trend) Bring Your Own Device is a form of mobile learning where students use the devices they already own within the classroom, rather than school-owned devices.
  9. 9. Blended Learning (*key trend) Blended learning is any form of learning that includes the use of digital technology. This generally includes a ‘blend’ of technology-based and teacher-based instruction.
  10. 10. The Flipped Classroom (*key trend) Flipped learning is a trend that consists of ‘flipping’ the traditional classroom so that students receive your instruction at home through videos, and the construction part occurs within class time.
  11. 11. Adaptive Learning (*key trend) Adaptive learning platforms allow students to work at their own pace, using personalized resources, ensuring no student gets left behind, and each is individually challenged.
  12. 12. PLE (abbreviaton) A PLE (Personalized Learning Environment) is a term used to describe a learning environment that allows for one-to-one instruction. This generally includes the use of technology, and involves students learning at their own pace, according to their own criteria.
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