Bass Fishing Tips And Strategies


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If you have never tried bass fishing, here are a few good reasons to do so. There are many excellent locations where you can engage in this sport, and it can be done any time of year.

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Bass Fishing Tips And Strategies

  1. 1. Improve Your Results in Bass Fishing With These Tactics.If you have ever wanted to start fishing, bass fishing is a great place to start. There are many locationsthat you can do bass fishing, and you can do this throughout most of the year depending upon whereyou live. Large mouth bass put up quite a fight once you have them on the hook, and it is very satisfyingwhen you finally get them on the shore or in your fishing boat. Most of the time people that do this forsport will throw the fish back in the water to maintain the population, although, they are edible. Fishingin the United States is very popular, specifically in the area of largemouth bass which is an extremelypopular type of fish that people like to catch. Yet, as widely practiced this type of fishing is, no onewould say that its simple or easy to catch these often elusive creatures. The focus of this article is onhow to catch bass fish and certain tips you need to follow to succeed. Bass fishing is an exciting andchallenging activity, and it can be done in many parts of North America. Catching a big largemouth bassis extremely satisfying because these fish are aggressive and naturally feisty and can be hard to catch.The following pointers on bass fishing will be useful if you want to learn more about this fascinatingsport. There are a lot of people who like to fish and a very popular style of this sport is bass fishing,especially in the United States. Largemouth bass are the type most anglers prefer, though there areother types that make for good sport, including smallmouth and white bass. If you havent done bassfishing before, or if you are planning a fishing trip for the near future, the following information mightcome in handy, there are quite a few elements to bass fishing and a lot of avid fishermen will not be ableto agree on some of the facts. Given the fact that there are always new techniques and discoveriesarising about bass fishing, it would be impossible to at some point know all there is to know, no matterhow long you have been fishing. Hopefully some of the suggestions we give you here will give you someinsight on your next bass fishing trip.One of the first things you need to do is get a map of where the large mouth bass are located. Some ofthe information that you will need in regard to great bass fishing locations includes long points andsubmerged islands where they may be located. Sometimes bass are removed from one location to theother in places called creek canals. Typically, you will find a bass under some type of overhead shelterbeneath the water. Bass will do this when they hunt for smaller fish; these objects that they hide underinclude perhaps a fallen tree or some rocks. When you go fishing, the first thing you need to know iswhere the fish are located before you can ever hope to be successful. You can go to great fishing spot,but still miss the real action if you dont where to look for the kind of fish youre after. As you may ormay not know, largemouth bass prefer a certain type of water and environment to live in. As a generalrule, they like to have a large amount of baitfish to feed upon, weed beds, and have some type ofshelter for cover. If you can find an area that has 60° to 75° Fahrenheit water, and is notdirectly in the sun, you will probably find these fish. Another thing that these fish like is cattails and lilypads, especially if there are frogs in the area. Large mouth bass to not like sunlight and therefore areeasiest to find in the morning or evening. Bass can be caught by using a variety of bait types, so you cantry different ones to see which works best for you. Lures that are often used to catch bass are ones thatlook like worms or crawfish because that is what the fish usually feed on. As a newcomer to the sport ofbass fishing, the simplest kind of bait to use is plastic worms.
  2. 2. A lure called spinnerbait because of its spinning metal blades is also another kind of lure used in bassfishing. The motion is like that of a small fish, so it makes the bass think there is prey close by. Weatherconditions, time of day or time of year can all affect fish behavior and make it unpredictable as anyexperienced angle will tell you. Before you go fishing it’s a good idea to check the forecast first for thatvery reason. While not everyone relishes being out on a rainy day, it can be beneficial for fishing, as itbrings the baitfish that bass feed on close to the surface. These smaller fish are feeding on surfaceinsects, and this in turn brings the bass in search of the baitfish. When days are sunny however, the basstend to stay hidden in their hideaways and are more difficult to find. Sometimes you can catch a lot ofbass when a cold front is approaching, as the fish instinctively start feeding when this happens and youcan take advantage of this. You dont need a boat to go fishing, but it can help you find better spots andimprove your chances of catching something. Just about any type of boat can be used for bass fishing;they range from self propelled to high grade specialized boats. Bass are known to stay at shallow depths;it would make sense to use a boat that can easily access these areas. Fish finders are neat electronicmachines that can tell you whether or not there are fish below you when you are fishing. Its hard topredict where the fish will be at any particular time, but this sonar device will give you an edge. Thereare those avid fishermen who feel that this is not right; however it should be up to each and everyperson to choose. People that are just starting out with bass fishing should join a bass club to learn asmuch as they can before they begin. You will more than likely be able to find a bass club if there is activebass fishing in your community. You can check local newspapers, phone directories or the internet tofind bass clubs. Bass fishing forums are also online. You know that anglers will be there and that most ofthem will be willing to share what they know with you. To find out the best places to fish for bass, andlearn some inside tips on what equipment you should use, ask around and you will learn from theexperts. The best part of all is that people just like you will be there making you feel right at home.One thing youll need to get is the right fishing tackle; there are literally hundreds of different shapesand sizes to choose from. Largemouth bass have very dense skin, something you will need to considerwhen getting your hooks and choosing the right type of bait. Another thing to have with you is a hooksharpener in case you need to sharpen a dull hook while you are fishing. Hooking a fish may dependsolely upon how sharp your hooks actually are. Fishing trips, especially ones that last from dawn tilldusk, will require the sharpening of your hooks once or twice daily. You should try different hooks in theplace you generally go fishing and find out which ones get you the best results.Obviously, the rod and reel are the most basic pieces of equipment you need to have if you are planningto fish. Its not advisable to buy the most expensive equipment available if you are just starting out withbass fishing. The best rod for you to use is a 6 foot medium action rod.A good choice for a rod is one that is made of graphite because it is durable and light. When it comes toyour reel, your best choice is an open faced spinning reel, which will be easiest for you to manage. Makesure the reel you get holds a good amount of fishing line, at least 150 feet. Finally, youll want to choosethe right fishing line; a monofilament line with low visibility is a good choice.If youve seen fishermen wearing sunglasses and hats, this is not a fashion statement; its done for a verypractical reason. When youre on the water all day, you can become sensitive to glare, and this can
  3. 3. occur even on days that dont seem that bright. You can prevent this from happening by wearingpolarized sunglasses. Youll also be able to see what’s happening under the surface of the water betterwith them. The polarized ones that are wraparound or ones with the side shields are the best kind ofsunglasses to get. A hat with a long brim can also help you avoid the suns glare and give you an edgewhen looking into the water. If you have a fishing hole near your house, you already know where to go.If not, ask a friend whos an avid fisherman or go into the nearest tackle shop and ask for advice. Whenfishing a strange place that you know nothing about, you ought to do a little research ahead of time.One source of information on this matter is the Fish and Game Department website for the area you willbe visiting. They will have helpful info on fishing sites and the local rules. Make sure you have theneeded license for any area you plan to fish in, and follow any limits or regulations that may be in place.Bass fishing is an avid sport in a lot of places, however there may be regulations to be aware of, todefend the inhabitants.Sometimes people will catch and eat large mouth bass, but for the most part, they will typically throwthem back after catching them. This is somewhat less the case with largemouth bass than with manyother species, but this type of fish is edible. Large mouth bass are typically not a favorite with peoplethat fish this particular species. A large difference can be made by applying the right seasonings to thisfish making the flavor standout. Cooking and eating fish is a great way to stay healthy, as long as the fishthat you eat is safe and toxic free. Chemicals and toxins should not be in the body of water that youwere fishing in or there is the likelihood that the fish you catch will be poisonous at best. There areseveral types of bass, but when anglers talk about fishing for bass, they usually mean the largemouthvariety. If youre in the southern Georgia area, or if you are in Florida, large mouth bass are typically themost plentiful in these areas opposed to any other part of the US. Small mouth bass, like large mouthbass, are popular for fishing on the North American continent. Smallmouth bass are often regarded as amore challenging fish to catch than largemouth, because theyre very alert to the presence of humansand boats. Typically, these bass are in very clear waters and are therefore able to identify predators thatmay be approaching. Fishing quietly with gradual movements is a prerequisite to being able to catchthese types of bass. While not as popular variety with anglers as the largemouth bass, you might want totry catching white bass, also known as sandies. The Spring White Bass run is well known as an eventwhere you can catch quite a few of these fish as theyDuring this activity, the best water temperature is 55 degrees and you could find yourself catchingbuckets of these fish if the conditions are ideal. This is a really popular time to fish for white bass, so besure that you have the proper fishing license and follow any local laws or restrictions. You need a sturdy,medium action pole with a solid bait-casting reel to catch this aggressive species of fish. While not asstrict as the rules regarding sports like basketball, baseball or football, fishing does come with rules ofetiquette that should be followed if you plan to enjoy this pastime. Make sure to follow the local rulesand regulations regarding the area you are fishing in, and if you dont know about something, try to findout before you start. The owner’s permission needs to be given before fishing in privately owned areas.Dont keep more fish than you need, or that youre permitted to take. one of the worst breaches ofetiquette is seeing someone catching fish and then setting up your spot nearby to try to share in hissuccess. There are many varieties of bass bait available that will work quite well; the one thing most
  4. 4. beginning anglers forget is color. Fish dont see color the same way we do, and you have to take this intoaccount when you choose your bait. Given that during the date you may experience a myriad ofchanges; you should have a lure to accommodate each one. The lure should match the weather andlight conditions as much as possible. When present conditions are dull and gray; choose your lure to fitinto that scene. As well, when the surroundings are vivid and bright, your lure should relate the sameintensity. Pick the shade of lure that will best imitate the color of the baitfish in the area that you wish tofish. Learning about bass fishing goes well beyond the scope of this article, though it is a great start. Ifyou decide to try out bass fishing, however you dont catch a single thing, you may still love the fishingaspect very much. With a little practice and by picking up as many tips as you can, your days spentfishing will yield better and better results.Very rewarding, bass fishing can be both frustrating and a fun filled adventure. It is just a matter ofchoosing the right day and location to catch one of these elusive creatures. It is all about going out thereand trying to do a little bass fishing and you will see that in a little while you will improve.There are a lot of suggestions and ideas for improving your bass fishing techniques. As well as learningsome of the tricks and tips from reading articles like the one above, you will also learn from experience.One thing about fishing that makes it fun and challenging is that each fishing spot is different and onlyafter fishing it and trying out difference methods will you learn what works best.Bass fishing, as weve seen in this article, can be an interesting and diverse sport that has both rewardsand challenges. Dont expect to catch hundreds of fish the first few times you go fishing if you are abeginner. Try to focus on enjoying the experience and learning, apart from the results you get. Withtime, you will understand where to find the fish and theyll start biting. It is not easy to simplify things,however we have covered a fair amount of area on bass fishing; ultimately it all hinges on the weatherand the location. Thats the advantage of finding a regular spot that you can get to know almost as wellas the fish themselves.