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Charity 2.0


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A presentation about how social media has made it easier for everyone to spread the word for a good cause.

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Charity 2.0

  1. Charity 2.0
  2. How it used to be
  3. 11th of September 2001
  4. Everyone sat by the TV waiting for the latest news.
  5. There was not much you could do from the other side of the world.
  6. 26th of December 2004
  7. We started getting involved..
  8. The tsunami victims filmed with their mobile phones, and emailed it to friends and family They spread the videos on blogs
  9. We wanted to read the victims stories, not the medias.
  10. 12th of January 2010 - The Haiti earthquake
  11. A disaster that involved the vast majority! Real-time updates on
  12. Social media made it possibly for us to help, from the other side of the world!
  13. Donating has never been easier
  14. How Zynga helped Haiti with Farmville
  15. Donate and get rare flowers
  16. 100% of all contributions to the Zynga Haiti Relief Fund will help our friends in Haiti who are suffering from a devastating earthquake.
  17. The devastation in Haiti is unimaginable, and anything we or our users can do is tiny compared to the utter loss for this nation. In our small way, I hope we can enable our users to help and touch Haiti in a meaningful way where every dollar raised can make a difference - Zynga C.E.O. and founder Mark Pincus:
  18. 1 week later
  19. Farmville players alone raised 1 million dollars with the Sweet Seeds for Haiti- Haitian Relief campaign.
  20. ...and got a reward.
  21. This is what actor Hugh Jackman did
  22. The winning organizations suggested by Jackmans fans...
  23. a medical foundation that donates surgical procedures to children in developing countries born with facial deformities.
  24. and...
  25. Charity: water a non-profit dedicated to providing safe drinking water in developing countries.
  26. Response?
  27. Hugh Jackman also helped the Haiti victims
  28. Reaction?
  29. The word of a good cause spreads fast
  30. Social media has made it possible for everyone to help.
  31. Do you want to make a change?
  32. Use chipin to collect money for a cause, and spread it in your social network.
  33. This is how blogger David helped a friend
  34. Daniela devorced her abusive husband and had nowhere to go. David wanted to help her raise $5,000 so she could get an apartment.
  35. David used ChipIn and blogged about Daniela’s situation
  36. David asked his followers to spread it on Twitter and on their own blogs
  37. David: “I don't have anything to offer back. Not an ego list or top donators directory. I can only hope that this thing we call "community" puts its money or heart where its mouth is. Please do whatever you can.”
  38. the result?
  39. $16,880.60
  40. A couple months later: Daniela has a new home for her children
  41. Do you have an idea?
  42. Tell your friends
  43. Raise money
  44. Use Youtube to spread the word of your cause
  45. Remember to be honest... Or else you can damage your reputation.
  46. What happens online is forever
  47. Do good, and increase your whuffie factor* *Whuffie – your social currency for social networks
  48. Slideshow by: Jetmira Ajdari Trsani