A Guide to High-Touch, Personalized Service, brought to you by Damian Ornani


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Learn about the benefits of superior customer service in "A Guide to High-Touch, Personalized Service", brought to you by Damian Ornani, Fisher Investments CEO.

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A Guide to High-Touch, Personalized Service, brought to you by Damian Ornani

  1. 1. ® A Guide to High-Touch, Personalized Service By Damian Ornani Chief Executive Officer Fisher Investments
  2. 2. Damian D. Ornani Chief Executive Officer Damian Ornani is the CEO of Fisher Investments, a $65+billion money management firm serving institutions and high net worth individuals around the world.* The firm and its subsidiaries employ nearly 2,000 people across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Dubai, Australia and Japan, with further global expansion underway. As CEO, Damian oversees client service, marketing, sales, and operations globally. He speaks at client seminars nationally and is a regular contributor to various industry publications. Damian started with the firm in 1997 and has held a variety of roles. He served as a Co-President from 2005-2012 and President of Client Acquisition and Service from 2012-2016. In the latter role, he oversaw sales, client service, and over 70% of the firm’s employees. He has been an Executive Officer and a member of the firm’s Board of Managers since 2005. Damian received a Bachelor’s Degree in Business-Economics from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 1996. He lives in San Francisco, CA with his wife and two children. . A Guide to High-Touch, Personalized Service by Damian Ornani | 2 *As of 3/31/2016
  3. 3. FISHER INVESTMENTS ® At Fisher Investments, a client is not simply another account number. You get proactive service from your personal Investment Counselor who knows you by name and keeps you updated on your account. Our goal is to help you understand exactly what is going on in your account and why, so Fisher Investments’ high-touch, personalized service includes: Unparalleled Client Service Education and Information Unique Client Programs FISHER INVESTMENTS ® A Guide to High-Touch, Personalized Service by Damian Ornani | 3
  4. 4. FISHER INVESTMENTS ® Investment Counselor We don’t wait for our clients to call with questions—we call you before you call us. You get proactive service from a personal, dedicated Investment Counselor. You’ll hear from your Investment Counselor regularly, and you can decide how frequently you’d like to be contacted. Further, your Investment Counselor will reach out to you whenever there are important changes in your account. And because Investment Counselors are not commission-based, these are not sales calls. Your Investment Counselor is there to keep you up-to-date, not to sell you products. eir job is to evaluate your investment objectives on an ongoing basis, monitor your account and provide eir goal is to make sure you know exactly what’s going on with your money, and why. is high level of client support and proactive customer service is a cornerstone of our Private Client Group. It’s a level of service institutional investors take for granted, and is usually not available to individuals. We believe in providing ruofollaotecivresremotsucfoleveltsehgiheht clients—whether they’re individual investors or institutions. Fisher Investments’ world-class portfolio management is only half the picture. Of equal—if not more—importance is our personalized service. We are committed to nancial needs and dence and comfort necessary to help you reach your long-term investing goals. Unparalleled Client Service A Guide to High-Touch, Personalized Service by Damian Ornani | 4
  5. 5. FISHER INVESTMENTS ® Although your Investment Counselor is your primary point of contact with Fisher Investments, you have more than one person working for you. Your Investment Counselor coordinates with a team of investment professionals who are responsible for servicing and managing your portfolio. Your investment team includes: Investment Policy Committee (IPC): Ken Fisher, Jeff Silk, Bill Glaser and Aaron Anderson have over 100 years of combined industry experience. Together, the four constitute the firm’s Investment Policy Committee, the group that makes the strategic investment decisions in the portfolios we manage. Investment Counselors serve as liaisons between clients and the Portfolio Evaluation Group and the IPC. Portfolio Evaluation Group (PEG): Your Investment Counselor communicates with you regularly about your objectives and conveys those objectives to our Portfolio Evaluation Group. This group, under the direction of the IPC, and with the assistance of our proprietary software, provides your initial written investment strategy recommendation. They can also update this recommendation at any time if there are significant changes in your financial circumstances. Research: Our Research Department develops proprietary capital markets technology designed to improve our forecasting and decision-making. Our analysts are dedicated to individual sectors and countries for both developed and emerging markets. This level of detail ensures the IPC has the information they need to help them make investing decisions. Trading: Our in-house Trading Department ensures your even trade away from the custodian where your assets are held if we believe we can get better execution for you someplace else. Operations: Our Client Operations Department maintains the relationship with your custodian and works with them on your behalf to transfer your assets, process additions and withdrawals, order checks, set up online access, change or update your address, etc. They take great care to ensure your needs are handled properly and expeditiously. Custodian: Fisher Investments is not a broker- dealer and does not take possession of client assets. Our client assets are housed at nationally recognized brokerage firms. We simply have a limited power of attorney to place trades on your behalf. Investment Counselor Team: Your Investment Counselor is supported by a team of peers. In the event your Investment Counselor is unavailable, one of his or her team members will be happy to assist you and will communicate any account updates to your Investment Counselor upon his or her return. Cus todian Resear ch Investment Counselor Policy Operations TradingInvestment Portfolio Committee Group Evaluation Counselor Team Investment A Guide to High-Touch, Personalized Service by Damian Ornani | 5
  6. 6. FISHER INVESTMENTS ® Written Communications: e Investment Policy Committee sends periodic written communications detailing our thoughts on cant market, economic and ese communications also highlight what we see as the most important news e goal is to provide our clients continuous, regular insight into the Investment Policy Commitee’s thinking. MarketMinder.com: is website, now available to the general public, was originally created for Fisher Investments clients. MarketMinder is a source of “straight talk” about investors understand whether market events are e site is updated every business day by Fisher Investments’ editorial , who scour over 100 periodicals, blogs and nancial news. We provide daily commentary on the markets, nancial media we believe are relevant and call out the news stories we think We want our clients to understand what’s going on with their portfolios and, more importantly, the reasoning behind our at’s why we have multiple ways we regularly keep you up-to-date and informed on the markets, our outlook and the reasoning behind our strategic portfolio decisions. Education and Information A Guide to High-Touch, Personalized Service by Damian Ornani | 6
  7. 7. FISHER INVESTMENTS ® In addition to regular monthly brokerage statements from your custodian, each quarter you will receive an extensive review published under the direction of the Investment Policy Committee with input from . In it, we discuss recent market performance and our future market outlook. We also explain our views on current global economic and nancial trends, and might cover such topics like: • What period in history the current stock market environment most closely resembles • What emergent trend could determine beating the market or lagging • How and why prior presidential elections have impacted stocks e goal of this detailed review is to help our clients understand how current economic and political events are impacting the stock market. We believe it’s a level of education and transparency few money managers provide to their clients. Capital Markets Update Videos: Twice a year, we provide a video (sent to our clients as a DVD or viewable online) hosted by the Investment Policy Committee explaining our current is video expands on many of the themes in our quarterly reviews and is a chance for clients to hear portfolio decision-makers discuss the market and address many of the frequently asked client questions from the prior period. A Guide to High-Touch, Personalized Service by Damian Ornani | 7
  8. 8. FISHER INVESTMENTS ® A Message From Ken Fisher e feedback we have received from these unique in-person programs has been overwhelmingly positive. We look forward to seeing you at an event in your area soon.” Fisher Investments continuously seeks new ways to enrich your client experience. In addition to helping you achieve your long-term nancial goals via portfolio management, we created a series of programs aimed at providing you with timely updates and education nancial markets and your ese events, held in more than 60 cities nationwide, are designed exclusively er unprecedented access to senior decision ere is esehtrofstneilcruoottsoclanoitiddaon sadnettaotuoyegaruocneewdna,stneve .raeyhcaeekildluowuoysaynam Fisher Forecast Seminars Analysis and Answers series of Fisher Forecast Seminars all around the country to provide our clients with the latest information regarding our global market forecasts, our current portfolio strategy and current events nancial markets. Highlights: • Each seminar begins with a presentation led by senior Fisher Investments representatives. Current presenters include Ken Fisher (CEO), Damian Ornani (President), Bill Glaser (Executive Vice President), Aaron Anderson (Senior Vice President), and senior members of our Research and Client Services Departments. • Each seminar includes an open Q&A session with presenters, providing a unique opportunity to ask questions of primary decision makers at Fisher Investments. • Seminars are held throughout the country, with the vast majority of our clients living within a 2- to 3-hour drive of these events. In 2014, we had more than 90 seminars in over 60 cities. • ered exclusively to Fisher Investments clients, although you are encouraged to invite family members, friends and business colleagues. Unique Client Programs A Guide to High-Touch, Personalized Service by Damian Ornani | 8
  9. 9. FISHER INVESTMENTS ® Investment Roundtables Personalized Q&A Investment Roundtables are in-depth, discussion- oriented Q&A sessions with small groups of clients. Unlike our Fisher Forecast Seminars, there is no set presentation—Investment Roundtable discussions are driven by topics our clients would like to cover. Highlights: • Investment Roundtables are conducted by senior members of Fisher Investments’ Research and Client Services departments. • e events are an opportunity for you to learn more about our current market outlook, the rationale behind our investment decisions or any other investment topic you would like to discuss. • Many clients who have attended Investment Roundtables report they appreciate the opportunity to get personalized answers to their questions in a small setting and enjoy hearing the questions posed by other Fisher Investments clients. • Given the small group format, Investment ered exclusively to Fisher Investments clients in locations in every state across the county. Fisher Friends is an experience we don’t believe you is unique client-only event is simply a chance for Fisher Investments clients to meet other private clients in their area in an informal setting, with no involvement aside from a brief ere is no agenda and no presentation—the focus of the event is you! Highlights: • Fisher Friends events include breakfasts, lunches and dinners at restaurants in your area. • Topics of conversation are completely up to you. Clients who have attended these events in the past frequently report they enjoy meeting others with similar interests, engaging in professional networking and learning more about other clients’ experiences with Fisher Investments. Many clients er the event. • dnadezinagroerastnevenoitaicerppatneilcese paid for by Fisher Investments and held regularly in nearly every state throughout the country. A Guide to High-Touch, Personalized Service by Damian Ornani | 9
  10. 10. FISHER INVESTMENTS ® Investment Education Workshops Investment Education Workshops are a series of classroom-style sessions focused on fundamental investment principles. Each is designed to be relevant for investors of all experience levels and in all stages of investment planning. Highlights: • Investment Education Workshops consist of three sessions, each devoted to a se nance topic followed by Q&A. • Clients are encouraged to invite family members, friends, and business colleagues who want to learn nance and Fisher Investments’ approach to portfolio management. Fisher Connect Webinars Fisher Connect Webinars are a way to use technology is unique event provides an opportunity to watch a live presentation on our market forecast and how our portfolio is positioned to take advantage of it. It also includes a question-and- answer session driven entirely by clients’ questions submitted in real-time via a simple online chat forum. Highlights: • Fisher Connect Webinars are conducted by a senior member of our Research Department. • An easy-to-access format that facilitates access to ce. ords the opportunity to ask questions of the speaker directly and without a crowd. • Allows clients to see and hear the presenter talk about timely issues and current portfolio strategy. If you would like additional information about any of these services or programs or would like to learn more about how Fisher Investments can nancial goals, call 800- 568-5082 and ask to speak with a knowledgeable nancial representative. Client Forums A Focused Look at our Market Forecast Client Forums blend the best of Fisher Forecast Seminars (topical, formal presentation) and Investment Roundtables (smaller group size with greater opportunity to ask questions and have a dialogue with the presenters). Highlights: • Client Forums are conducted at local venues and led by senior members of our Research and Client Services Departments. • Topics of conversation are completely up to you. Clients can enjoy meeting others with similar interests and learning about their experiences. A Guide to High-Touch, Personalized Service by Damian Ornani | 10
  11. 11. FISHER INVESTMENTS ® erence nancial adviser compare? Fisher Investments Private Client Group Your Financial Adviser Proactive service from a dedicated Investment Counselor, who can explain our portfolio strategy and answer your questions. ? Support from a large team of investment professionals, including a large research department. ? Extensive reviews, including future market outlooks, provided quarterly. ? Capital markets DVD featuring portfolio decision- makers discussing the market provided every six months. ? Over 90 seminars held each year throughout the country to share current portfolio strategy and global market forecasts. ? In-depth, discussion-oriented Q&A sessions held with small groups of clients and senior members of Fisher Investments’ Research and Client Services departments. ? Retained more than 9 out of 10 Private Client Group clients over the past 18 years.* ? *Average annual Private Client Group retention, 1997-2014 (calculated as 1-[sum of (number of terminations in year/number of clients in year)]/number of years). . A Guide to High-Touch, Personalized Service by Damian Ornani | 11
  12. 12. Fisher Investments 5525 NW Fisher Creek Dr., Camas, WA 98607 800-568-5082 sherinvestments.com M.01.221-Q2150420© Fisher Investments 2015. All rights reserved. ®