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  • Which brings us to our agenda. ……….
  • So whyoptimize your website fornew eClub members? Well, the eClub is a great way to engage your customers. In addition to sharing offers and information, you can collect valuable data from them. Without members you have no club – it’s that simple. Optimizing your website will make it easier for customers to learn about the eClub and join. This will help you grow you database which can lead to more engaged and loyal members, leading to higher ROI.
  • I’d like you to look at the website on your screen and try to find mention of their eClub. Yes, it is there. [circle it] Here it is at the bottom of the page. Not the easiest thing to find. It is small, at the bottom of the page, and you need to scroll down when online to see it. Now, think if you were on this website for another reason, such as finding the nearest location. You’d probably miss out on the eClub completely. And if you did see it would you click on the link or ignore it because you don’t know what their eClub program is?Now I have no idea if this company has a strong interest in their eClub but I’m willing to bet you’d agree that this site could use some updates to increase the value of the eClub.
  • Now let’s diving into what we can be doing to make eClubs more visible to our web visitors
  • When designing or updating a website, a great place to get started and inspired is yourself. Begin to watch where your eyes go and places you tend to click first when navigating websites. Is it images, animation or bold text that catch your attention. Likewise, are there sections of websites that you never look closely at. You can use those patterns and trends when choosing where to put your eClub. Then think of your customers. Why do they visit you website? Are there sections that receive more traffic than others?Placement is key because if a member doesn’t see an eClub right away, it is not necessary the type of thing they will spend minutes looking for.
  • This website has a lot going on. There are so many images to look at, it is hard to focus on and find the eClub callout on the right side of the screen. The Ferguson Center for the Arts is smart must have realized this because they have another way for members to join the eClub on the lower left.
  • You may spend a lot of time on your website and know where everything it located. The but the average visitor is not as familiar. I like to think of the home page as lots of advertisements for the brand. That’s were you have little bits of information about a lot of things, such as special offers, menus, locations, so it makes sense to use it for an eClub promotion as well. Contact Us sections of a website and near social media icons are also great places to include an eClub message since they are places visitors go to interact with the brand.Menus and upcoming offers can also relate to the eClub if you offer free or discounted menu items with welcome offers.
  • You may think joining an eClub is an easy process but it’s more than a few clicks. You need to continue to promote the benefits throughout the whole process so the customer continues to say yes to club during all steps. Just having the eclub visible on the website is not always enough. In many of the examples I’ve used so far, it included more than………….. First, the customer needs to see a promotion for the eClub and decide it is important enough to click to learn more. ……………Promote in aYou need to continue promoting the eClub throughout the join steps
  • But you don’t add new members that easily. Once the member says yes to the first promotion, they then need to say yes to the club by completing the form. It is important to use that join page as another advertisement for the club, sharing the benefits of becoming a member. I recommend having fun with the page too – include images and have it match the rest of the site. If a member feels like they were directed to a page that is not consistent with the rest of the brand, they will feel uncomfortable about providing personal information.
  • In addition
  • Optimizing your website webinar 111512

    1. 1. Tips to Optimize your Websiteto Attract new eClub Members
    2. 2. Fishbowl Best Practices WebinarHosted by:Kate FrantzOnline Marketing Specialist
    3. 3. AGENDA• How website optimization drives results• Maximizing website real estate• Moving beyond the click to a new member• Testing performance
    5. 5. Positive Impact on the Bottom Line Greater Program Awareness Higher Likelihood to Join More Members Bigger ROI
    6. 6. Bring the Whole Family! We just added a kids menu. Have you tried our pick up or delivery service? Click Here to Make ReservationsAbout Us Catering Facebook Store LocationsContact Us Menu eClub Restaurant NewsYouTube Pintrest Twitter Reservations
    8. 8. Guiding principles for designing and updating your website 1. Think about those things that draw your attention when navigating a website (regardless of what the site is promoting)2. Take into account any information you’ve collected about how your customers engage with your website today – Why they come to the website – How much time do they usually spend on the site – What areas of the site receive the most activity3. Construct a navigation path based upon your findings
    9. 9. Avoid Clutter Your eClub Invitation Stand Out Make
    10. 10. Best Design Practices for promoting eClub AwarenessTake advantage of prime locations to promote eClub links & information • Homepage • Contact us page • On the menu page (Especially if your welcome offer includes a FREE or discounted menu item)
    11. 11. Homepage Locations – Navigation BarWHY HERE?• Top of the page is usually where viewing begins• Easy to find• High user engagement area (identifies main sections of the website)• Usually is persistent on multiple pages within the site
    12. 12. Homepage Locations – Upper Left CornerWHY HERE?The human eye is trained to look first at the top left corner because it orients the viewer to the webpage – This location is the first place you look for logos – Upper left is where navigation bars begin
    13. 13. Homepage Locations – Grouped with Social Media Links Click here to join the e-club and receive great offers!WHY HERE? • Growing trend on websites • High user engagement area • Positions eClub as an engagement opportunity
    14. 14. Homepage Applications – Banner Ad Get the Sweet Scoop Join our e-Club Join the ice cream and get 50% off lover’s club for the your next pizza! latest news, offers and events.WHY?•Banner Ad design allows for a larger advertisement for the eClub•Creative flexibility - can include graphics and even animation•Usually seen along the right side or below main center section
    15. 15. Homepage Applications – LightboxWHY?• Pop-up functionality grabs visitor’s attention• Places the focus on the eClub• Visitors must take action - join the eClub by clicking on the lightbox or choosing to exit in top corner JOIN the eClub …Get A Free Appetizer
    17. 17. BDPs for moving the viewer to the join formPromote the Benefits of the Club • Make it enticing (visually appealing, interactive, etc.) • Tell them what they get for joining Join the JOIN the eClub Bistro Club …Get A Free Appetizer
    18. 18. Make the Most of Your Sign Up Page Design• Continue to share the eClub benefits on the sign up form• Match look and feel of the brand and the website• Match language and look of other sign up opportunities – Advertisements with QR codes – Sign up slips – Facebook messaging
    19. 19. Collecting Member InformationThere are many options for collecting new member information • Full sign up form • Email address only • Email address and zip codeConsider more than one join option to attract a larger crowd Join the eClub for news and offers! Email Address Go >
    20. 20. Things to Consider When Asking for Information1. How are you going to use the data? – Common uses include segmentation, triggered messages, email personalization2. How much information can you reasonably ask for? – Start off small. Additional data can be collected throughout the relationship with the customer3. What should be required vs. optional fields? – Minimally, we suggest email address, preferred location and first name
    21. 21. TESTING
    22. 22. Testing• Ask 10 people from outside your department and/or company to time how long it takes to find the eClub invitation on your website – Tally the results. If the average is more than 10 seconds, you may need to make some adjustments• Assign unique input source codes to join opportunities located in different places throughout the website - compare how each performs• After optimizing your website, compare pre/post-optimization results – View net member growth – Measure and make adjustments as necessary on-going
    23. 23. Questions?Thanks for your time!
    24. 24. Upcoming Fishbowl WebinarsNovember 29th: Effective Integration of Loyalty Programs and eClubs
    25. 25. ResourcesFor information on Fishbowl’s creative and strategic ProfessionalServices offerings:Enterprise Clients: Please contact your Account DirectorLocal Clients: Please contact your Sales RepresentativeNot yet a client? 800.836.2818 US & Canada Sales 0203 3030274 UK Sales Technical questions on how to update your join page? Call our Support line 800.883.1984 or email clientsupport@fishbowl.com Existing clients, get the most out of Fishbowl webinar sign up : http://www.fishbowl.com/feature/webinar_enterprise_series