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Webinar: Using Email Marketing to Drive Online Ordering and Catering Sales


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Does your website support online ordering? How about catering? Lauren Sadlon explains in this webinar how to optimize with email marketing.

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Webinar: Using Email Marketing to Drive Online Ordering and Catering Sales

  1. 1. Driving Online Ordering and Catering Sales Using Email Best Practices and Practical
  2. 2. Welcome to a Fishbowl Best Practices Webinar Hosted by: Lauren Sadlon Managing Consultant
  3. 3. You’ll Get Great Tips for.. • Converting Online Ordering and Catering customers into engaged eClub members • Optimizing your eClub to increase Online Ordering and Catering sales • Q&A 3
  4. 4. Online Ordering, Catering and Email Should Work Together Online Ordering and Catering touchpoints used to promote eClub Behavioral and preference data collected & stored for ongoing use eClub used to create awareness of Online Ordering and Catering benefits Targeted eClub messaging drives Online Ordering and Catering transactions
  5. 5. Job #1 Is Building Your Overall Email List • Use every available touchpoint (sign-up slips, OLO, text-to-join, POP, etc.) • Establish short, medium and long-range goals for eClub members generated through OLO and Catering 2014 Goal : 2,000 new members!
  6. 6. Converting OLO guests into engaged eClub members
  7. 7. Include an eClub message with every OLO communication • Interior and exterior merchandising • In-store signage • Catering manager outreach • Cold calls • Opted-in lists from events • Packaging • Boxes • Bags • Stickers • Order pickup & delivery • Receipt messages • Bag-stuffers 7
  8. 8. Add a strong eClub “invitation” to your OLO process pages • Visually appealing Finalize Your Order • Prominent but not obtrusive Please enter the required information and submit your order Your Contact Information • Interactive elements • Banner ads • Pop-ups • *FIRST NAME: Animation *LAST NAME: *CONTACT PHONE: *EMAIL ADDRESS: For great promotions and offers, join our E-mail Club today! *ZIP CODE: *BIRTHDAY: *FAVORITE LOCATION:
  9. 9. Optimize your acquisition approach to reach the OLO user • Creative that speaks directly to OLO members • Specially optimized for mobile (unique join page) • Captures the input information for future segmentation 90.00% 80.00% 70.00% 60.00% 50.00% 40.00% 30.00% 20.00% 10.00% 0.00% Technology Ownership OLO Users Non Users Cell phone Smart phone Laptop Tablet SOURCE: The Current State of Online Food Ordering in the U.S. Restaurant Industry - Cornell Hospitality Report – May 2011
  10. 10. Optimizing your eClub to increase Online Orders
  11. 11. Target the right OLO message to right person at right time Combine collected preference data with past OLO and eClub behavior to develop segments and messaging strategies • Order History • Frequency • Consistency • Order Type • Individual meal • Catering • Office • Institution • Home • eClub engagement • Opens • Clicks 100 90 Frequency of Ordering by Dining Occasion 80 70 60 50 Infrequent 40 Occasional 30 Frequent 20 10 0 Business Special Romantic Social Don't Want to cook SOURCE: Customer Perceptions of Electronic Food Ordering - Cornell Hospitality Report – May 2011
  12. 12. Integrate OLO into your eClub messaging strategies Optimize your email Campaigns to Drive OLO Awareness and Transactions • System-wide Communication • Full list campaigns • Targeted segments • Message versioning • Triggered Mailings • Local Store Marketing Efforts 12
  13. 13. Develop Targeted Campaigns with Dedicated OLO Focus • Include discounts and promotional offers to promote OLO trial and frequency • Coordinated with national messaging calendar • Unique offers for Online Orders • Provide code for use by Online Orderers • OLO call-out in navigation bar 13
  14. 14. Create a Specific Plan for OLO Message Delivery • Adapt send days/times to brand needs and member behavior • Lower volume days of week • Pre-meal period • Location Targeting • Alternate version for locations without online ordering
  15. 15. Trigger Communication to Reach Defined Targets Use automated messaging to target Audiences based upon previous action • Welcome Message • Create Welcome for members with an OLO input source • Thank you Message • Thank members for recent order • Acknowledge heavy OLO users and send offer for next order • Miss You Message • Reach out to members who lapsed online orderers • Send offer for next order • Communicate upcoming event (i.e. we know you ordered last year at this time) • Survey • Ask members for feedback on recent experience • Thank them for providing feedback with an offer • Office & group orders • Target members who frequently place large orders.
  16. 16. Converting Catering customers into engaged eClub members
  17. 17. Use All Catering Touch Points • Opt-in box on Online Ordering check out page • Interior, exterior and digital merchandising • In-store signage • Opted-in lists from events • Catering manager outreach • Cold calls • Packaging • Order pickup and delivery • Receipt messages • Bag-stuffers
  18. 18. Invite Past Catering Customers to Opt-In • Send a one-time opt in mailing to past catering customers • Call-to-action is to join eClub • Give them a special gift for joining • Once they opt-in, add past order history to catering database
  19. 19. Positioning your eClub to drive Catering Orders
  20. 20. Customize Campaigns To Emphasize Catering • Unique contests and promotions for OLO • Customized call-to-action • Re-Targeting past patrons • Promote catering for upcoming “holidays” 1 week – 1 month out: • Sports Parties (NFL playoffs, basketball tournaments, Olympics) • Graduation • Cinco de Mayo • 4th of July • Night before Thanksgiving 20
  21. 21. Optimize Messaging Design for Mobile Fishbowl Client Example: % of Messages Viewed on a Mobile Device 53%
  22. 22. Strive for Subject Lines That Grab Attention • Short and informative (make each word count) • Front load the most important/enticing content • Even shorter for mobile Specially Priced Holiday Catering Offer • Personalization and symbols may improve performance • Always follow best practices • Test, test, test! • Find what entices your customer to OPEN • Monitor results and adapt your strategy as you see patterns change
  23. 23. Use Local Store Marketing Tools Where Possible Communicate to potential Catering Buyers at the Local Level • Create template to promote catering (and online ordering) • Promote office parties to members whose information was collected via cold-calling and/or by collecting business cards • Identify your catering buyer based upon past purchases 23
  24. 24. Questions? Thanks for your time!