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不可不知道的facebook 行銷

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  • Share is an application that you will see quiet a bit of on Facebook. You can share almost anything you post to Facebook. You can share photos, links, events, photos etc. You can share it by posting it to a profile page. Sharing can also be done straight to selected inboxes on Facebook. By sharing or posting the content to a profile page other will see it. But sharing as a message to an inbox is a little more targeting allowing you to choose who you want to share the content with. People can interact with the shared content by posting a comment. This makes way spreading news and information quickly, within a click of a button. You can also choose to like a piece of content which will post on profile pages so that other that have visited my profile can see what I have shared or liked most recently.
  • One of the most powerful applications in Facebook is photos. People love to see images of themselves and images of others. Facebook gives huge prominence to the display of photos. Photos of friends are posted directly in my feed . They appear when I login in the highlights area. They have their own tab. You can also tag photos. Tagging just means the photo is made social. Notification are sent to the person tagged the photo. The tagged photo is published on the taggers profile as well as the tagged person’s profile. Photos get a ton of clicks inside Facebook. People can also untagg themselves from an photo if they choose to. Then the photo cannot be retagged. Take a look at how photo tagging works.
  • It’s time to take off the training wheels. I hoped that you learned a few simple things from this training today. Start by telling your story on your profile as it relates to your business and personal interest. Build your audience of followers. Create a business page. Share content and newsworthy information so spread the word.
  • Facebook Marking

    1. 1. 你不能不知的 行銷
    2. 2. 你或許不知道?
    3. 3. 【 網路 大事件】 台灣 Facebook 使用人數成長率 世界第一
    4. 4. Facebook 超越無名 為 台灣 人最愛社群網站 500 萬人使用
    5. 5. 你可能不知道?
    6. 6. 百萬人 觀看 上千人 回應 這也能是你的 粉絲頁面 每個企業都要有的 FB 粉絲專頁
    7. 7. 創意 「粉絲 Logo 」 設計 「個人化活動」行銷 品牌形象設計 【 現在 !! 有不同的選擇】 3 天內 改變 你的粉絲團 3 天內吸引 3000 人加入 我要我們在一起
    8. 8. 你知道嗎?
    9. 9. 3 天內成功吸引 3000 粉絲的 秘訣 3 天內吸引 3000 人加入 成功實例
    10. 10. 吸引 3000 粉絲 成功案例 成立時間 2009.12.7 日 粉絲人數 3,426
    11. 11. 吸引 3000 粉絲 成功案例 粉絲人數 7,911 成立時間 2009.11.30
    12. 12. 「個人化活動」行銷 吸引 3000 粉絲的秘訣
    13. 13. 創意 「粉絲 Logo 」 設計 吸引 3000 粉絲的秘訣
    14. 14. 品牌形象設計 吸引萬名粉絲 成功打造專屬「個人品牌」 貼紙運用 吸引 3000 粉絲的秘訣
    15. 15. 你知道嗎?
    16. 16. and here……….. 你能完成不可能的任務
    17. 17. 創造網路財富
    18. 18. 我們幫你分享 www.facebook.com/tonychacheres
    19. 19. 我們幫你行銷 www.facebook.com/tonychacheres Schipul Astros Field Trip
    20. 20. 我們一起完成「不可能的任務」 www.facebook.com/tonychacheres
    21. 21. 你的選擇是?
    22. 22. [email_address] [email_address] http:// www.facebook.com/fish.myfb http:// www.facebook.com/learn.mrfish