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Near Field Communications Technology Overview


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This presentation was created as an overview of Near Field Communications (NFC) Technology prepared for Kennesaw State University's WebMBA program.

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Near Field Communications Technology Overview

  1. 1. Team Onyx 15April 2011
  2. 2. Overview and Purpose Provide an initial situation analysis of NFC Request for seed funding to investigate the cost of integrating Near-Field Communications as a part of Onyx’s commercial structure
  3. 3. Overview Near-Field Communications allows users to transact, exchange, and connect via their smartphone. Used in office security ID cards and car keys.
  4. 4. Similar Devices Comparing NFC to other close range communication technologies (Ortiz, 2008)
  5. 5. Potential Uses
  6. 6. Current Uses for SimilarDevicesFirst Data GO-Tag RFID Tag used on a keychain Possible to replace cash and credit cards Used Visa’s payWave application Not enough buzz
  7. 7. Current Uses for SimilarDevicesE-Z Pass Close-Field Device Allows automobiles to pay tolls Works with most interstate toll roads in Northeastern US Some expanded uses allow payment at airport parking lots
  8. 8. Current Uses for SimilarDevicesZip Car (US) and Mobility (CH)Car Sharing Services Automobile sharing services using RFID/NFC card NFC card allows members to access shared rental cars distributed throughout metropolitan areas Similar infrastructure in place for bicycle sharing in Barcelona, Germany, and France
  9. 9. Stakeholder AnalysisView of industry players….
  10. 10. Stakeholder ViewMobile Technology Companies Device Makers Mobile OS Operators Makers
  11. 11. Stakeholder ViewPayment Device and Technology Financial and Merchant Institutions Payment Processors Industry Groups
  12. 12. Market Potential Payments would hit $150 B by 2015 per Frost and Sullivan Gartner projects 340 M mobile users will make $245 BUSD in transactions by 2014 Jupiter Research projected up to 700 million NFC enable mobile phones will be sold by 2013, representing 25% of the market
  13. 13. Required Infrastructure Contactless Payment Readers Networks NFC Device Provisioning Service Electronic Payment Processor
  14. 14. Technical Aspects NFC is based on combination of “Contactless Smart Cards” and RFID technologies Current emerging standards are ISO 14443 and 18092 Attempt to leverage current infrastructures and standards
  15. 15. Possible Threats, Attacks,and Countermeasures Eavesdropping Relay/Middle Man Attacks Cloning/Replay Jamming
  16. 16. Challenges Highly competitive situation Most key stakeholders are stalling adoption to position themselves to lead the market Competing technologies are on an upswing  Various optical bar codes  Has limitations as some readers rely on optics
  17. 17. Quick Turning Point in March2011 AT&T and Verizon have opened their venture to all payment networks, but Sprint is engaging its own network Fight for Verifone/Hypercom US assets between Ingenico and ViVOtech Amazon’s announced Android Appstore
  18. 18. Initial Implications High potential for this in a commercial context High number of stakeholders in this space Movement is quick Underlying theme is convergence based on current and emerging technological standards  Hope to utilize current e-commerce and pay transaction infrastructure
  19. 19. Initial Implications Will require cross functional involvement from:  Marketing and Promotions  E-commerce  Sourcing  Information Technology  Telecom  Information Security  Legal
  20. 20. High Level Plan Mobilize resources Send NDA and RFI to select, key hardware and software players mentioned earlier Evaluate impact to current organizational practices Evaluate interface points and impact to Onyx’s current e-commerce infrastructure Build strategy and business cases to include in current and future budget cycles.
  21. 21. Thank you…Team Onyx15
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