Fisher Practice Areas 2012


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Thomas Fisher 2012 Consulting Practice Areas

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Fisher Practice Areas 2012

  1. 1. Thomas FisherConsultantPractice Areas 2012
  2. 2. 2 Proven Leadership Experience▫ SVP of IT for Amedisys Home Health Care, Inc. Largest Public US Home Health Care Provider.▫ CIO & SVP of IT for Precision Response Corporation. 3rd Largest Global Contact Center Supporting US Air, American Express, Direct TV, Yum! Brands, & HP.▫ VP of Global IT for Applica, Inc. Manufacturer and Marketer of Black & Decker, George Foreman, Belson, Jerdon, Litter Maid.▫ VP of IT for Long Distance International. Global Long Distance & Telecommunications Service Provider.▫ CIO & SVP of IT for First American Acceptance Corporation. Automotive Financing & Financial Services Corporation.
  3. 3. 3 Diverse Professional Knowledge▫ American Bar Association (ABA) Member, Section of Business Law. Committees include Cyberspace Law, Business Technology Practices, and Privacy & Data Security.▫ Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) Member and Contributor, COBIT5 (Control Objects for Information Technology 5)▫ W. Edwards Deming Institute Advisory Member▫ Institute of Physics (IOP) Member and Inventor, Patent-pending Configurable, Implantable Blood Monitoring System (CIBMS)
  4. 4. 4 Contributions and Recognition▫ Contributor, ISACA COBIT5 Framework, 2011▫ Author, An Alternative Theory of Oil: Beyond the Abiotic, Abiogenic and Fossil Fuel Theories, (June 2012)▫ Author, Theory of Gravitational Ambivalence, 2012▫ Publisher, Enterprise Agility Management© (EAM), 2004▫ Author, Enterprise Agility Management: The Alignment of Business Strategy and Technology Objectives, 2003▫ Named, 25 Most Influential Executives in Consumer Goods Technology, 2003▫ Author, The Digital Economy: A Mandate for Business Transformation, 1998▫ Author, Business Process Reengineering Through Organizational and Technology Rationalization and Alignment, 1997▫ Board Member, CASA, Youth Oasis, The Haven, Ronald McDonald House, 1992-2009
  5. 5. 5 Recent Professional Engagements• IT Asset Management Program Reengineering; Texas Independent School District (ISD)• Disaster Recovery Process Review; Government• PEIMS Data Process Review and Reengineering; Texas Independent School District (ISD)• RFID & GPS Geofence Design Project; Oil & Gas Services• Manufacturing Process Review & RFID Study; Manufacturing, Oil & Gas Division• Rental Equipment Division RFID Asset Program Design Project; Oil & Gas Services
  6. 6. 6 Consulting Practice Areas• IT Audit Services ▫ ISACA, EAM and ABA• ITIL Assessment, Strategy & Implementation ▫ ITSM, Change Management, Release Management, Configuration Management• Data Management Strategy ▫ Consumption and Usage ▫ Master Data Management• IT GRC ▫ IT Governance, Risk, and Controls Strategy• Program and Project Management ▫ End-to-End Program & Project Definition, Strategy, Build, Execution• Supply Chain Management ▫ Manufacturing & Warehouse Process Reengineering, Strategic Technology Planning (RFID, Sensor & GPS)• IT Management ▫ Executive, Advisory, Interim CIO
  7. 7. 7 IT Audit Services• Enterprise Agility Management (EAM) Assessment ▫ EAM Alignment Assessment ▫ EAM GAP Assessment ▫ EAM Enterprise Strategy• ISACA Foundation Audits ▫ IT General Controls Audit ▫ Application Security Audit ▫ COBIT 4.1 or COBIT5 Mapping ▫ Risk IT Framework Assessment ▫ Val IT 2.0 Framework Assessment ▫ Business Model for Information Security (BIMS)• COBIT© Quickstart• ABA Cyber Security Audit ▫ Internet and Social Media Audit
  8. 8. 8 ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library)• ITILv3 Assessment ▫ ITIL Strategy & Program Development ▫ ITSM (IT Service Management)  IT Service Planning  ITSM KPI Strategy  Service Desk Tools and Application Consulting• IT Change Management ▫ Change Management Planning & Implementation• IT Release Management ▫ Applications, Software, Hardware, Process, Fixes & Patches• Configuration Management & DB• ITIL to COBIT Mapping ▫ Control Object Definition and ID• ITIL and CMMI Integration ▫ ITIL Integration into CMMI (Level 0-2)• ITILv3 Certified-2008
  9. 9. 9 Data Management• Master Data Management ▫ Data Lifecycle Planning ▫ Acquisition and Creation Strategies ▫ Data Consumption and Usage  Planned vs Actual ie The right data?• Data Governance Strategies ▫ Users, Rights, Reports, Privacy, Retention, Disposition• Data Privacy Consulting ▫ Legal Privacy & Data Review ▫ 50 State, Territory and International Requirements• BI Application Consulting ▫ Strategy, Assessment, Selection, Implementation ▫ KPI, KRI, & Scorecard Data Definition & Strategy
  10. 10. 10 IT GRC• IT Audit Services ▫ IT Governance, Risk and Controls Audit (GRC)• IT Audit Foundation ▫ IT Audit & Internal (Board) Audit Alignment• Disaster Recovery & Enterprise Continuity ▫ Effective DR/BC Strategy and Tactical Planning• IT Contracts Audit ▫ General IT Contracts Audit & Review• IT GRC Application Consulting ▫ Strategy, Assessment, Selection, Implementation• Cloud Audit ▫ Cloud Computing Risk and Controls Audit (CCRCA) ▫ Cloud Vendor Risk Assessment & Audit (VRAA)
  11. 11. 11 Program and Project Management• Full Program and Project Lifecycle Consulting ▫ Conception, Risk, Applicability, Strategy, Design, Implementation, Service, Retire ▫ Cost Benefit Analysis/Value on Investment• Frameworks Include 6Sigma, Lean IT, EAM, FEAF, ITIL, COBIT, CMMI• Executive-level to Hands-on Management• Innovative Program Design• Project Recovery/Turnaround• PMI Certified-1990
  12. 12. 12 Supply Chain Management• SCM IT and Data Strategy ▫ SCM Application Planning ▫ WMS, YMS & TMS Strategic Review ▫ Data Utilization, Metrics and Forecasting• RFID Consulting ▫ RFID Hardware, Software, and Tag Selection ▫ Industry Peer and Competitive Review ▫ RFID Program Design & Implementation ▫ RFID Project Strategy Consulting• Warehouse Process Reengineering ▫ Zone and SKU Movement Rationalization Study
  13. 13. 13 Executive Management Services• Executive Management, Advisory, Board, and Interim CIO Services• IT Strategic Planning• IT M&A Strategy & Requirements Planning• IT Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity• IT Cost & ROO (Return on Org) Analysis• IT Organizational Consulting ▫ Organizational Review, Workforce Utilization• IT Simplification Strategic Consulting ▫ IT Standardization and Simplification Strategies
  14. 14. 14 Contact Information• Telephone @ 832-421-7575• Email @• On the Web @• Follow me on Twitter @ITComply• Find Me on LinkedIn @
  15. 15. 15Reference-Education “Here’s what Tom did for me. We have a technology “staging area” where we receiveshipments from Dell, Apple and others. This is our assembly line where we openboxes, image computers, load software and bundle them with peripherals to makedeliveries to campuses. We recently started a major project to replace and addcomputers in classrooms. About 10,000 computers. Dell normally charges $50-80 toimage and install a computer and even at that, it won’t be totally hands-free for mytechs. I was challenging my team to not outsource the deployment, to save the $500Kto $800K.We had 4 people in the staging area to handle our normal load and I was willing toadd 2 more to take on this project. My managers wanted 6 more! All told, 12 totalemployees. Then comes Tom. He moved everything around, organized the space anddefined what goes where with lines on the floor and banners on the wall, streamlinedall processes – receiving, unboxing, loading software, boxing up what needs to bedelivered, etc., eliminated all unnecessary physical movements – McDonald’s style – ifyou need to go to the other side of the room to bring something, you take somethingwith you to drop it off there – and timed everything with a stopwatch and increasedcapacity in a dramatic way. He was able to come back to me and say with confidencewe can now process 400 computers a day with 2 less people. Prior to Tom weweren’t sure what our capacity was! That’s what Tom did for me. We are now doingthe classroom deployment with 2 less people in the staging area. So, instead ofhaving the 12 employees my staff wanted, we now do it all with just 2. Awesome!Finally, a real and true professional consultant.”
  16. 16. 16Reference-Oil and Gas“Your assistance has been immeasurable. Until you came along, we couldn’tseem to get the project in gear and we were going down the wrong technologypath. In short, we were just spinning our wheels. You came in and very quicklylearned our environment and understood our challenges. You implemented aprogram strategy that steered our division in the right direction and broadenedthe scope of involvement to ensure proper expertise utilization and overallproject success. In short, you made us think about a lot of aspects we wouldhave otherwise missed. Your ability to develop process maps and to show uswhere and how to successfully implement strategic change was THE key to thesuccess of this project.There was also the technology component of the project that, quite frankly, yourinvolvement and expertise put us all at ease. The depth of your knowledge andunderstanding of manufacturing, warehousing, operations, and IT was a greatbenefit to us and reduced our overall project time. The level of internal andexternal logistics planning and coordination was above and beyond anything anyof us had thought about. Again, you were right on!I am truly impressed. Thanks to you, we are implementing the right solution andhave a great strategic division and company success!”
  17. 17. 17Reference-IT“Thomas is a consummate professional and visionary with the ability toeffectively utilize his knowledge, personality and persuasive power to buildand maintain a unified team focused on performance and continuousimprovement. His mature leadership was demonstrated most often in hisability to be a patient/effective listener who does not rush to judgment(very fair and trustworthy).He understood the diversity of talent in his staff which he effectively /efficiently utilized. He promoted and encouraged growth and learning.Our IT department became a more cohesive optimized organization becauseof his leadership / management style that has elements of Dr. Demingsprincipals.Most of all, he is an effective eloquent communicator who is able to conveythe importance of information technology and quality with a focus on thefuture in the current needs of today to maintain the companys competitiveadvantage.”
  18. 18. 18Reference-Manufacturing/Data Analytics“Thomas always promoted a sense of empowerment and leadershipin his managers and gave us the freedom to implement processeswithin our teams that would help improve our performance.He was very innovative in finding technology solutions to streamlinebusiness processes and included his management team’s input in hisdecisions. His vision moved the company where it needed to be interms of developing the “edge” it needed in technology to delivermore accurate information to the business for analysis and processimprovement.”