Hadits tarbawi terjemah english


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Hadits tarbawi terjemah english

  1. 1. Presentation
  2. 2. HADITHs ABOUT EDUCATIONAL MATERIALSConceived to fulfill Hadith Tarbawi Assignment
  3. 3. Lecturer : Wahidin, M.Ag Prepared by: 1. Nurul Kholifah 11110127 2. Yeni Purnamasari 11110129 3. Heni Purwaningrum 11110136 4. Amila Fischa 11110140 RELOGION DEPARTMENTSTATE INSTITUTE OF ISLAMIC STUDIES (STAIN)SALATIGA 2012/2013
  4. 4. 1. Aqidah , Worship, and the "General"a. Aqeedah
  5. 5. ‘’Abdullah bin abi Rafi said: I see Adhan Muhammad bin hasan ali ears like a prayer when praying when Fatimah gave birth. (Narrated by Abu Daud) (hadith is weak).’’• Ibn Qayyim said that the call to prayer and the wisdom iqamah in the ear of a newborn is that the first sound is an appeal heard implies greatness of God and creed.
  6. 6. • Aqidah Education is the process of building and strengthening confidence in oneself to become a strong and true. This process can be done in the form of teaching, coaching and training. In application educators can apply the various methods that are relevant to the objectives to be achieved. This hadith contains an explanation of the Aqeedah of Islam. This suggests that education is imparted to a person aqeedah since he was small. This is the most appropriate age to instill values. When the value of it is built, it is life after old age adults and youth are influenced by it. So that even if a person lives in an environment that is very far from the teachings of Islam, but ideology is not affected, his faith did not falter. As if the investment value is too late, especially after his head filled with theories and doctrines outside of Islam, then it is difficult for humans as aware and be guided to the path of Islam.
  7. 7. • Saw Apostles taught to always maintain the rules that have been defined by Allah, not breaking boundaries. If this is done, Allah will take care of too. And if God kept His law in the sense adhered to, so when people need the help of God, God always before him, helped his distress, lighten the load.• The lesson is that needs to be imparted to every human being, especially a young protégé that he is ready to face life full test of patience and a difficult situation.
  8. 8. b. Education Worship• ‘’From Umar ibn Shoaib said Prophet said: "Command your children to pray when were 7 years old, and beat them when they were 10 and they were reluctant fulfilled, and separate them from their bed-bed". (Abu Daud)’• From the above hadith is clear direction to pray or religious education given early so that when the age of legal age so they can practice it.
  9. 9. c. Literacy Education, Swimming, Archery, and Economics• “Abi Rafi said Muhammad SAW said; Do parents have a right as our right to them? , Prophet answered: Yes, the right of parents to their children is to teach children writing, swimming and archery, and leave it to the good. (Narrated by al-Bayhaqi). Weak hadith. “
  10. 10. • Literacy is important to teach because then the child will understand a thing. The above hadith the Prophet describes how strongly recommends that a Muslim is concerned with preparation for jihad in Allahs path. Archery and horse riding are two activities associated with it. And a Muslim needs to have a passion for jihad in Allahs path. Why? Because the Prophet warned that the disappearance of the spirit of jihad indicates the presence of hypocrisy within.• Archery and horse riding are two skills that are encouraged Muhammad to the people, because it is loaded with jihad in Allah. But in terms of skills, the Prophet Muhammad more stress to his people to prefer to practice archery instead of riding a horse.
  11. 11. 2. Physical educationa. Conditions were good believers and Allah is preferred
  12. 12. • Of Abi Hurairah said, Muhammad said: " Moslem who is strong believer that more beloved to Allah than a weak believer every kindness, take heart to the things that are useful to you, and please ask to Allah and do not be weak, and if something happen to you and do not say if only Im working on it then I would such and such. However, because of the provisions of this God, and what he wants it to do, and in fact the word "so" (if) opens the doors of Satan. (Narrated by Muslim).• Material physical education important to encourage the learners, as well as the health impacts of learners.
  13. 13. b. Rights Agency that must be fulfilled• Abu Huraira said, Muhammad said: "Did I not proclaim that you woke up the night and fasting in the noon, I said indeed you feel tired and fatigued. And indeed it was right for your body and your families also have rights, then fasted and eat up and go to sleep. "(Narrated by Bukhari)
  14. 14. c.Track• From Aisha Ra: when with the Prophet on the way, so I took his race, then Im successful preceded it. Once my body fat successfully defeat the Prophet, Prophet then said: "This reward" (Narrated by Abu Dawood)
  15. 15. 3. Education Self ControlA.Is the Essential Strong is it?• From Abu Hurairah, the real Muhammad said: "The strong man is not a wrestler / boxer, but the strong man is one who can control himself when he is angry" (Narrated by Bukhari)
  16. 16. B. Conditions believers are Awesome• From Abu Hurairah, the real Muhammad said: "The strong man is not a wrestler / boxer, but the strong man is one who can control himself when he is angry" (Narrated by Bukhari)
  17. 17. 4. Educational Intelligence
  18. 18. • From Muadh bin jabal friend Muhammad Saw Muadz sent to Yemen he said: "How is your attitude when you are faced with a problem?, He said: I will return to the Koran , Prophet said: If not there, he replied: if doesn’t then I would look at the Sunnah of the Prophet (Hadith), Prophet said: if it is not there, then replied: I would do ijtihaj with my wits and not excessive, then the Prophet patted his chest Muadh and said: Praise be to Allah who has given taufik to Muadz the blessed Muhammad. • This suggests that learners use basis or guideline in deciding a case intelligently.
  19. 19. 5. Education PersonalityA.Tough in the Establishment• “From Hudzaifah said Muhammad SAW said: "Do not become those who went along to say that other people do good, we would be doing good and when they did we were doing dhalim dhalim. However, courageous yourself with principled when others, were doing goodness, and if other people do evil, we will not do ". (Narrated by Tirmidhi) “
  20. 20. b. Makhzumiyyah Theft Case
  21. 21. • From Aishah. "Indeed, the destruction of peoples before you all caused by their own actions. When one considered have a high status and position to steal, they missed or did not punish him. However, when there is a lower perceived, weak in terms of material, or the poor who do not have anything, and ordinary people, they are punished. Know, by Allah, if Fatima daughter of Muhammad (my daughter) stole, I would cut off her hand. “ • This material has benefits for learners to recognize and how to understand the characters personality.