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Fms pune prospectus 2011

  1. 1. Abhinav Education Society’s Institute of Management (Recognised by All India Council for Technical Education, Govt. of India & Recognised by Association of Indian Universities as equivalent to MBA Degree) from Faculty of Management Sciences -Pune Information Bulletin - 2010 Information Bulletin - 2011 An ISO 9000:2001 Certified Institute AICTE Approved Business School A new way to thinkINSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Admission Office : S. No.13, Katraj - Dehu Road Bypass, Ambegaon (Bk.) Pune - 411046. Faculty of Management Sciences Site Office : Institute of Management, S. No. 209 Wadwadi, Tal. Khandala, Dist. Satara Pune Phone No. : (02169) 286110 Email : URL :
  2. 2. ANEW Way to think Contents
  3. 3. ChairmanMr. Rajeev JagtapExecutive DirectorMr. Firoze KhanAcademics DirectorMrs. Pushpa AnantChief Students MentorCol. Ashish Verma (Retd.)Corporate Relations and Placement DirectorMr. Mangesh BhallaChief Administrative Director ContentsBrig. Krishna Parvatapuram (Retd.) Mission & Vision 2 Message from Chairman 3 Message from Executive Dir. 4 Message from Academic Dir. 5 About Us 6 Infrastructure 8 Programme Structure 10College Website Syllabus 14http:// Academic Evaluation 15 Academic Conduct 17Admissions Office Emergenetics Asia - Singapore 18S. No.13, Katraj-Dehu, Xed Intellect 19Road Bypass,Ambegaon (BK.), International Exposure 20Pune - 411046. Students Development 22Telephone +91 (020) 32406202/03 Attendance 23 Life at FMS, Pune 25 Corporate Placements 28Site Office New Admissions 30Institute of Management,S. No. 209 Wadwadi, How to apply ? 33Tal. Khandala, Discipline Conduct 35Dist. Satara.Phone No. (02169) 286110Email : 01
  4. 4. VISION & MISSION Our Vision ?globally respected management school that To be a shapes management practices in India and abroad by creating new frontiers of knowledge and developing ethical, dependable, entrepreneurial and socially sensitive leaders and ma nagers committed to excellence. Our Mission Focus on inventive management education by ? offering practical innovative and technology driven programs. ?managerial talent with risk managing ability Provide passion for learning and creative thinking, and value in the rapidly evolving Indian management field. Contribute significantly to the Indian corporate world ? by preparing management graduates with global mindset. ?Intellectual capital through faculty Build development, research, consultancy and publication. ? alumni network of mutual benefit and keep Develop alumni updated through continuous learning and meetings. 02
  5. 5. From the ChairmanDear prospective FMS student,As you consider where to go for your management education, I invite you to discover for yourself the multi-dimensionaleducational experience at Faculty of Management Sciences –Pune . We see our students as unique individuals withdifferent interests and aspirations. We seek to enable our students to explore their interests, discover their talents, andpursue their passions. With a diverse array of programmes and activities aimed at developing quality of mind, strength ofcharacter and global perspectives, you will be able to shape your own FMS –Pune experience and grow.To give our post graduates a competitive advantage in todays globalising world, we offer a broad spectrum of globally-oriented curricula and programmes. Examples of programmes that take our students out into the world are the StudentInternship Programme with Overseas Colleges around the world. In tandem, we bring the world to our campus – ourdiverse community makes for a rich learning and living environment where students learn, live and interact with a globalmix of peers and professors.The abundant opportunities to broaden horizons and develop cross-cultural perspectives are vital dimensions of FMSglobal education. In sum, our students engage in a transformative adventure of learning and discovery.Welcome to the FMS family !Join us and be a part of Punes home-grown global management college with the opportunities, space and challenges fora transforming experience.Mr. Rajeev Jagtap 03
  6. 6. From the Executive Director I am delighted that you are considering Institute of Management governed by Faculty of Management Sciences (FMS) to pursue your career oriented management education. We hope you use this prospectus to help plan your future and decide on a college that fulfils your aspirations. Our programme is student focused and provides excellent mentoring and support for students. The programme serves multifaceted needs of the student community such as enhancing the job prospects, entry into corporate world, and entrepreneurial passion. We are a very diverse Management College community with learners are drawn from all parts of India. We are also investing heavily in your future by providing top class facilities. Our infrastructure will provide a top quality, 21st century learning environment. Your individual development is our priority. Faculty and Mentors at FMS will play a key role in shaping your future. If you are up to the challenge, I invite you to apply to FMS- Pune for your All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) approved Two Years full time Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM). Come and discover the FMS - Pune experience where education is world class, where student service exceeds expectations, where life experiences are unique and memorable and worldwide career prospects are exciting and rewarding. Welcome to a world of difference! Mr. Firoze Khan 04
  7. 7. From the Academic Director It is a great pleasure to invite you to consider our cutting edge Management program. The program involves a high level of incisive analysis and focus on best business practices being an essential part of contemporary managerial education. In response to the spectacular rise of globalization of the world economy in recent decades, our management program is designed to address formidable managerial challenges arising from the phenomenon of globalization. These major managerial challenges are particularly manifested in areas such as management of cultural diversity with all kinds of subtleties and complexities underlying cultural difference; differing business philosophies prevailing around the world; and strategic directions for enterprises within the context of increasing globalization of world economy. The FMS experience is like no other. Its an environment that shapes business leaders who can successfully navigate in the increasingly competitive and dynamic business climate. Its a unique curriculum grounded in tradition and proven business techniques. It is an extensive network of world class faculty, innovative programs and course work, hands on learning experience both here in India and abroad, and interaction with a diverse group of peers resulting in life long personal and professional relationships. Thank you, once again for choosing FMS- Pune. Mrs. Pushpa Anant 05
  8. 8. Faculty of About UsManagement The Institute of Management is a constituent body of FMS-Pune managed by AbhinavSciences - Pune Education Society, registered under the Bombay Public Trust Act 1950. We offer All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE), Govt. of India, Ministry of HRD, approved Two Year full time Post Graduate Diploma in Management, established by a group of Defence personnel and business leaders with a global vision along with a team of distinguished academics from leading world Universities. At FMS Pune, we provide a syllabus which is contemporary, relevant and enforces a distinct corporate culture amongst its students so that all the student mangers at the end of the course can match the expectations of different types of prospective employers. FMS- Pune is a highly specialized Business School, concentrating exclusively on advanced studies in business, management and leadership. The programmes at FMS-Pune are commercially relevant and widely accepted by top industries in India and abroad. The Institute provides unique educational and career development opportunities through its regular courses. FMS- Pune is absolutely the right place for students who have fire in their belly and have a burning desire to start a career in the management field or become entrepreneurs themselves creating job opportunities for society at large. The facilities include infrastructure includes Wi-Fi campus, high tech classrooms with Audio-Visual support,24 Hours internet facility, a rich library and branded Laptops to all the students. Other distinguishing features include a rigorous academic schedule, innovative learning methods, and laser-sharp focus on creativity, personal effectiveness and social responsibility. The academic programme at FMS is enriched by a contemporary curriculum and the methodologies adopted in imparting the same. This includes beside class room lectures, computer simulations, Company Internships, Guest Lectures, Group Discussions and Role Plays and Case Studies. FMS is a mini India where students are selected from all over India. As a student, you will join a friendly environment and receive individual attention while at the same time you will be challenged to perform to your full potential. We will groom you, polish you and transform you so that you can be a better leader for the rest of your life. 06
  9. 9. a new way to think If youre considering an AICTE approved Post Graduate Diploma in Management, we already know that youre ambitious, that youre seeking a significant boost to your career, and that you want to make an impact on the world around you. In today’s competitive PGDM market and uncertain economic climate. Why choose the Faculty of Management Sciences- Pune ? Because in the world of business education, FMS-Pune has one key advantage that no other school can match: an innovative approach build on Accumulative Thinking process. What is Accumulative Thinking process ? At FMS-Pune, we believe that modern leaders must develop an ability to constructively face the tensions of opposing models. Instead of choosing one model at the expense of the other, they must be able to creatively resolve the tensions by designing a new model, which may contain elements of both but will be superior to each. The end result: creative business solutions. At FMS-Pune a student receives solid grounding in all the functional areas of business and also learns how to go beyond them to consider the bigger picture, approaching to challenge with creativity and be willing to take risks. Its a groundbreaking approach that will help you to shape your business- and the world for the better. We invite you to be a part of it. 07
  10. 10. InfrastructureWe provide our students a modern campus in spacious environs with air-conditioned lecture halls equipped with thelatest multimedia teaching aids. Faculty is enabled to deliver interactive lectures from the studio to several class roomssimultaneously, and for students to give power-point presentations on wide screens to their peers. The institute has aconference hall for conducting seminars and workshops. The Cafeteria and Discussion Lounge are also WI-FI enabled.Library and Digital LibraryThe Library at FMS Pune houses more than 5,000 books selectively chosen for reading and reference. The collectionincludes resources relevant to teaching, learning, training, research and consultancy. There are many printed national &international; periodicals subscribed to so that the participants keep themselves updated with the trends in the globalmarket place. The strength of the library collection are the electronic resources that include online databases, e-bookcollection, etc. An user-friendly library software has been adopted at the Library Resource Center so as to make it fullyautomated. Apart from this, the center has also adopted latest information technology mediums like CD, DVD,Multimedia Kits, Bar-Code Scanners, Text as well as Graphic Scanners and Biometric Readers for the convenience of theparticipants. The library portal facilitates access to digital resources like journals, magazines, videos, CDs, etc .ServicesReading Facilities, Reference, Photocopying ,Circulation ,Video Viewing, Computerized, Information Search, LibraryOrientation Programme ,Newspaper Clipping ,Current Awareness Services, Selective Dissemination Services ,NewArrival List, Must Read ,Case Study, Inter-Library Loan.Class RoomsThe classrooms provide the most conducive atmosphere for dynamic and focused discussions. They have been designedto bring together analysis with action and are augmented by well-equipped facilities. The air-conditioning in theclassrooms creates the right atmosphere for long hours of learning. Audio/Visual Equipments - A comprehensive suite ofmodern instructional AV aids like overhead projector (OHP), VCR, Laserdisc Player and Video Projector are installed inclassroom.Transportation FacilitiesThe College has its own fleet of buses. Transport facility is provided to/from the hostel to college campus on differentroutes.College CafeteriaA favourite spot for students and Faculty. The cafeteria provides hygienic and healthy foods, snacks and beverages ataffordable prices.Hostel AccommodationA happy, comfortable and welcoming home stay environment where students can stay in peace and privacy is anessential part of the service we offer. Our accommodation officer will be happy to provide you any assistance you mayrequire. Surely, we will make your stay pleasant with us. 08 08
  11. 11. Developing leaders of changenot managers of the status quo 09 09
  12. 12. Programme Structure Corporate Placement Integrated Application Specialization International & Concentration Exposure Critical Management Skills : E.g. Teamwork, Communication and Presentation Skills, Leadership, Problem Solving and Decision Making Skills Fundamental Business Knowledge : Indian Sector Focus E.g. Marketing, Accounting, Economics, E.g. Retail, ITES, Insurance, Hospital, Finance, Operations Management, Banking, BPO, KPO, etc.Organizational Behaviour, Strategy, MIS, etc. 10
  13. 13. Programme StructureFull time course :The Programme designed in response to the emerging challenges of the global environment will equip the participants with theskills and techniques that will enable them to realise their full potential in their careers.Course Aims:The course is aimed at those aspiring to high end managerial careers. The programme aims to:Develop the knowledge and skills necessary for successful strategic leadership performance within the context of dynamic localand global changes.Enhance the ability to resource, analyze and critically appraise all types of business data and practice.Develop flexible strategies for satisfying diverse stakeholder and partner demands, across the whole supply chain and othervalue -adding systems.Integrate cutting edge strategic leadership research and practice to achieve business transformation.Create a spirit of critical enquiry and an environment that foster continual personal and professional development and lifelonglearning.Develop Skills needed for entrepreneurial leadership such as creativity, innovation, collaboration, risk-taking etc.Benefits to the participants :Todays organizational environment is one dominated by strategic change. Therefore, it is crucial you are capable ofovercoming the strategic and leadership challenges that are presented. The FMS-Pune management programme is rigorous,demanding and career oriented setting high standards of learning. Our experienced staff will present you with stimulatingconcepts and new thinking that is directly applicable in your workplace. The result will be tangible, life -changing and enduring.First Year:The first years core curriculum offers you a solid foundation for a lifetime of learning. You will be exposed to a new way ofthinking about management and business and develop your knowledge, your critical faculties and your practical skills. Whileincreasing employment opportunities, instilling entrepreneurial wisdom, discipline, leadership qualities along with knowledgeenhancement are the focus of Faculty of Management Sciences-Pune.The first few days will be dedicated to remove fears & anxieties and bridging the gap i.e., preparing students minds tounderstand what corporate world is like and what is expected of them. In the next phase, students will develop a betterunderstanding about business concepts and their applications in detail. The Institute will also ensure that students understandeach and every business concept, business plan preparations, accounting & reporting, business analysis and execution,entrepreneurship and so on.Students will be engaged in complete personality development programme from professional corporate trainers. Individual willlearn basics of communication, public speaking, team building, analytical skills, data and information interpretation. This willbe an ongoing process till students complete their programme.We will impart intensive subject knowledge. Students will be involved in a series of workshops and Guest Lectures. Students willbe covering many guest lectures and workshops in Two Years. This will provide ample opportunity to listen to the experiencedcorporate Pundits and learn from their vast experience.A Word of Advice: Only those students who are keen to put in hard and sustained work are welcome to join FMS- Pune.Second Year :The Second Year at Faculty of Management Sciences Pune is all about choice. You will be focused on an advanced level ofcoaching/learning in the selected area of Marketing, Finance, Human Resources with deep sectoral alignment. As per theadvantage and the interest of individual the students can choose which area he or she would like to specialize in. The advancedlevel of programme has a lot of field assignments, library research action learning, group studies, and Social /NGO / Industryprojects. The main focus here will be employability and entrepreneurship aligned towards market- professionalism.Compulsory International Internship (UK/Dubai/Singapore) for all the students is one such activity.Following are the Functional Specializations being offered:1. Marketing. 2. Finance. 3. Human Resource Development.Following are the Sectoral Specializations being offered:1. Retail. 2. Banking & Insurance. 3. Engineering. 4. Health Care. 5. Information Technology (IT& ITES)Foreign Language: French/GermanStudents are required to do 4 Industrial Projects (2 in Groups and 2 Individually)1. The Group projects should be one in Industry and another in social organization.2. Individual project should include summer training of not less than 50 Days duration and internship/pre placement training of not less than 100 Days. 11
  14. 14. “I consider myself fortunate to be a part of the PGDM at FMS- Pune. It has been a challenging and stimulating experience so far. The faculty is excellent and makes learning a pleasure. The facilities are good and the best possible resources are made available to the students.” Poonam Maurya PGDM Student Manager12
  15. 15. An Intellectual Hubthought leaders At FMS Pune you will gain exposure to some of the worlds leading business thinkers. Outside of classroom hours, some of the greatest minds in business will share their insights at conferences, seminars and speakers series. World-Class Faculty Our faculty members are enthusiastic and a committed in making students work and study hard on order to inculcate the right work culture, attitudes and values. The faulty will be essentially mentoring and motivating the students to become creative problem solvers. The World Comes to FMS- Pune. The FMS -Pune Integrative Thinking Seminar Series will give students and the local business community a rare chance to get a glimpse inside the minds of some of todays leading business thinkers. The real-world perspective, leadership styles and personal philosophies will be shared with students and will have an extraordinary impact. Major Speakers to interact with our students will be : Mr. Ajay Mohan Mr. Sunil Mahajan AVP -Services, Reliance AVP -ABN Ambro Bank Industries Ltd. Mr. Rajvardhan Tater Mr. Vedant Patwrdhan CEO- Xed Intellect AVP - Retail IIJT Mr. Dileep Narayanan Mr.Mahesh Mital CEO- Organics BPS. Project Manger- SAP , Wipro. Mr. Salil Saran M.F Lokhandwala AVP WNS Global Director- Nucon Proucts Pvt. Ltd. S.N Iyer Director -HU Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. 13
  16. 16. Meet the FMS-Pune Faculty Committed to excellence. Committed to you.Dr.(Brigadier) Shyam Lal Col.(retd.) Vasant Naik Wing Commander HariharanCEO, Fortune Consultants Management Consultant & Psychologist Q- med CanadaFaculty - Emotional Intelligence Faculty - Organizational Culture & Ethics Faculty -Business CommunicationThere is growing recognition that “ FMS Pune’s curriculum follows the “ Interpersonal communication andemotions influence all aspects of latest ideas in management education. other so-called soft skills are whatorganizational life. Effective leaders Our purpose is to form leaders that corporate recruiters crave most.must be able to manage emotions in possess not only the necessary Mastering human or interpersonalthemselves and in others in order technical knowledge but also embody dynamics is as important asto reach organizational and personal positive values - ethical and responsible mastering technical challenges and isgoals. FMS offers an innovative course leaders that can be models to society. critical to leadership success.”in Emotionally Intelligent Leadership, The Integrated Strategy Projects The ability to write clearly andwhere students learn how to put supervised by senior faculty members effectively for business is increasinglyscientific research on emotional and a group of Executive Mentors from important in the information era. Youintelligence into practice. The FMS Pune large multinational firms and will explore the requirements forclassroom offers a highly interactive consultants. It is a major milestone for various business writing applicationsplatform where students from the FMS PGDMs, as they apply all the such as reports, proposals and lettersdramatically different backgrounds share functional concepts and tools to a real of intent, as well as effectiveexperiences and work together to hone strategic issue faced by the senior composition, revision and editing skillstheir India-focused, global leadership management in one of the FMS sponsor in this interactive, practical course.skills.” FMS believes that more than companies. " Communicating with confidencemanaging people, money and enhances your business andcustomers, management is the ability to community relationships, improvesthink, influence and act strategically. To your self-esteem and helps youachieve that takes breadth of knowledge achieve your goals. we will also helpand vision, a willingness to innovate and you to find out how to overcome 4the courage to act. anxiety, organize your material, practise short speeches and use effective body language. 14
  17. 17. Meet the FMS-Pune Faculty Committed to excellence. Committed to you. Col.Sunder Lalvani Prof. Jyotindra Zaveri Mr. Dheraj Khare Motivator,Trainer & Industrial Psychologist Trainer and Consultant IT Manager Faculty -Organizational Behavior Faculty - Management Information SystemAt FMS, the IT Department is well Through its research, teaching, and MIS is the study of the design,equipped with hardware as well as course development, the Organizational implementation, management and useSoftware facilities. The Institute has Behavior Unit creates and disseminates of information technology applications inover 60 computer systems in fully air- knowledge that advances the organizations. The high demand forconditioned programming, graphics, understanding of how to lead and professionals with information systemsLinux, database, software engineering, manage with the aim of increasing expertise cannot be understated inCommunication, Internet and network personal and organizational today’s global business environment.laboratories. The labs consist of most effectiveness. Although specific Programmers, analysts, and end useradvanced P-IV systems with Windows research interests span a wide range of support are no longer the only careersNT/2003, Windows XP/2000 subjects, the faculty share a problem where an information technologyprofessional operating systems. driven, interdisciplinary, multi method background is important. As companiesThe IT lab is LAN connected with approach that has led to significant continue to employ the latest tools of ITlicensed software packages related to impact on theory and practice. to refine their business processes,latest global techniques. 24 hour 2 several fields have a demand forMbps Broadband Internet and Our current intellectual agenda builds talented individuals with a managementmultimedia Facilities are provided so on the rich history of OB at FMS and information systems background,that the students can develop and focuses squarely on the organizational including marketing, sales, finance,sharpen their technical skills. Students changes and challenges arising from production, and accounting. Informationhave opportunities of working on live todays increasingly global and more systems have taken on such strategicprojects received from reputed national competitive economy. importance that managers with an ISand international companies. We background are becoming chiefprovides rigorous training to the executive officers.students on latest IT technologies andalso helps them for the recruitment. 15
  18. 18. Meet the FMS-Pune Faculty Committed to excellence. Committed to you.Prof. Jayant Oke Mr.Dileep NarayananManagement consultant CEO, Organics BPS Prof. Brijnesh SisodiyaFaculty - Managerial Economics Faculty Entrepreneurial Development Faculty - Principal & Practice of Management" At FMS, students acquire more than “ There is wide recognition today that “ These are difficult times, even in India.knowledge; they acquire the ability to leaders of all organizations - start-ups, But the way to remain on top of the keycompetently and critically apply their medium sized companies, large issues and grow in the future is not bylearned knowledge and skills to corporations, family businesses, non- retreating, but by going on the offensive,contemporary business. This is profi t organizations, public sector and by developing new and uniqueachieved through the School’s institutions and governmental insights.commitment to participant centered institutions - must possess an The FMS Pune PGDM programlearning and teaching. The classes at entrepreneurial mindset. An produces well-rounded graduates whoFMS are invariably interactive and entrepreneurial mindset is focused on see the same things other graduatescase-based and they demand both the opportunity and is vital to generating see but think differently."professors and the students to do their sustainable long term growth. Inutmost in preparation." recognition of this reality, FMS Pune has made Entrepreneurial Management a core course in the MBA curriculum. In addition, we have a number of other courses such as Starting New Ventures, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Finance that provide a solid foundation for our graduates to be successful in their careers. " 4 16
  19. 19. SyllabusSemester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3? Principles and Practices of Management Economics Environment of Business ? ? Entrepreneurship Development? Organizational Behaviour ? Management Financial ? Management Control System? Marketing Management Basis of ? Resources Management Human ? Functional Elective 1? Management Accounting Manufacturing & Operations Management ? ? Functional Elective 2? Communication Business ? Methodology Research ? Functional Elective 3? Managerial Economics International Business Management ? ?2Sector? Legal Aspects of Business ? & Logistics Managements Materials ?3Sector? Management Information System ?Economy & Sectoral Analysis Indian ? Individual Summer Training? Statistical & Quantitative Methods ?Industrial Projects Group? Emotional Intelligence. ? to Buiness BusinessSemester 4? Policy & Strategic ManagementBusiness Individual Research Projects: ?Risk Management? ? Internship Training will be individual training of minimum 60 days duration SummerFunctional Elective 4? in a business organization / Company to be carried under the guidance of nominatedFunctional Elective 5? faculty.Functional Elective 6? ??4Sector ?Projects : Group? LanguageForeign ?Industrial Project ( Semester 2) GroupNGO Group Project? NGO Group Project ( Semester 4) ?The FMS Pune faculty includes renowned academics and management gurus with worldwide business experiencespanning the entire spectrum, from family business to top Blue Chip Corporations. They bring with them new ideas,unique insights, diverse experience and creative teaching methods that bridge theory and practice and enrich thelearning environment. Our faculty brings to the program real world experience and the latest research in managementtopics, ranging from accounting to strategic management. Our 6:1 student to faculty ratio gives students more directcontact with business thought leaders than any other post graduate business program in the country. Our esteemedfaculty includes :Mr. Atul Bhatnagar, IAS Dr. Manish VermaBE (Mech Eng), MBA M. Sc., Ph. D. (IIT , Kharagpur)Dr. Chakraborthy Partho Prof. Anita PranjapePGDM ( IIM-A) PhD (Calcutta University) B.Sc., Integrated Skills in English examinations (Trinity College of London, UK)Dr. Kamal KishorSenior Faculty/ Director (Training) Prof. Mr. V. G. Vibhute B Sc,M Sc (Physics), MMS (Marketing)Dr. Sadanand JainSenior Faculty/ Director (Research) Prof. Ashish SharmaM.A., M.Phil., Ph.D. (Economics) MBA (Devi Ahilya University, Indore), Fellow (IIM Bangalore)Dr. Hemlata Mishra Prof. kavita SarkarDy. Director Fellow (IIM Ahmedabad), MBA, B.Sc. (Econ Area PM & IR )M.A.(Economics) Ph.D. Dr. Ganeshan RaoDr. Alexender Breganza M.A. (S.W.), LL.B., Ph.D. (TISS)XISS, PGDRD (XISS), M.Phil (TISS), Ph.D. (JNU) Mr. Dilip BamDr. Anurag Kumar BE.Mech (IIT), MBA (XLRI)M.A. (Psychology), Ph.D.(JNU) Dr. Anwar ShaikhMr. Ajay Dinanath M.Com, MICA, PGDPM&IR, FUWAI,AMIMA, Ph.D.(BuinessB.Sc. (Pune University), PGDBM ( XLRI) Admn.)Prof. Firoze Khan Dr. S. B. MishraMBA( Pune University), M,Sc.( Scotland, UK) MBA, Ph.D.Dr (Mrs) Anjana Godse Prof. Pushpa AnantB.Sc., M.C.M. (Pune Univ.), Ph.D. (Pune Univ.) PGDCA, MBAProf. Baleshwar Subrahmanyan Prof. Jayaraman S. S.BE (Electrical), REC, Bhopal, PGDM (IIMC). B Sc, M Sc (Physics), PGDBA from IIM (A).Dr. Anuradha Agarwal Prof. Rajeev GuptaPh.D (Communications for Brand Building) B.E, M.S. (State Univ. of New York, Buffalo, USA) 17
  20. 20. Academic EvaluationEvaluationAll courses are conducted and evaluated in a continuous & internal manner by the faculty who teach these courses. Thestudent registers for a certain number of courses each semester; the year being divided into two semesters, and asummer term, whenever offered. A faculty member, as registration advisor, helps a student to draw up his programme,suitable to his pace and needs, which is made possible by the course-wise time-table of the Institute. It is the responsibilityof the student to attend classes regularly and to maintain the required level of scholastic standing (Please refer to theAttendance Charter).Assessment:The performance of a student in each course is assessed by the teacher by means of continuous evaluation throughoutthe semester in class work, periodical quizzes, tests (sometimes unannounced), tutorials, home work, projects, etc. and acomprehensive examination at the end of the semester. The student is thereby given a large number of opportunities toprove himself and be evaluated. The system encourages and rewards continuous and systematic study. It providesconstant feedback to the student as to where he stands, thus enabling him to cultivate regular habits of studying /learning and preparing himself for the future.Unusual methods of evaluation have been evolved in the Practice School courses to take account of certain traits which donot surface in classroom education, like professional judgement, decision-making ability, interdisciplinary approach,initiative, leadership, sense of responsibility, etc.GradingThe system discards the conventional emphasis on a single final examination and numerical marks as the only absoluteindication of the quality of a students performance. Thus, at the end of the semester the teacher of the course awardsletter grades A, B, C, F to the student based on the total performance of the student and it is relative to the performance ofothers taking the same course. These letter grades stand for quality performance : A-Excellent, B-Good, C-Fair and F-Fail.Further, these letter grades have points associated with them in a quantified hierarchy. There are also courses in whichthe teacher awards non-letter grades which have only a qualitative hierarchy. The teacher may also pronounce theperformance of a student in a course in terms of certain reports which should not be misconstrued as grades.The Institute, being fully residential with an internal and continuous evaluation system, expects every student to beresponsible for regular attendance in classrooms, to appear in scheduled tests and examinations and to fulfil all othertasks assigned to him in every course. The system has adequate resilience to accommodate unforeseen situationsthrough withdrawal from a course, mock-up tests, feedback from examinations and interaction with teachers. When, inspite of all these facilities, a student fails to co-operate with the teacher in the discharge of his part of the contract to suchan extent that the teacher is unable to award any grade, the teacher is authorized to give a “F” (FAIL) report.A student is deemed to have cleared a course if he obtains a grade in the course. However the educational philosophy ofthe Institute interlinks and at the same time distinguishes between the performance of a student in a single course and hisoverall cumulative performance. The overall performance of a student is indicated by an index known as the “CumulativeGrade Point Average” (CGPA). It is the weighted average of the grade points of all the letter grades received by thestudent since his entry into the Institute and is expressed on a 10-point scale.During the students stay in the Institute, the Institute expects him to show certain minimum performance and progress.The minimum academic requirement is regarding the performance and progress for the Integrated programme is :? of at least 4.5 at the end of every semester.A CGPA? than one C grade in a semester is allowed for integrated programmes.Not moreStudents who fail to meet the minimum academic requirements stipulated above are put under an appropriatecommittee which monitors their programmes and gives guidance so that they are properly rehabilitated at the earliest.This is done by Academic Counseling Board (ACB) which is appointed by the Senate and is given authority to takeappropriate action including discontinuance of the student. 18
  21. 21. Challenge yourself19
  22. 22. Academic ConductWe take all academic misconduct extremely seriously and investigate all alleged offences of cheating in assessed workand examinations. Students suspected of misconduct are dealt with accordingly through the Academys StudentDiscipline Procedures. Academic misconduct during examinations includes:Unauthorized Material : The act of bringing unauthorized material (written, printed or in any other format) into theexamination room; communicating with, receiving assistance from, copying from or providing assistance to anothercandidate during an examination; removing examination books or worksheets from the examination room. If theInstitute finds a student to be in breach of discipline by having cheated in assessed work and/or examinations, it has thediscretion to apply a range of penalties, ranging from nullification of module results up to suspension or expulsion fromthe Institute. The standard penalty applied is to make null and void all assessments undertaken during the relevantsemester. We understand that students may not be fully aware of the issues surrounding academic misconduct. It istherefore important that students inform themselves of these issues and seek the advice of staff faculty support service assoon as any problems arise. The consequences of misconduct in examinations and all other forms of assessment aresevere and may result in all assessments undertaken at the relevant subject being made null and void.Copying : Copying the work of others, including that of other students in the class or group, is an indication of unfairmeans whereby one person gains credit for the work undertaken by another. Where an element of reproduction is adesirable element of an assessment, as might be the case in a group project or presentation, the instructions for theassessed work will specify the extent to which such reproduction is permissible. The extent of legitimate reproductionmust be acknowledged by a student within their work. Students are advised to check the rest of their work to ensure that itis their own. Working with other students in informal study groups is a desirable part of the academic experience butstudents must ensure that the work that is finally submitted is theirs and not that of anyone else. Students should keepcopies of material such as working notes, or sketches of diagrams or drafts of essays that show that the work and itssource has been acknowledged and identified.Plagiarism : As the consequences of misconduct in examinations and all other forms of assessment are severe, theStudent Guide to Plagiarism can be found at the end of Part B, prior to the Appendices.Note on Detection of Plagiarism : College may require student work to be submitted for checking using plagiarismdetection software. This is intended to assist students in identifying possible plagiarism in course work submitted forassessment which could otherwise result in disciplinary action against students.Collusion : Collusion involves an agreement to deceive. This means that more than one person is involved in thedeception. An accusation of collusion may be added to an accusation of copying if there is clear evidence of theinvolvement of each party. Students should be extremely careful about lending their completed work to otherpersons. Students may think that they are helping others to meet a deadline in lending their work to others but itmay result in problems if other students copy a students work without informing them. What starts out as a supportiveaction may carry the risk of an accusation of collusion.Examination Rules and Regulations : Passing in all the examinations is a must. Any student having backlog (s) will not beallowed to appear for campus placement facility as the companies dont want to consider students with backlogs.Students, having any backlog, should appear in the examination being held for the juniors, to clear the same. Themanagement is seriously considering a proposal to classify the students according to their marks and allow them toappear before selected companies according to their standards, as exhibited by their performance, for campusplacements. 20
  23. 23. Students’ Development The Office of Student Development at FMS Pune is responsible for co-curricular life. Its programs and policies are founded on the belief that life outside the classroom influences a students growth and development as much as the academic experience. Programs reflect the importance of the residential nature of the College. The process of self-governance in residence halls encourages students to resolve conflicts and to learn how to live effectively in a community. These programs are diversified, but all support the idea that education is a process of intellectual and social growth and change. Student Development designs, implements and evaluates programs and services in the following areas: student success, wellness, recreational sports, career development, counseling, athletics, residence life, student activities, campus safety and security, health services, service learning, and conduct. Members of the Office of Student Development work closely with student organizations and FMS Student Council. While our contacts with students are normally confidential, we reserve the right to contact parents when we think that it is appropriate to do so. 21
  24. 24. Students DevelopmentStudents CouncilFaculty of Management Sciences- Pune encourages co-curricular activities and total involvement of students even n theadministration of the Institute. The Students Council which has many functional heads for each branch of interest will functionlike a cabinet and be responsible for meeting the legitimate aspirations of the student managers.The Students Council is headed by its President and will comprise need based committees. Each Committee will havecoordinators. The members will be selected by a committee comprising of the following:Executive Director, Director of the Institute, President and Vice President of Students Council, One Nominee of the Director fromthe facultyTo be a member of the council is a great honour. So is the case with being a member of the committees. The committee referredto above keeps track of the activities and their contributions to serve other students and the growth and the glory of the Institute.They will help and assist in the decision making process of the top management and will have direct access to the topmanagement of the institute.The council will have its own budget which will be spent by the respective committees under supervision of the President /VicePresident. Those council members who show continued performance will have the privilege of sitting for more than twocompanies in their Campus Placements. The Students Council Comprises of:PresidentVice President and the heads of following committeeCultural Committee, Seminar Committee, Academic Committee, Discipline Committee, Corporate Relations Committee,Alumni Committee & Placement CommitteeClubs and OrganizationsWe encourage our students to take part in various extracurricular activities of the institute. For this, the students are allowed tojoin various students Clubs and Associations. Through these Clubs and Associations students gain experience on how tomanage various activities in practical life and learn performance skills for event management. The Clubs and Associations are :1. Entrepreneurship Development Cell: The Entrepreneurship Development Club aims to provide a conduit by which students can access relevant Entrepreneurial resources, network with prominent community Entrepreneurs and share ideas. To this end the club is dedicated to furthering understanding about new or small businesses, and about Entrepreneurship in all businesses. The annual events of this Cell are: a) Entrepreneurship Conference. b) Young Entrepreneurs Organization(YEO) seminar. c) Start Idea assessment contest.2. Women Student Managers Association: The WSMAs mission is to connect and support all women at FMS-Pune through mentoring programms, Networking Events, Speaker Series, the annual Conference and Social Events across the sections and with other schools and organizations; to promote the diversity of womens achievements and contributions; to work with the FMS- Pune administration to make sure that issues that are relevant to women are being addressed and to lay the foundation of a powerful network of female business leaders and connect current students to FMS- Pune alumnus.3. Advertising Club: The Advertising Club works through the spirit of volunteerism. Members of AD Club organize spectacular events and programmes, creating a sense of community within the industry and bringing together all segments of the advertising profession and related fields. The AD Club works together to create contact situation for students interested in advertising or public relations careers. AD Club fosters students understanding of theory and practice in the profession of public relations. The Annual Events include: 1. Field Trips to Advertising / Public Relations Agencies 2. Organizing Guest Speakers 3. Parties4. Student Managers Retail Club: Keeping in the line with the changing demands of time, the FMS- Pune Retail Club caters for management talent and provides an opportunity to the students to actively network with the Industry. Retail is a booming Industry in India and holds a very promising future for management students. The Retail Club at the Institute is one such initiative to facilitate increased Student- Industry Interaction for mutual benefits. The Mission of the Retail Club is to conduct workshops, arrange for Guest Speakers, Organize Retail Seminars, Network by facilitating increased industry alumni student interaction to provide a platform to the students to learn the dynamics of the retail Industry. 22
  25. 25. An International seminar onCross Cultural leadership and Business Ethicsorganised by students council. 23
  26. 26. Emergenetics For the First Time in India by Any B School Asia FMS Pune offers Individual strength Assessment and Psychometric Profiling by Singapore based Emergenetics Asia for all the students. Individuals who build upon their own attributes for thinking and behaving are able to communicate, sell, make presentations, teach and motivate others more effectively. Do you know how you think and behave? The way you process ideas? How you translate ideas into action? Emergenetics gives you the answers. For the first time in India FMS Pune has tied up with Emergenetics Asia to conduct individual Management student Profiling for all its students enabling them to be highly proactive and more adaptable managers in todays competitive corporate environment. Thinking Moving Forward Emergenetics Asia has integrated decades of experience with the latest scientific research, to give business management students a better understanding of self, colleagues, clients and the world around. Emergenetics helps make better business decisions, build stronger, more creative and productive teams, and communicate more effectively in your daily life. Emergenetics International is a group of professionals who translate research from neuroscientific, psychological, educational, and business sources into information that is useful for individuals, teams, and organizations. Its based on the fact that our personalities are shaped by our genetics as well as by the characteristics that have emerged from our life experiences. Emergenetics products are used to promote job satisfaction, accelerate learning, enhance communication, and develop personal effectiveness. The services are delivered with the highest ethical and professional standards. With the Emergenetics Integrated course our students will : Gain insight into thinking and behavioral preferences ? Mesh personalities to develop the "perfect team” ? ?the "perfect presentation” that connects with the entire Make audience. Solve problems creatively ? ? change Manage ? interpersonal communications Enhance Accelerate learning ? ? productivity Increase ? new leaders Develop ? your horizons and value diversity Broaden Understand your consumer ? ? job satisfaction Enhance ? life satisfaction Enhance Understand yourself ? 24
  27. 27. International Internship to Canada Enhancing Your PGDM Experience Only Business School in Pune which offers compulsory International internship to all the StudentsAs a integral part of curriculum Faculty of Management Sciences - Pune offer Compulsory International Internship to all its FMS - Punes intensive teaching modelAstudents at NO EXTRA COST. NEWWhy intern abroad ? Way requires concentration that sharpensAn international internship is a unique way to gainthe mind and matchesglobal setting. The benefits to think professional experience in an exciting the intenselyinclude, but are not limited to : competitive world of business.Meaningful and challenging practical work experience with an international focus.?Developing close working relationships with business professionals who can serve as contacts for job opportunities,?provide references, and write strong letters of recommendation needed for the future academic and employmentopportunities.The development of cross-cultural skills and “cultural intelligence” needed by a growing number of employers.?Great preparation for behavioral and situational interview questions when students start applying for jobs.? 25
  28. 28. Understanding the basics It’s a fact. When a company gives students the opportunity to apply classroom concepts to real business solutions,students gain a greater understanding of business dynamics.Weekly Business QuizzesAt FMS we understand the need of designing and implementing such a curriculum which would bridge the gap betweentheoretical learning and industry requirements. Therefore as a part of student development programme we have tied upwith the Xed Intellect, an innovative online learning solution provider to enhance students learning and performance,and thereby creating areas of excellence.Online Business QuizzesWe intend to conduct weekly/fortnightly compulsory business quizzes based on current business awareness. It will helpstudents in application of current business situations in their classroom teaching, assignments and projects. Compulsorilyeach student has to secure a minimum of 60% marks in these quizzes. At the time of final academic evaluation 5% ofbonus marks will be awarded to all those who secure more than 60% marks in all the quizzes.Objective of BizquizInculcate a reading habit of business newspapers among students to sharpen their business acumen.Why Current Business Awareness?Students undergoing a rigorous 2-year MBA Program, spend majority of the time in classroom training, assignments andprojects. In the spare time, they are generally engaged in extra-curricular activities. Therefore, students rarely get time toupdate themselves on day to day business news. Moreover, Indian education system (primary, secondary and graduation)is designed in such a way, that nowhere students develop a habit of reading business newspapers. However, being dailyupdated about business affairs is a requirement of every job and unless students develop this habit, they will struggle tooutstandingly perform in their respective careers.Salient Features of BizquizWeekly / Fortnightly Business Awareness Quiz throughout the yearNews covered from leading business newspapers like Economic Times, Business Standard, DNA Money, FinancialExpress, Wall Street Journal etc.News coverage from all business categories like Economy, Corporate, Sports, Entertainment, Lifestyle and People withspecial emphasis on reasoning based news.Domain (Functional Subject) QuizzesAs a part of continuous evaluation process students will also be judged on the basis of their functional (Finance, HR,Marketing, Operations, IT & International Business) knowledge base. Through Online Assessment System (OAS) we willevaluate each student as how much he/she has learnt the subject in detail and do they have clear understanding aboutsubject fundamentals. Securing 70% marks in the functional subjects is a must. At the time of final academic evaluation5% of bonus marks will be awarded to all those who secure more than 60% marks in all the functional quizzes.Benefits include:Continuous Evaluation of students rather than one end term examinationChangeover from Rote Learning to Conceptual Understanding.Instantaneous Performance Reports help in analyzing weak areas of students and take corrective action immediately.On-time declaration of results.Eliminate biasness in checkingReduces overhead of setting and evaluating questions.Faculty will have more time for teaching, research and consultancy. 26
  29. 29. “Strive for perfection in everything that we do... ...take the best and then try to make it even better. " At FMS Pune we consider outdoor activities are integral part of management part of managerial development27
  30. 30. All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become. -Buddha28
  31. 31. VipassanaThe TechniqueVipassana, which means to see things as they really are, is one of Indias most ancient techniques of meditation. It wasrediscovered by Gotama Buddha more than 2500 years ago and was taught by him as a universal remedy for universalills.This non-sectarian technique aims for the total eradication of mental impurities and the resultant highest happiness offull liberation. Healing, not merely the curing of diseases, but the essential healing of human suffering, is its purpose.Vipassana is a way of self-transformation through self-observation. It focuses on the deep interconnection betweenmind and body, which can be experienced directly by disciplined attention to the physical sensations that form the lifeof the body, and that continuously interconnect and condition the life of the mind. It is this observation-based, self-exploratory journey to the common root of mind and body that dissolves mental impurity, resulting in a balanced mindfull of love and compassion.The scientific laws that operate ones thoughts, feelings, judgements and sensations become clear. Through directexperience, the nature of how one grows or regresses, how one produces suffering or frees oneself from suffering isunderstood. Life becomes characterized by increased awareness, non-delusion, self-control and peace.The TraditionSince the time of Buddha, Vipassana has been handed down, to the present day, by an unbroken chain of teachers.Although Indian by descent, the current teacher in this chain, Mr. S.N. Goenka, was born and raised in Burma(Myanmar). While living there he had the good fortune to learn Vipassana from his teacher, Sayagyi U Ba Khin who wasat the time a high Government official. After receiving training from his teacher for fourteen years, Mr. Goenka settledin India and began teaching Vipassana in 1969. Since then he has taught tens of thousands of people of all races andall religions in both the East and West. In 1982 he began to appoint assistant teachers to help him meet the growingdemand for Vipassana courses.The CoursesThe technique is taught at ten-day residential courses during which participants follow a prescribed Code of Discipline,learn the basics of the method, and practice sufficiently to experience its beneficial results.The course requires hard, serious work. There are three steps to the training.The first step is, for the period of the course, to abstain from killing, stealing, sexual activity, speaking falsely, andintoxicants. This simple code of moral conduct serves to calm the mind, which otherwise would be too agitated toperform the task of self-observation. The next step is to develop some mastery over the mind by learning to fix onesattention on the natural reality of the ever changing flow of breath as it enters and leaves the nostrils. By the fourth daythe mind is calmer and more focused, better able to undertake the practice of Vipassana itself: observing sensationsthroughout the body, understanding their nature, and developing equanimity by learning not to react to them.Finally, on the last full day participants learn the meditation of loving kindness or goodwill towards all, in which thepurity developed during the course is shared with all beings.The results come gradually through continued practice. It is unrealistic to expect all problems to be solved in ten days.Within that time, however, the essentials of Vipassana can be learned so that it can be applied in daily life. The morethe technique is practiced, the greater the freedom from misery, and the closer the approach to the ultimate goal of fullliberation. Even ten days can provide results which are vivid and obviously beneficial in everyday life. The entirepractice is actually a mental training. Just as we use physical exercises to improve our bodily health, Vipassana can beused to develop a healthy mind. Because it has been found to be genuinely helpful, great emphasis is put on preservingthe technique in its original, authentic form.The course is compulsory for all the students studying at FMS- Pune without any exceptions whatsoever.Students with psychological disorders and those who feel can not be a part of team should refrain takingadmission in our college.All those who try it will find Vipassana to be an invaluable tool with which to achieve and share real happiness withothers. 29
  32. 32. Life at FMS Pune Your future, reimagined It’s an exciting time to be at the FMS-Pune Located in the lust green region, surrounded by mountains and hills has all the advantages of its national peers plus a bold vision for business education that can’t be found anywhere else. Whether your aim is to be an International corporate manager, start your own business accelerate your career or choose a new direction, you’ve come to the right place. At FMS-Pune our goal is to provide you with a transformational learning experience that empowers you to think through the complexities of modern business and drive actions in a quickly changing world. Our program will transform your life and dramatically expand your potential giving you the knowledge and skills you need to become a high value decision maker in the global economy. 30
  33. 33. LIFE AT FMS- PUNEOutdoor management activities are integral part of FMS- Pune.Paintball game is one such technique to enhance communicationbetween co-workers. The benefits also include improved moralityand management skills, ability to tackle problems, and betterunderstanding of work environment. Other advantages are thedevelopments in communication, concentration, decision-making,group problem solving, and minimizing stress. 26 31
  34. 34. LIFE AT FMS- PUNE32
  35. 35. Life at FMSA Student Managers Life at FMS- PUNE is very vibrant, dynamic and full of learning experiences. Your Two- Years staywill truly tune you to the needs of the corporate world and will enable you to face real life situations. On the FMS- PUNEcampus you will find an extensive range of cultural and social activities. Whether you are interested in sports or politics,art or alternative culture we guarantee there will be something (s) for each one of you. Students are welcome to take partin all extra-curricular activities.Student Culture and Social Life : The FMS- PUNE has a rich and varied social and cultural life. There are many activestudent associations, societies, clubs, and organizations. The social and cultural activities on campus are there to provideyou with a rewarding experience as a student. Taking part in one or several of these student activities is an easy way to getinto the heard of student life and make new friends.Special Events Programme: Students are encouraged to engage in cultural activities .Students at FMS- PUNE every yearcelebrate LIBERTY, our annual cultural event. The menu of cultural activities includes concerts, theater, music anddramatics. The College allocates a budget for the entire event. Students manage the entire show. Being a part of thisevent is real fun and a great learning experience as almost everything is done by students. FMS- PUNE also arranges aSpecial Events programme as part of freshers party. The idea is to make newcomers feel comfortable and gel with theseniors. These events contribute to academic life and thus make your stay at FMS- PUNE more pleasant, interesting, andstimulating.Athletics: A Healthy mind lives in a Healthy body. FMS- PUNE recommends that the students exercise daily to developtheir physical and mental abilities. In keeping with this doctrine, FMS- PUNE organizes Sports Days at the campus withvarious facilities including badminton, tennis, volleyball, and cricket.Student Restaurants, Cafés and Cafeterias: The Student Cafeterias are a natural meeting place for students. Restaurants,Cafés and Cafeterias are the hang-out points and offer a wide selection of menus including non-vegetarian food. Menusare priced bearing in mind that most students live on a tight budget.Health Care: A doctor appointed by us will be available in the Institute for an hour once a week. Those seeking medicalassistance can meet him/her. All the students will also go through a complete medical check-up in the Institute. However,all the absences on medical grounds will have to be adjusted by the students amongst 5%.Students having medicalproblems of any kind are advised not to apply to FMS- PUNE as even the industry expects perfect medical fitness. Doctorsand dentists are also available for students free of charge in case of any emergencies.Social Counseling: Life as a student is not always straightforward. Sometimes, the need arises for someone to talk to andseek counsel. FMS- PUNEs Social Counseling Service consists of a team of professional counselors to whom students canturn for help. Here students can discuss their problems- academic, financial or personal.From the time you step onto campus to begin your FMS experience until the day you leave with your diploma, our staff ishere to support you in your journey. Working in partnership with our world-class faculty, we will challenge you, engageyou and inspire you.We’ll help you chart a path for success, coach you to realize your full potential and guide you throughout your journey.At FMS Pune, we blend rigorous academic programs with a vibrant life in and outside the classroom—all within a safe,quality living environment that fosters personal growth and development. 33
  36. 36. Your Career FMS PGDM graduates face tough competition in the job market. While there are many ways to measure the return on investment of your FMS PGDM, we recognize how important it is for you to find a job that launches you on your ideal career path. Enabling this process is FMSs Corporate Connections Centre (CCC), which pursues partnerships with leading and emerging companies across industry sectors and coaches you in self-marketing strategies that will benefit you throughout your career — everything from mock interviews to case workshops. Whether you are looking for a mentor in your chosen field, tips on networking and dressing for success, a resumé clinic or preparation for an on- campus interview, the CCC will help you make the most of your potential. As well as assisting FMS PGDM students with career placement and self- marketing strategies, the CCC offers coaching to FMS PGDM students for their summer job search. Once you graduate, youll receive lifelong support through alumni job postings and other resources to assist you as your career progresses. 34
  37. 37. 100% Corporate Placement High level of professionalism, excellent academic environment, world class faculty, Integrated Development programme for students , International exposure along with 100% corporate placement guarantee”Placement Facts :Placement guarantee to all the students. Choice of two companies to each student. Average salary package of Rs. 4 lakhs p.a. in India.15 placements abroad ( Singapore / Dubai) Placements preferences as per sectorial specialization. 35
  38. 38. International Placements in Singapore and Dubai 15 Guaranteed Placementsin Singapore & Dubai 36
  39. 39. PlacementsFMS Pune offers a 100% placement guarantee for all its students. A minimum Package of Rs 3 lakhs will be offered to each student.There is No upper limit for highest package offering. However, following criteria should be taken into consideration. Campusrecruitment is meant only for the Students of the Final Year and the “passed” Students if they are eligible.The Placement Process would commence from the first week of July.Companies confirming for recruitment at the campus will be categorized into Category A, Category B and Category C. Thiscategorization and the slot assignment for recruitment is done by the Placement Cell on the basis of various details provided by thecompany through the Job Response Form (such as Package details, job profile, number of branches, number of students, pastassociation with FMS Pune, etc).A student can procure only one job in each category and is barred from applying for any more.A student procuring a job in a Category C company is entitled only for applying in Category B and Category A. A student procuring Jobin Category B company can only apply for Category A company and Student Procuring Job in Category A company cannot apply forany other Category. If a student gets an offer from more than one company (different categories), then he/she must inform thecompanies about the job offer he/she wishes to accept ,through the Placement Cell before completing his/her course.If a student does not get a Job by 15th March, he/she may apply for off campus recruitment after notifying the Placement Cell.The policy is subject to change at a later stage at the discretion of the Placement Cell. The changes made, if any, at a later stage will benotified to all concerned.Eligibility Criteria for Campus Placements.The following criteria are being considered, in addition to those mentioned in the prospectus, to draw up the list of eligible candidates for campus placements:-1. Students with backlog(s) are not allowed to sit for the campus placements.2. Students will be required to go through a pre placement scrutiny involving the following:- Written test on business environment which will be based on the newspapers – 100 Marks. Academic performance as per the results in first and second semesters – The percentage obtained in the first and second semesters will be counted. Attendance Marks will be as per the attendance percentage. The Marks will also be awarded for co-curricular activities in the institute. The weightage / percentage will be decided by a High Power Committee comprising of the Executive Director and Directors of Institutes. Group Discussions on current affairs / business environment will be for 100 Marks. Specialization Subject based interview by an expert from the industry / institute will be for 100 Marks.3. Those placed in the Red List for any reason will be disqualified and they will not be allowed to go through the above process.4. Any student sent out of class on any disciplinary ground / on ground such as not being ready with the academic assignments / presentations by the faculty will attract negative marks of 20 per incident.5. Similarly, students involved in any misbehaviour /misconduct/ collective insubordination will attract negative marks.6. Campus Placement activities are undertaken by all the management institutes in Pune. Few are very successful. Many are not. We pray and hope to maintain excellent placement assistance in India and abroad.7. The placement facility is denied however to students found wanting in attendance, conduct, performance and those who do not comply with laid down rules and regulations, or any rule which may be laid down in the future in the interest of merit, code of conduct, right attitude and positive behaviour as seen from verifiable facts, befitting the expectations of the industry.8. Students violating our norms, rules and regulations will be punished with an objective of correcting them and not spoiling their career because we consider ourselves as a family and an earring member is to be taken to task by the elders as it happens in any walk of life.The Process :Final Placements is an avenue for companies to pick future business leaders from the richest management talent pool in the country.STEP –I: The Company contacts the Placement Committee, schedules a date and makes a PPT to the students interested and eligible toparticipate in the process.STEP-II: The resumes of interested candidates are sent to the company. The company in turn reverts with a shortlist. The companys slotin the placement process is confirmed by the Placement Committee. The slot is determined by the students with the help of ademocratic slotting process.STEP- III: The process begins. Selection processes of various participating companies are organized by slot. Recruitment processes ofcompanies in the same slot progress simultaneously.STEP-IV: Final acceptances of the offers are communicated to the company, and the students are available to join work by March end. 37
  40. 40. New AdmissionsWe, at FMS Pune, leave no stone unturned to ensure that, every student joining our Institute is groomed well and placedwell. Although, we are having very tough training schedule, the spirit behind it is to give maximum to the students, sothat, the objective of their joining us is achieve.Prospectus and Application FormThe application form has appropriate columns and the students should carefully fill up the same, so that, a student canget maximum opportunity to get admitted at FMS Pune.InstructionsCandidates are requested to submit duly filled application forms along with All the Annexures, without which yourapplication will not be processedYou are required to attach 10 passport size photographs along with the application form.Certificates of any kind such as Original/Attested of Degree/Diploma, Caste, Work experience or Extra Curricularactivities need not be attached now, You are required to carry them at the time of interview.We accept CAT/MAT/XAT/ATMA/SNAP Examinations results, for a Group Discussion and Personal interview for our AICTEApproved Job oriented “Two Year Full Time Post-Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)”Candidates who have been screened through the written test score of CAT/MAT/ XAT/ ATMA/ SNAP will be called for theGroup Discussion and Personal Interview (GD/PI). The group discussion generally aims at measuring the skills,knowledge, attitude, social behaviour, leadership, personality, etc. of the candidates. Group discussion is an eliminationround. The purpose of interview is to measure aptitude, subject knowledge, business awareness, communication skillsand suitability for corporate careers.EligibilityReservations1. 5% seats are reserved for Defence Personnel.2. 15% of seats reserved for SC candidates3. 7.5% of seats reserved for ST candidates4. 3% seats reserved for physically handicapped candidates with 40% and above disability.5. 5% seats are reserved for Management quota.6. As a socially conscious trust we believe in the upliftment of women and hence a minimum of 50% of the remainingseats may be considered for female candidates provided they are otherwise suitable.Admission ProcedureWe are proud to state that we accept CAT/MAT/XAT/ATMA/SNAP scores. In case, any student has not applied for anycompetitive exam we conduct our own entrance exam, which will only be counted for the purpose of merit list.We are not having any cut off points as we give weightage to all the above parameters in the selection process. The exactweightage to be given for the entrance examination will be decided based on a decision to be taken by the High PoweredCommittee. Thus, any one with good percentile / percentage can apply for the selection process. However, the Societyreserves the right to prescribe any qualitative requirement as may be required if and when considered necessary.Merit ListOn completion of interviews, we compare the performances of all candidates appearing for the Personal Interviews andgenerate a final merit list based on their overall performance. Final selection will be based on the following criteria.Entrance Score - 25%Group Discussion - 20%Academic Records - 20%Personal Interview - 20%Work Experience - 10%Individual Presentation - 5%We select the best possible candidates for our Institute from amongst all the applications received. 38 35
  41. 41. Join FMS for Two Years39
  42. 42. and be a Leader for Rest of your Life40
  43. 43. How to ApplyApplication Form for Full Time programs is a part of this prospectus. The Prospectus includes:(a) Application Form (b) Annexures, 1, 2,3,4,5All the documents, mentioned above bear the same prospectus number and need to be duly filled and submitted to theaddress mentioned below. The Application Form & Prospectus for the programme of choice can be obtained in the below-mentioned ways; the completed form has to be submitted to the Institute.The Application Forms and Prospectus are available on payment of Rs. 1000/- in cash or Rs. 1050/- through DemandDraft (payable at Pune) favoring the “Abhinav FMS Pune ”All the requests for prospectus and all the inquiries related to admissions should be directed to the following address:-Admission CellFaculty of Management SciencesInstitute of Management (PGDM)S.No. 13, Katraj- Dehu Road Bypass,Ambegaon (BK.) Pune- 411046Telephone +91 (020) 32406202/32406203Fax: (020)24390776,Mobile: 09657855604/ 09767240241GD / PI CentersAhmedabad , Bangaluru , Bhopal, Bhubaneshwar, Chandigarh, Chennai, Dehradun, Delhi , Hyderabad ,Indore , Jaipur,Jammu, Kochi, Kolkata, Lucknow, Kanpur, Allahabad, Mumbai, Nagpur, Patna , Pune, Raipur (subject to Notification)Education LoansStudents desirous of educational loans will be provided all the necessary assistance. However, the request for loans willbe processed by the banks according to their terms and conditions.Fee StructureThe Total Academic Fee for the AICTE approved Two- Year full time PGDM course at FMS Pune is Rs. 4,70,000/- (FourLakh Seventy Thousand ) Payable in 3 Instalments.First Instalment at the Time of Admission : 1,50,000/-Second Instalment on or before 15th Nov 2011 : 1, 50,000/-Third Instalment at on or before 15th May 2011 : 1, 30,000/-Registration FeeRs. 40,000/-(Forty Thousand)Hostel FeeRs 50,000/- (Fifty Thousand) Per Annum for Non AC Accommodation.+3 time mealsRs 60,000/-(Sixty Thousand) Per Annum for AC Accommodation.+ 3 times mealsNoteThe Management Quota fee is twice the Academic Course fee.All Dd’s must be in the name of “Abhinav FMS Pune” payable at Pune.Refund RulesIf admission is cancelled before the commencement of the academic programme, 50% fees paid by the student will bededucted and the balance refunded.No refund is permissible after 30 days from the commencement of the course. 41