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Travis - Ny løsning for reiseregninger @ First Tuesday Bergen


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Travis - Ny løsning for reiseregninger

Pitch som del av First Tuesday Bergen arrangementet, i samarbeid med
"Hvordan investere i oppstartsselskaper"

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Travis - Ny løsning for reiseregninger @ First Tuesday Bergen

  1. 1. Intelligent expense manager for a frequent business traveler
  2. 2. business trips in 2017
  3. 3. Automagic Reports Automized per diem reporting & mileage tracking Travis converts your flight receipt into a smart report and autofills travel route and time period Expenses are automatically added to the report Travel report is ready for submission in a minute
  4. 4. Travis analyzes your receipts and fills out expense details automatically Tailor-made for the business traveller Covers 100% Norwegian accounting requirements Morning jenter! Ser ut som vi har kommet p� Innolab prosjektet sammen skulle vi sendt en mail og avtalt med BK? Passer forsovet best p� fredag ettermiddag for meg You Travel Travis reports
  5. 5. Electronic Receipts Travis takes automatisation to the next level by collecting electronic receipts from services you use during the travel Direct integrations and automized receipt flow
  6. 6. Competition Name iOS Android Automatic Report Creation Diet - Travel Per Diem Automatic Data Recognition Mileage Tracking Rating in App Store Yearly price per user Luca Expenses 1 188 kr year 99 kr / mo Travis Reise & Utlegg 790 kr year 79 kr / mo Eurocard Pro from 3500 kr year + 750 kr / mo user Visma Attach 588 kr year + etablering 5% PowerOffice Go 1200 kr year + 50 kr / mo user 50% Sonya Expenses 480 kr year 40 kr / mo Kommer snart
  7. 7. The Team Sanna Lutsoja | CPO & CMO Product- and technology development, marketing Has marketing and consultant background Fredrik Holst | Chairman of the Board Business developer, expertise in accounting and finance, CEO in Save Solutions Members of the Board Hilde St�le Pettersen, Harald Mowinckel Troye, Helge Hannisdal Eivind Braathen | CEO & Investor Business development, partnerships and finance. Earlier founder of Webstep.
  8. 8. Investors & Capital King Holding AS Svein Johnsen 11% 17% 11% 9% 7% 7% 4% Momentum Invest & Holding AS Arve Janbu Fresvik Hilde St�le Pettersen Tanstaafl AS Henrik Lie-Nielsen H5 Innovations AS Helge Hannisdal Holst Investments AS Fredrik Holst CPO / CMO Sanna Lutsoja Skaathun Invest AS Jan �ge Skaathun Mowinckel Invest AS Harald Mowinckel Troye 8% Ateum AS / CEO Eivind Braathen 5%
  9. 9. Eivind Braathen CEO (+47) 982 19 581 Sanna Lutsoja CPO & CMO (+47) 920 25 004