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Momentum Partners @ First Tuesday Bergen


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Momentum Partners

Published in: Technology
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Momentum Partners @ First Tuesday Bergen

  1. 1. This information is confidential and was prepared by Momentum Partners solely for the use of our client; it is not to be relied on by any 3rd party without Momentum Partners' prior written consent MOMENTUM PARTNERS (AND PARTNERS) First Tuesday Bergen, 4 October 2016
  2. 2. 2 THE CORE TEAM Complementing competence with experience in all stages of business • Partner and co-founder of Momentum Partners • Focus on business development and transactions • 16 years experience from consulting and industry (Arkwright, PwC, Hydro, Statoil, Rieber&Søn) ARVE FRESVIK • Co-founder of Momentum Partners • CEO W. Giertsen AS • Focus on management, strategy and org. development • 23 years experience from consulting and industry (BCG, Jotun, Rieber&Søn, W. Giertsen) FRANK MOHN HILDE STØLE PETTERSEN • Partner in Momentum Partners • Focus on strategy, org. development and analysis • 7 years experience from consulting (BCG, Momentum Partners) • Part of new network for female angel investors • Co-founder of Adams Matkasse • Business development director Linas Matkasse • Focus on early-phase, marketing, sales, brand-building and growth LASSE SMEDSVIG • Co-founder of Adams Matkasse • Business development director Linas Matkasse • Focus on early-phase, sales, operations and growth HARALD AALVIK • Co-founder of 4 internationally successful tech start-ups • Business angel • Started his career in McKinsey OLLI SIRKIÄ
  3. 3. 3 FOUR INVESTMENTS SINCE OCTOBER 2015 CONCEPT FUNDING SECURED (partly with co-investors) Innovative hair dressing concept MNOK 4,3 Booking platform for cleaning services MNOK 4,0 Hosting service based on Airbnb MNOK 0,6 Innovative feed for marine larvae MNOK 6,5 (+ MNOK 4) Oct 2015 Oct 2015 July 2016 Sept 2016 PRESENCE Bergen, Oslo, Trondheim Bergen, Oslo, Helsinki (FI), Tampere (FI), Turku (FI) Bergen, Oslo, Trondheim, Stavanger Bergen/Karmøy, launching in Brazil and Ecuador COMPANY
  4. 4. WE GET INVOLVED! Bygging av Cutters’ første modul Minipro vinner Angel Challenge Kontraktssignering og champagne med Easybnb Arve rer opp senger med Easybnb Intensjonsavtale i boks med Freska FI
  5. 5. HIGH AMBITIONS • Bring forward innovative businesses originating from the west coast of Norway • Create a bridge between the traditional capital base and the start-up scene in Bergen • Actively contribute to the growing start-up scene in Bergen and Norway • Expand capital base and network participation 5 WE HAVE AMBITIOUS PLANS! 2-5 new investments annually Investment amount MNOK 0.3-5.0 per company Long-term commitment
  6. 6. We are looking for you, if you… …are a brilliant, yet coachable, team …solve a real problem / fulfil a real need in the market ...present a scalable concept at the right time …have a solid business model …have ambitions at least in the Nordics and preferably beyond 6 WHAT’S AN IDEAL INVESTMENT CASE FOR US? We are always looking for new opportunities
  7. 7. WHY WORK WITH US? A proven track record and long-term commitment 7 CORE TEAM Deeply involved in daily operations – we will keep you busy, but help you along the way! Network of relevant co- investors with substantial capital base Drawing on our network of experts in specific fields as needed (e.g. legal, tax, auditing) EXTENDED TEAM Based on different careers in industry, consulting and entrepreneurship