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CeoBas - Nye løsninger for ballasthåndtering på skip @ First Tuesday Bergen


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CeoBas - Nye løsninger for ballasthåndtering på skip

Pitch som del av First Tuesday Bergen arrangementet, i samarbeid med
"Hvordan investere i oppstartsselskaper"

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CeoBas - Nye løsninger for ballasthåndtering på skip @ First Tuesday Bergen

  2. 2. MAGNE RØDLAND - MY BACKGROUND. 17 years experience as Captain world wide trade. 4 years as Site manager newbuilding, in Japan, Korea, Singapore and Norway. 12 years District manager Norwegian Maritime Directorate. Experience from wind-mill installation offshore , ship and oil rig inspection. Participated several IMO and PMOU, representing NMD Norway.
  3. 3. ARCHIMEDES LAW Inventor who discovered how the weight of any floating element is to be measured. My loophole to a better environmental friendly ship, was found in “Archimedes law”.
  4. 4. A TYPICAL CEOBAS BOW SECTION. Ceobas intake
  5. 5. CEOBAS STERN SECTION Ceobas tunnels stern
  6. 6. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION  Ceobas ballast tanks system consist of 5,7 or 9 tunnels, with a total capacity of approximately 25 – 30% of the ships deadweight.  Each Ceobas tunnel can be divided into as many separate “ballast tank” as wanted io. to maintain required intact or damage stability.  A Ceobas 3 D printed model has recently been tested by Høyskolen in Bergen with extremely good result.  A Ceobas constructed ship is safer in rough seas, it is fare more environmental friendly since it carry no polluted water or unwanted species along on the voyage.  Ceobas double bottom will reduce the total ship cost, maintenance and the ships total weight. This will result more cargo on the same draft..
  7. 7. CEOBAS 3 D MODEL TEST CEOBAS test Bergen Høyskole
  8. 8. CEOBAS UNDER WATER PHOTO Bow intake Water line