Rajasthan Solar Policy Frist Green


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Rajasthan Solar Policy Frist Green

  1. 1. FIRSTGREEN CONSULTING Project Management for 1 MW Solar PV Project in Rajasthan under Rajasthan Solar Energy Policy 2011 by Tariff Based Bidding Process
  2. 2. Key features of Rajasthan Solar Policy• Developing a global hub of solar power of 10000-12000 MW capacity in next 10-12 years to meet energy requirements of Rajasthan and India.• To achieve the grid parity in next 7-8 years, the State will encourage the Solar Power Developers to establish manufacturing plant of their technology in Rajasthan.• Single Window Clearance: A State Level Empowered Committee consisting of following will provide single window clearance on proposals• Exemption from Electricity Duty: - Consumption of electricity generated by Eligible Power Producers for its captive use or for sale to a nominated third party will be exempted from Electricity Duty @ 50% for a period of 7 years from COD• Solar power projects will get land allotement at concessional rates viz, 10% of DLC rates Rajasthan is likely to emerge as the power house of the country with the possibilities of setting up installed capacity exceeding 100,000 MW.• So far, 49 Nos. solar project proposals totaling of 1524.MW have been registered to RRECL
  3. 3. Solar Radiation levels in RajasthanCity Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec AvgAjmer 3.9 4.58 5.42 6.08 6.64 6.43 5.3 5.04 5.1 4.76 4.04 3.64 5.08Alwar 3.75 4.5 5.32 5.82 6.26 6.06 4.99 4.66 4.93 4.59 3.92 3.47 4.86Bali 4.13 4.89 5.59 5.99 5.79 4.49 4.09 3.9 3.88 4.32 4.21 4.02 4.61Bharatpur 3.67 4.6 5.43 5.9 6.23 5.95 4.95 4.54 4.76 4.62 3.93 3.46 4.84Bhilwara 4.1 4.89 5.62 6.06 6.36 6.08 4.87 4.53 5.11 4.9 4.2 3.83 5.05Bikaner 3.51 4.11 4.9 5.85 6.52 6.44 5.77 5.36 4.95 4.38 3.66 3.19 4.89Jaipur 3.9 4.67 5.4 5.99 6.35 6.21 5.08 4.68 5.05 4.75 4.04 3.66 4.98Jodhpur 3.84 4.54 5.48 6.27 6.79 6.6 5.57 5.27 5.23 4.64 3.96 3.52 5.14Kota 4.01 4.87 5.55 6.11 6.31 6.01 4.83 4.36 5.12 4.92 4.19 3.81 5.01Pali 4.03 4.75 5.55 6.18 6.65 6.38 5.22 4.89 5.18 4.79 4.18 3.7 5.13
  4. 4. Registration of ProjectStep 1: Registration of Project in RRECL as per clause no 8 of Rajasthan Energy Policy2011.• This requires submission of the application to RREC with following required documents, as applicable – A certified copy of the Memorandum & Article of Association of the Company – Certified copy of the registration certificate – Certified copy of the partnership deed – Certified copy of the Authority conferring powers on the person(s) who are competent to execute the MOU / the agreement with GoR / RREC / RVPN / Discom of Rajasthan / NVVN – Solar Data Assessment Report for the site where the plant is to be developed. – Detailed Project Report (in two hard copies and one soft copy) – Annual Report of the Company for last three yearsAlong with this it is important to submit• Demand Draft for processing fees @ Rs. 50000 per MW + Service Tax in favour of Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corporation Ltd. payable at Jaipur.
  5. 5. Registration of ProjectStep 2: Registration and Approval• In Principal Clearance will be granted by State Level Screening Committee (SLSC) of RRECL.
  6. 6. Bid SubmissionStep 3: Submission of Bid against the RfS Document• Last Date of Submission: 9th May 2012 up to 3:00 PM• This is for setting up of 50 Projects of 1 MW (AC) each Small Solar PV Plant to be connected on 11 kV level at 33 / 11kV Discoms Substation in Rajasthan under Rajasthan solar Energy Policy 2011• RREC has been designated as the Nodal Agency for selection of the Solar Power Producer.With Bid Document Following needs to be submitted• Demand Draft / Pay Order should be made in favour of “Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corporation Limited” payable at Jaipur – As Cost of RfS (non-refundable) Rs.5000/- or 125 US Dollars – Processing Fee A non-refundable processing fee of Rs.10,000/- per MW in the form of DD / pay order is to be submitted for each Solar Project• EMD Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) @ Rs.20.00 lacs / MW is to be submitted in the form of Bank Guarantee along with RfS Document for each project.
  7. 7. Important InformationImportant information• The Bidders should be registered with RREC prior to participation in this bid process. All the companies registered earlier need not to be registered again.• This is tariff based competitive bidding is under phase -1 of Rajasthan Solar Energy Policy• Consortium is allowed• The Bidder is free to choose any Solar PV power generation technology viz Crystalline Silicon Solar Cell Modules / Thin Film Modules /Concentrated PV Modules/ any Other Technology manufactured in India or Imported.• It is proposed to promote only commercially established and operational technologies to minimize the technology risk and to achieve the commissioning of the projects in state.• The Bidder has to submit their proposed technology at the stage of RfS• MoU or any type of agreement with technology provider is not required to be submitted along with the response to RfS. Also any technology Partner‘s details are not required at RfS stage.
  8. 8. Technology Consideration• Conventional Technology: PV Modules without trackers etc generating up to 21% CUF will come under category of Conventional Technology.• Advance Technology: PV Modules with trackers etc generating more than 21% CUF will come under category of Advance Technology.Capacity of each Project• The capacity of each Solar PV Project should be 1 MW +5% AC (means 1 MW AC output at inverter)• This power plant will be connected on 11kV level at nearby 33kV Substation with- in 5 km.• No two projects of 1 MW AC will be connected to one 33 KV GSS.Financial Criteria• The “Net Worth” of the Bidder should be equal to or greater than Rs 3 crore per MW or equivalent US$.• If Technology Partner has an equity participation in Bidding Consortium then it has to be a Company with equity participation less than 10%.
  9. 9. Eligibility for Participation• Companies incorporated under the Companys Act, 1956 are eligible on standalone basis or as a part of the bidding consortium.• Companies shortlisted in RfS / RfP can also execute the project through a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV). However the SPV has to be formed before signing of PPA.• Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs) are not eligible for participation.Tariff• Tariff: PPA will be signed between Procurer and Successful Bidder. The Procurer will pay to the Seller the Quoted Tariff which has been arrived after discount in generic tariff (benchmark tariff) declared by Rajasthan Electricity Regulatory Commission
  10. 10. General Information• Estimated Cost of the Project Rs 90 per W (Rs Cr per MW as per recent market development of Solar PV in India• Land requirement (As per Policy) – SPV Crystalline: 2.5 Hectare / MW (6.1 Acre / MW = 25,000 square m/MW) – Thin Film / Amorphous: 3.5 Hectare / MW (8.6 Acre / MW = 35,000 square m/MW) – However based on our experiences and use of better technology lead to the decrease in the land requirement up to 20,234 square m per MW (5 Acre / MW = 2.023 Hectare / MW)
  11. 11. Approval given by RRECL• Moser Baer Photovoltaic Ltd. 5 SPVCPV• Astonfield Solar (Rajasthan) Pvt. Ltd. 5 SPV/CPV• Videocon Industries Ltd. 5 SPV/CPV• Refex Refrigerants Ltd. 5 SPV/CPV• AES Solar Energy Pvt. Ltd. 5 SPV/CPV• 6.* Zoom Developers 5 SPV/CPV• Entegra 1 SPV/CPV• Swiss Park Vanijya 5 SPV/CPV• OPG Energy 5 SPV/CPV• Acme Telepower Ltd. 10 Thermal• Essar Power (Essar Abengoa solar one) 10 Thermal• Entegra 10 Thermal
  12. 12. Solar PV Projects in Rajasthan• Par Solar, Jodhpur (5MW)• Reliance Industries Ltd., Nagaur (5MW)• Vivek Pharmachem (India) Ltd., Barmer (1MW)• AEW Infratech Pvt. Ltd., Bikaner (1MW)• Nav Bharat Buildcon Pvt. Ltd., Churu (1MW)• Rays Power Pvt. Ltd., Jaisalmer (1MW)• Asian Aero-Edu Aviation Pvt. Ltd., Jaisalmer (1MW)• Lanco Solar Pvt. Ltd., Jaisalmer (1MW)• Basant Enterprises, Jaisalmer (1MW)• Ganges Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., Jhunjhunu (1MW)• Zamil New Delhi Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd., Jodhpur (1MW)• Sovox Renewables Pvt. Ltd., Jodhpur (1MW)• Conflux Infratech Pvt. Ltd., Jodhpur (1MW)• Sun Edision Energy India Pvt. Ltd., Sirohi (1MW)
  13. 13. Thank you for approaching us..... FirstGreen Consulting Private Limited Gurgaon: 1202, Tower B, Millennium Plaza, Sec 27, Gurgaon – 122002, India Tel.: (+91) 124 424 1750 , 9899295854 Fax: (+91) 124 424 1751 Web: www.firstgreenconsulting.in Email: sanjayvashishtha@gmail.com