Vt Dat A4 Nov 07 Rev


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Vt Dat A4 Nov 07 Rev

  1. 1. GE Security The VaporTracer detects and identifies microscopic This unit was developed with support from the traces of both explosives and narcotics in seconds. A Counter-Drug Technology Development Program front-end desorption unit allows the VaporTracer to use established by the U.S. Department of Defense. The the same high-efficiency sampling system originally program serves agencies such as the U.S. Customs developed for GE’s Itemiser*. The result is enhanced Service, the U.S. Coast Guard, the U.S. Federal Aviation performance in particle sampling. Administration, and the President’s Office of National Drug Control Policy. VaporTracer * Handheld Explosives and Narcotics Detection GE Security’s versatile handheld ITMS* detector sets a new standard in sensitivity for portable particle and vapor sampling. Applications • Airports and seaports • Customs/border interdiction • Military facilities • Embassies • Government buildings • Nuclear plants • Petrochemical facilities • Public utilities • Prisons • High-security events imagination at work
  2. 2. Patented ITMS Technology Vapor and Particle Sampling Technology Advantage The VaporTracer is able to switch between particle and vapor sampling for optimal detection of a wide range of substances. The VaporTracer closes GE’s patented Ion Trap Mobility loopholes by offering both options, vapor or particle sampling mode, with Spectrometer (ITMS) technology minimal downtime to switch methods. helps detect a wide range of Easy-to-Use Operator Interface substances with accuracy and Results require no interpretation, so operators may concentrate on obtaining speed. ITMS detectors can increase a good sample. VaporTracer’s on-board computer handles all data logging ionization efficiency, the main factor automatically, including time, date, and sample analysis for each alarm. for determining detection sensitivity. Sampled data can be downloaded from a laptop, recalled or printed. Due to the trap and membrane • Particle swipe: Teflon®-coated fiberglass Particle swipe design, ITMS technology may sample traps are swiped across a operate in dusty, humid, and high- surface and then inserted into the traffic areas, maintaining its VaporTracer for analysis. Traps are precision performance even in reusable and compatible with GE’s Itemiser. Applications include skin, harsh “real world” environments. baggage, cargo, vehicles, containers, Maintaining sensitivity in these tickets and ID cards. conditions is crucial for operating on ships, at vehicle checkpoints, • Vapor sampling (direct): Vapors are Vapor sampling crime scenes, or first response sites. drawn through a nozzle directly into the detector for analysis. Applications include cargo containers, car trunks and luggage. • Vacuum sampling (remote): A detachable vacuum sample wand (optional) draws vapors into a sponge- like sample trap, which is then inserted into the VaporTracer for analysis. Vacuum sampling Applications include cargo containers, car trunks and luggage.
  3. 3. Features and Benefits Sensitivity/ • Patented ITMS technology helps increase ion population, enabling detection of Selectivity microscopic traces of explosives and narcotics • Detects a wide range of targeted substances Versatile • Optimized particle or vapor sampling mode for effective sample collection • Semi-permeable membrane helps exclude dust and dirt to allow continued operation in environments that have high traffic, humidity or contamination • Identifies multiple explosive or narcotic substances from a single sample • Expandable libraries to accommodate unique user requirements Cost Effective • Helps reduce capital investments by providing a single solution for both narcotics and explosives detection • Utilizes same sample traps as the Itemiser and may reduce cost of consumables and storage requirements Portable • Lightweight 7 lbs (3.2 kg) and compact for easy transport • Optional extended life battery (up to 6 hours) for field operation • 12VDC cigarette lighter adapter for convenient charging during transport Reliable • Automatically saves test results, preventing deletions Easy to Use • Software upgrades can be easy to install • Local language options available Fast • Warm up time, approximately 20 minutes • Quick analysis and results in as little as 8 seconds
  4. 4. Worldwide Locations Specifications 7151 Gateway Boulevard Detector Type: Newark, CA 94560 USA Ion Trap Mobility Spectrometer (ITMS) Tel: +1 510 739-2400 Fax: +1 510 739-6400 Analysis Time: Email: sales.homelandprotection.us@ge.com Default 8 seconds Sample Acquisition: Excelsiorlaan 28-30 Air collection for vapor, surface wipe for trace particles 1930 Zaventem, Belgium Tel: +32 2 719 98 48 Warmup Time: Fax: +32 2 721 40 47 20 minutes, approximately Email: sales.homelandprotection.uk@ge.com Input Power (external power supply): 205 Lowell Street 110 to 120 VAC or 200 to 240 VAC (auto ranging), 47 to 63 Hz, 3.2A (max) Wilmington, MA 01887 USA Output (external power supply): Tel: +1 800 433-5346 Maximum 130W (15VDC @ 8.6A) Fax: +1 866 249-9105 Power Dissipation: Outside the U.S.: +1 978 658-3767 37.5W (typical), 65W (during warmup period) Washington, DC Input Power: Tel: +1 866 430-1913 (VT2 DC power connector) 15 Volt DC @ 2.5A Fax: +1 202 637-4232 Replacement Fuse: Outside the U.S.: +1 978 658-3767 6.3A, 250V Type T Cambridge, UK Signal Processing: Tel: +44 (0) 1223 728888 Variable integration time Fax: +44 (0) 1223 728889 Plasmagram component peak deconvolution Sydney, Australia Recognition on multiple peaks, multiple controlled drugs and explosives Tel: +61 2 98157900 Output to bar graph display or time-of-flight plasmagram display Fax: +61 2 98897511 Storage Temperature: www.gesecurity.com -4 to 140ºF (-20 to 60ºC) Operating Temperature: Explosives Operation: 14 to 131ºF (-10 to 55ºC) Narcotics Operation: 14 to 122ºF (-10 to 50ºC) Operating Humidity: 0-95% non-condensing Optional Laptop Computer: Full specification provided at time of sale Power Supply: 115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz 2 VDC 1.5-hour battery Extended Run Time (option) Calibration: Internal calibration in approximately 10 seconds External calibration in particle mode Computer: Pentium processor with flash disk Data Display: LCD, link to laptop computer for SelectScan, plasmagram, intensity map, and 3-D view display (RS-232) Detection Modes: Explosives - negative ion mode; Narcotics - positive ion mode Dimensions (with desorber attached) Length 470 mm (18.50 in) Width 120 mm (4.72 in) Height 205 mm (8.07 in) Weight 3.3 Kg (7.27 lbs) * VaporTracer, Itemiser and ITMS are trademarks of GE Homeland Protection, Inc. Features and specifications subject to change without notice. © 2007 GE Homeland Protection, Inc. All rights reserved. MKT-DS-00300 A4 rev. G 07/07