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conference security

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  1. 1. Organised By: In Association With: Sponsored by: Media Partners: A CONFERENCE ON: T HE C HALLENGE OF T ERRORISM TO I NDIA ’ S I NFRASTRUCTURE A ND E CONOMY F OC U S : S EC U R I T Y S OL U T I ON S F OR P O WE R P L A N T S , R EF IN ER I ES , P OR T S , R A IL WA Y S , C I VI L A V IA T I ON , C OM M ER C I A L E ST A B L I SH M EN T , L A R GE P U B L IC E V EN T S & C YB E R N ET W OR K S 9-10 D ECEMBER , 2009 THE LALIT, NEW DELHI Proposed Agenda Session 1 (10:00 – 11:00 ) Welcome Address: The Challenges of Global Terrorism Session – II (11:00 – 12:00) India’s Internal Security Situation Need for a National Security Awareness Risks/threat assessment methodologies to save guard critical infrastructure Tea Break/Networking Session (12:00 – 12:15) Session – III (12:15 – 13:00) Security of Energy Assets (Oil Refineries – oil and gas pipelines- offshore rigs – oil depots and Power Plants, transmission lines, grids, load dispatch centers Protective, resilience and continuity methodologies Lunch ( 13:00 – 14:00) Session – IV ( 14:00– 15:30) Maritime and Coastal Security(Ports, Shipping, Sea lanes) & Security of Civil Aviation Maritime Security issues and challenges in delivering the comprehensive approach Current best practices for security of ports Towards an efficient framework for Airport Security Session – V (15:30 – 16:30) Security of Surface Transport( Metro, Railways) and Public Places Security of Railways Security of Large Events Security of Hotels and Shopping Malls Security Watch India Le Meridien Commercial Tower . 8th Floor . Raisina Road . New Delhi . 110001 Tel: 011-43734555 . Fax: 011-43734488 . Email:
  2. 2. Session – VI ( 16:45– 17:30) Cyber threats to critical infrastructure and services Risk management planning for cyber threat Satellite based navigation for surveillance : ADSB Musical Programme, Followed by dinner (20:30 Onwards) Day 2: Session – VII ( 10:30– 12:00) Way Forward: Need for Public Private Partnership for better Security Countering Terrorism by State Police Forces – Creation of Elite Units, upgrading and integrating intelligence resources, training and equipment Preparing industry for crisis management , resilience and business continuity Session – VIII (12:00 – 13:30) Anatomy of a Terrorist Countering Radical Worldviews The Middle Path- Sufism Counter View for the North East Lunch (13:30-14:30) Workshops From 14:00 Onwards Sessions with providers of a security services, technology and equipment (for industry stake holders , government security agencies, police and para military forces) Ensuring Security of high net worth individuals/VIP’s (Threat perceptions/tracking/security in homes, vehicles and work places/Audit of personnel/screening of new personnel in the organization) Security of public events, commercial and other large industrial establishments Security of energy infrastructure such as power plants, refineries and other critical infrastructure assets Security Watch India Le Meridien Commercial Tower . 8th Floor . Raisina Road . New Delhi . 110001 Tel: 011-43734555 . Fax: 011-43734488 . Email: