IGN regional s&d GCDP 1-15 May 2014


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  • IGN regional s&d GCDP 1-15 May 2014

    1. 1. GCDP
    2. 2. Inference: Despite some entities had a very low goal on MP for Q1(as Peru) we had a very good Q1 almost achieving our goal, but as Brazil as a little behind on achieving it, we had a GAP. For Q2 it is still early to say, but half of our regional goal depends on Brazil achieving it. Also Colombia, Argentina and Mexico have very high goals to contribute to it. Do not forget, we are in MATCHING time! So focus on it, not on RA!
    3. 3. We started the month with some huge iGCDP growth. Chile, Costa Rica and Panama all grew more than 1000% (it is right, thousand!) showing an impressive result. But on MA we are a little bit slow. Despite the top 5 showing a good absolute growth, there is still a lot more to come. Main concern is that smaller entities having difficult to grow.
    4. 4. Inference: Almost achieved our Q1 goal, I am not sure if it is because some entities changed the goal in MP or not, but achieving it is a very good sign. For Q2 there is a lot to do because in 1 and a half month we need to multiply our result by 10. Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Peru need to speed up the oGCDP RA, as they represent most of the goal of our region.
    5. 5. oGCDP is already working on MA and it shows. Despite the lack of big results on RA (just Peru, with impressive 1000%!), on MA as the iGCDP demand is very high, the MA is growing like never before! Brazil and Mexico leading with an impressive absolute growth! Still a lot work on, but if you have EPs and are having any trouble to match, please contact me! We have entities REALLY needing those EPs and we can connect you with the supply!
    6. 6. GCDP For summer peak
    7. 7. Well, no surprises we have 3 times the number of TNs. Anyway, I really advice you to go for the small entities, mostly the ones with 20-30 Eps as you can capitalize all of them to MA with you. Also, for the small entities: make sure your pipeline actually REFLECTS what you have available! If you have EPs from past year, make sure they still want to travel. If not, reject them! It will make a lot easier to understand the supply and you will also understand the EPs you need to track.