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The FIRM and Henley Business School have partnered to develop this exclusive Strategic Resourcing Programme (SRP) which has been designed to help you become a strategic partner in the context of resourcing and enable you to add value to the wider business goals.

SRP is a dynamic and interactive programme centred on The FIRM’s ethos of collaboration, sharing of best practice and development.

• Can contribute more effectively to the overall business agenda
• Can develop a strategic resourcing agenda that will support business goals
• Is able to focus more on impact than process and develop pragmatic and cost effective solutions.

• Understand the strategic importance of Resourcing and how you can support and enhance the business imperatives of your organisation
• Understand how to integrate your functional Resourcing strategy into that of your organisation
• Enhance your ability to influence and challenge business decisions
• Clear articulation of the business strategy, and how this translates into strategic resourcing needs – both current and future
• Analyse current resourcing capability in light of this, the identification of gaps and a discussion of relative risks to business strategy
• Provide a recommendation for how to close any gaps, manage these risks and how to evolve the resourcing function

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Strategic Resourcing Programme

  2. 2. WHO IS THEPROGRAMME FOR?• This programme is designed for senior or high-potential,aspiring Resourcing professionals. It is aimed to stretchthem into more strategic areas and give them moredepth with the aim of helping them better linkresourcing activities to the business strategy andequipping people to add maximum value in thecurrent environment.• It offers a comprehensive understanding of the fullresourcing lifecycle and provides insights thatparticipants can immediately apply to drive theirown success and the success of their business.PROGRAMME CONTENTPrior to the programme participants will be asked toconnect with their own business to understand its keycommercial and strategic challenges. At the end of theprogramme participants following the whole programmewill create a“strategic development plan”for resourcingin their business, and write a recommendation reportfor discussion in their business on completion of theprogramme to practice what they have learnt as theyexplore how to address the business challenges of theirown organisation and those of others. This output willenable them to demonstrably operate in a new wayfrom the moment they return to work.Initial module ensures that participants have sameview of the current and future resourcing context,what strategy means and how it translates fororganisationFinal module includes half a day pulling togetherdraft strategic development plan for their business’resourcing functionINITIAL 1.5DAYMODULE 1MODULE 2 MODULE 3 MODULE 4 MODULE 5INITIAL 1.5DAYMODULE 6A JOURNEY STRATEGY TO TANGIBLE PLANSReinforcement of relevance to current and future context of resourcingDevelopment of business-specific development plan for resourcingCONTEXTThe Forum for In-house Recruitment Managers(The FIRM) and Henley Business School have partneredon the development of this exclusive Strategic ResourcingProgramme (SRP) designed to help the Talent Acquisitionprofessional become a strategic partner in the contextof resourcing and enable them to add value to the widerbusiness goals.We have seen a step change in the needs of a businessfrom its resourcing function over recent years.The resourcing professionals who can rise to the challengeby implementing strategies that are driven firmly from thebusiness strategy and who can navigate the political andcommercial terrain are becoming more valuable. By findingmore pragmatic, flexible and measurable ways to delivervalue they will ultimately be the ones who can help drivebusiness performance through the pro-active recruitmentand retention of high calibre, relevant talent and theythemselves be rewarded accordingly.The Strategic Resourcing Programme (SRP) is a dynamicand interactive programme centred on The FIRM’s ethosof collaboration, best practice and ongoing development.From the very start we set out to develop a course thatreflects the reality of a rapidly evolving economy thatprovides Resourcing Leaders with the skills to operatein this challenging modern environment. As a result ourprogramme combines a variety of learning techniques –from dynamic group work to individual reflection – givingyou the opportunity to apply what you learn, reflect onissues it raises for you personally, and be ready to put it allinto practice once you are back in the workplace.The Strategic Resourcing Programme at Henley is a unique,dynamic and flexible course that develops senior resourcingprofessionals to operate at their very best in today’s fastmoving and complex world.Not only does the SRP provide an opportunity to exchangeknowledge; it also gives you a unique chance to build yourpersonal network and make invaluable connections. You willleave the programme inspired, invigorated and equippedwith the skills and resources that will have a real impact onyour organisation.
  3. 3. MODULE TOPICSSAMPLE MODULEMODULE ONE – STRATEGIC WORKFORCE PLANNING• The modern context for resourcing• What do we mean by strategy, and what is it to do with me?• People and organisational capability - and risk management• Using a people/organisational model• Strategic workforce planning (SWP)• Tools and approaches for Strategic Workforce Planning including a Case study• Applying to your business strategyFrom business strategy toworkforce strategyRecruitment andsuccession plansEVP, attraction andsourcing strategiesAssessment strategiesCandidate, managerand vendor relationshipsMetrics and data insight– inc.1/2 day programmeconsolidationCurrent and future context for resourcing. What do we meanby strategy? Organisational Capability Planning. How tocreate a proactive workforce strategy which identifies andmitigates risks to business strategy (Strategic WorkforcePlans). Diversity.How to move from SWPs to the appropriate build/buy/retain plans and maximise the effectiveness of recruitmentand talent processes.How to align EVP, attraction and sourcing strategies tostrategic needs in a modern world. Generational factors,social media and networks.Choosing the right assessment approach for the needs ofthe business. Different approaches to assessment.Managing risk.Candidate care. Becoming a valued partner to line managersand driving the right skills and behaviours. Maximising thevalue of third party relationships.Providing organisational insight through resourcing metrics.Measuring the effectiveness of resourcing strategies andprocesses. Pulling together the elements of business-specific strategic development plans for resourcing anddissertation/report123456BENEFITS TOTHE INDIVIDUALBY THE END OF THE PROGRAMME YOU WILL:• Understand the strategic importance of Resourcingand how you can support and enhance the businessimperatives of your organisation• Understand how to integrate your functional Resourcingstrategy into that of your organisation• Enhance your ability to influence and challengebusiness decisions• Clear articulation of the business strategy, and howthis translates into strategic resourcing needs –both current and future• Analyse current resourcing capability in light of this,the identification of gaps and a discussion of relativerisks to business strategy• Provide a recommendation for how to close anygaps, manage these risks and how to evolve theresourcing function.TO INCLUDE A CONSIDERATION OF:1. The overall resourcing model – recommendedinsourcing and outsourcing strategies,supplier management strategies, role of line managers2. Resourcing strategies – recommended approachto assessment, candidate management, EVP andmarketing/attraction/social media3. Structure – is the resourcing function structured inthe right way to deliver against the strategic need nowand in the future? Should it be structured differently?4. Process & system – does resourcing have the rightinfrastructure and tools? What are the process andsystem recommendations? Workforce planningapproaches, metrics5. Skills – what skills and behaviours are most relevant tothe resourcing function now and in the future, and howshould they be developed?6. Implications and proposed plan of attack – what arethe priorities? What will this mean? How shoulddevelopment of the function be approached and phased?
  4. 4. BOOKING INFORMATIONContact 7855 312314FEESThe complete 6-module Strategic ResourcingProgramme is available for£3850 + VATWhilst the Strategic Resourcing Programmehas been developed as an entire programme,each module may be booked separately onrequest at £750+VAT per module.(Please note residential costs are notincluded but can be provided upon request)ABOUT THE FIRMRun by in-house recruiters for in-house recruitersThe FIRM was founded as a LinkedIn Group in December2007. With 6000 members in 56 countries, it is asupportive and collaborative community of corporaterecruitment professionals that provides both an onlineand offline hub for members to network, request help,share knowledge and give advice on all aspects ofrecruitment and talent management.The FIRM aims to promote the values and professionalismof its members, as well as ensuring ethical integrity andbest practice throughout the inhouse talent managementand resourcing world thereby raising the standard ofservice we both provide to our internal customers andreceive from external suppliers.ABOUT HENLEYBUSINESS SCHOOLHenley was established more than 60 years ago bybusiness for business to develop leaders with the skillsto inspire and drive change and high performance.While the skills and behaviours required of a leader haveevolved, Henley’s ethos remains the same; leaders withself-awareness and belief, relevant, practical skills and anethical approach to business are best placed to help theirorganisations grow and achieve.The HR Centre of Excellence was established in February2005 to be a catalyst for changing the conversationabout Human Resources Management. It focuses on fouractivities that are relevant to its members:• In-depth research on HR topics chosen in consultationwith our members.• HR conversations - this programme of events is designedagain in consultation with members and examines notonly the results of our research but contemporaryHR issues.• Access to a strong practitioner network of internationalHR executives who have occupied senior roles incompanies highly regarded for their HR excellence andwho understand how to apply the theory in practice tomake a bottom line difference. They regularly contributeto the media through articles and columns on a varietyof HR issues.• Developing high-potential HR professionals. Henleyhas a world class reputation in applied and action basedlearning and our faculty apply this expertise throughopen and bespoke programmes that make the theoryrelevant to the real world and help participants answerthe‘so what’question.BENEFITS TO THEORGANISATIONAN ORGANISATION WILL GAIN A RESOURCINGPROFESSIONAL WHO:• Can contribute more effectively to the overallbusiness agenda• Can develop a strategic resourcing agenda thatwill support business goals• Is able to focus more on impact than process anddevelop pragmatic and cost effective solutions.DURATIONThe programme is seven days in total spread across9 months using a modular approach of 4x1day and2x1.5 day workshopsPROGRAMME DIRECTORNICK KEMSLEYNick has had a successful corporate career across six sectors,his last role being Group Vice President OrganisationalEffectiveness. Nick has set up or run Strategic HR/ODfunctions in renowned global businesses includingTravelport, Prudential and BOC/Linde Group, overseeingthe development of strategic organisational capability andmaximising business efficiency and productivity. He hasset up and led resourcing, talent & leadership, performanceand L&D functions at global, regional and local levels. Inhis work with the Centre for HR Excellence, Nick works todevelop organisational capability and performance and hasa particular focus on HR functional capability. Earlier rolesinclude Director of Talent & Capability at Prudential UK &Europe, Global OD Director and HRD Central Functions forBOC/Linde Group, and a number of years in European ODand Management Development for Mars Incorporated.Although known for his work in HR, the first half of hiscareer was spent in project and business management forrenowned businesses such as GE, GEC-Alstom and Rolls-Royce Aerospace, including considerable time working onSupply Chain, Manufacturing and Sales & Marketing issues.
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